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"I have to tell you that I live paycheck-to-paycheck"

A Congresswoman who along with her Democrat colleagues failed to pass a budget while she and her cronies held sway in the House, the Senate and the White House, now laments that she can't do without her paycheck... this on the cusp of a government shutdown that will cause many Americans to do that very thing.


The woman makes $174,000 a year... up from approximately $154,000 since her election to Congress in 2003.


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Comments (19)

She does look like she is s... (Below threshold)

She does look like she is starving. You are right the gall....

Damn, it is true:"... (Below threshold)

Damn, it is true:

"Government shut down; women, minorities hardest hit"


How in the world can she be... (Below threshold)

How in the world can she be living paycheck to paycheck? Congresswoman Linda Sanchez has been in Congress, earning a six-figure income since 2003. She has one 2-year old child & graduated Law School in 1995. How much more could she owe on her student loans after 16-years? She's worked .in the public sector since 1998 - Her student loans have more than likely been forgiven. It's no wonder they can't pass a budget.

Shit. If my lovely bride a... (Below threshold)

Shit. If my lovely bride and I had been pulling down $150k+ for the last few years, we'd damn near have the mortgage paid off and six month's cushion in the bank.

And this poor, pitiful creature's living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck?

Man, we'd better not let the safety net collapse under HER!

On the matter of paychecks,... (Below threshold)
James H:

On the matter of paychecks, I sympathize with members of Congress to the extent that they have to pay housing costs in two different locations. Even at $154k a year, that's a stretch, especially given the DC real-estate prices.

Beyond that? Pfeh.

Whine, whine, whine...... (Below threshold)

Whine, whine, whine...

If you are worried about not being paid, don't run for public office. Or better yet, pass a budget when it was your responsibility last year. Oh, wait a minute, that means she would actually have had to do her job.

Some one please open a can ... (Below threshold)

Some one please open a can of a foot in the Ass for her.

"I have to tell yo... (Below threshold)
"I have to tell you that I live paycheck-to-paycheck."

So... she admits to being incompetent at managing her own finances, which is an admission to being even less competent at managing the nation's finances.

Gee. Sounds like a ready made campaign commercial for her opponent next election. Gift wrapped.

Bonus: She's clueless to her useful idiot status.

She belongs on the View wit... (Below threshold)

She belongs on the View with the other self centered boars

Yep. This is just as irrita... (Below threshold)

Yep. This is just as irritating as when a Republican state Congressman from Wisconsin said the same thing.


Congrats, jim x found one R... (Below threshold)

Congrats, jim x found one Republican asshole.

Tell you what, jim x, how 'bout we get rid of both of 'em as a package deal? Sound fair to you?


WI state congressmen are WI... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

WI state congressmen are WI's problem.

This moron is a Federal problem, i.e., a national one.

Btw, she looks as though she's been getting enough to eat. And then some.

Jay Tea, sounds good to me.... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, sounds good to me.

Just as long as we're clear that assholes are in all parties, and aren't concentrated to one that we don't like.

Just wanna let you all know... (Below threshold)

Just wanna let you all know, we in the military just checked our mid-month LES pay schedule and half been cut 50%. ALL our pay was reduced 50%, and called a 'Debt Payment'.

So, this DEMOCRAT congressc... (Below threshold)

So, this DEMOCRAT congresscritter lives "paycheck to paycheck" on $174,00/year...

THAT, ladies and gentlemen is the perfect illustration of WHY this country is facing financial armageddon: no personal responsibility, the arrogant reckless attitude of spend it NOW because tomorrow there is more.

I am completely and thoroughly with Democrats.

*I am completely and thorou... (Below threshold)

*I am completely and thoroughly DISGUSTED with Democrats.

House members usually maint... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

House members usually maintain a home in their district and at least an apartment in DC/NoVA/Suburban MD, not cheap housing markets (when Mark Sanford was in Congress, he slept in his office the first year, then split an apartment with three other congressmen the next five years, and he was wealthy). They also have to pay their own transportation to and from their districts (unless they can hitch on an USAF flight, only the Speaker has access to a plane).

So someone who lives across the country and has no other income isn't getting rich on their $174,000 congressional salary. The only way they are "paycheck to paycheck" is if they are carrying debt, though - and that's not really our problem, is it?

HOWEVER, unless Boehner has arranged for it somehow, congressional salaries are not subject to the shutdown. Staffers are, but not the elected Representatives and Senators.

Maybe Sanchez should have l... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Maybe Sanchez should have lit a fire under her Dem colleagues to pass a goddamned budget back when they should have, and when they controlled the House, the Senate, and White House, and therefore had no excuse for not doing so.

Jim AddisionSo the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim Addision

So they have an apt in the DC area. They can live very comfortably in the DC VA area in a $2k a month apartment.
That is $24k a year. WHich is probably deductible as a business expense.

That leaves $150k a year pre taxes to live off of.

Wish I had that much to live off.






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