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The Obama Way

Yesterday, quite a few people were commenting on President Obama's handling of the budget impasse. He made a public statement on how important it was, how critical it was that it be resolved quickly, how all parties have to make compromises, and said that he was summoning the key leaders -- House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -- with their aides to the White House to hammer out a deal.

And then he hopped on Air Force One for a little day jaunt.

Those who expressed surprise or disappointment at this showed their ignorance -- this is Just How Barry Rolls.

If you look back over his career, a pattern emerges: he doesn't do hard work. He lets others do the heavy lifting.

When a big issue arrives, in most cases, Obama gives his pretty speech, stresses how important thigns are, and usually often pledges that he "will not rest" until the situation is fixed. And then he skedaddles while others do the actual work. Then, when it's all settled, he comes back to announce the victory.

Unless it fails, in which case he gives another pretty speech.

It's a pretty smart strategy. He claims the credit for the win, dodges the blame should it fail, and avoids having to make any promises or concessions personally during the deal-making process.

During the BP oil spill, he gave his speeches, then went golfing.

Remember ObamaCare? It would be more accurate to call it "PelosiCare." Obama did all the pretty speeches and stirring calls, but the actual bill was written entirely by the House Democrats (and their paymasters). And once we saw, as Pelosi said, what was in the bill after it was passed, Obama is spared most of the blame for its flaws.

The Libyan situation was slightly different. Obama skipped the speeches entirely, letting our European allies take the brunt of the responsibility for the whole mission. Never mind that our military was doing the majority of the heavy lifting on it; it wasn't an America-centered, American-led effort.

For a quick diversion, here's a brilliant quote on just how ludicrous that notion is from P. J. O'Rourke's "Peace Kills: America's Fun New Imperialism:"

But, when America acts, other nations accuse us of being "hegemonic," of engaging in "unilateralism, of behaving as if we're the only nation on earth that counts.

We are. Russia used to be a superpower but resigned "to spend more time with the family." China is supposed to be mighty, but the Chinese leadership quakes when a couple of hundred Falun Gong members do tai chi for Jesus. The European Union looks impressive on paper, with a greater population and a larger economy than America's. But the military spending of Britain, France, Germany, and Italy combined does not equal one third of the U.S. defense budget. The United States spends more on defense than the aforementioned countries -- plus Russia plus China plus the next six top defense-spending nations. Any multilateral military or diplomatic effort that includes the United States is a crew team with Arnold Schwarzenegger as coxswain and Nadia Comenici on the oars. WHen other countries demand a role in the exercise of global power, America can ask another fundamental American question: "You and what army?"

"You and what army?" Well, apparently, ours, as "volunteered" by parties unknown.

And now with the budget situation, we see the Community Organizer In Chief in action again. Or, rather, in inaction and in motion, but definitely not in action.

We oughta get used to it, because we have almost two more years to put up with it.


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Yes, Jay, that is exactly m... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

Yes, Jay, that is exactly my take on Obama. If he can talk about a problem, he will. But, if there is any actual work to be done, he is MIA. This has been his history and there have been no changes even with the responsibility of being President.

I wonder if this is coming ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if this is coming from Axlerod.

We see the same thing locally in Ma where Deval Patrick seems to always be on the road and is never around when big issues need to be addressed or when bad news is breaking.
Axlerod ran both campaigns and advises both men.

And it's a good strategy to employ when the people you're advising are clueless, incompetent and in way over their heads.

Rick, a "community organize... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Rick, a "community organizer" organizes. Actually getting your hands dirty is for the little people. This is one of the (few) actions in which Obama is consistent.

Yeah, an "organizer". Too ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, an "organizer". Too bad he got elected "leader".

The key ingredient for such... (Below threshold)

The key ingredient for such a strategy is a media that will clean up after you, and pretend that your ducking your duties is somehow "Presidential".

When Obama disengages he is seen as "Wise and thoughtful". When Obama engages for ONE MEETING, after months of absence, he is called "Forceful". When Obama phoned the war in Libya in from Rio he was described as "In charge".

So ya, his strategy is stay away...and let the media spin it up good! They will.

I think its just practice. ... (Below threshold)

I think its just practice. Like Orr in Catch-22. If he's out of town when big stuff is coming down, its easier to avoid the folks with pitchforks and torches. All he has to do is get in his little life-raft and paddle all the way to Sweden - or maybe he should make that Chicago. It feels like it may well come to that before 2 years pass.

Excellent point, Justrand.<... (Below threshold)

Excellent point, Justrand.

Further, when soldiers murder civilians in Afghanistan, i.e Jeremy Morlock, under the watch of Barry Obomba, the story never happened.

I agree with Justrand..the ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Justrand..the media does his work for him and makes him to be something he's not. And to think he chose THIS time to launch his re-election.

The dem's are in total deni... (Below threshold)

The dem's are in total denial of the whole situation. They actually believe there is money to use. Even the republicans know that this is just the first round of many cuts. Obamalama doesn't have a clue. It is most obvious with his statement last night. This man did nothing for a budget in 2011 and neither did the dem leadership. Nothing. Now all of a sudden they have the best way. Too late. Close it down. No matter what party you are from, it is not the time to play politics. The country is going down. Quickly. ww

Doesn't anyone worry about ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anyone worry about the troops not being paid this time 'round? I could care less about most everything else...but the military men need to fight without worrying about their family being able to pay their bills. They weren't out last time the gov't shut down, but this time they aren't being exempted (and last time we weren't at war if I'm correct).

It's probably best that he'... (Below threshold)

It's probably best that he's not at the meeting. He'll take up 45 minutes out of every hour listening to his own voice and the other fifteen minutes reminding everyone that he won while looking down his nose acting all sage and crap.

No, let him golf, play hoops and give speeches hither and yon to anyone who still likes him. The rest of us are tired of him.

As Rome burned Nero played ... (Below threshold)
just bob:

As Rome burned Nero played a fibble,As America burns king putt plays............






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