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Obama's answer to the government's budget woes...

... is yet another speech:

President Obama will deliver a major speech this week about plans to reduce federal budget deficits and long-term debt, senior adviser David Plouffe said this morning.

"He's going to lay out his approach very clearly," Plouffe said on CNN's State of the Union, one of a string of Sunday talk show appearances he made.

Obama will address cuts to defense and domestic spending, as well as what to do with the growing entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Plouffe said. He will talk about "dollar amounts" over "a period of years."

Obama "believes we need significant deficit reductions in ten years," Plouffe said.

The president's deficit speech is currently set for Wednesday.

Who's going to believe him?  Who besides the gullible and frequently bamboozled?

We've listened to the dude's speeches now for the better part of 3 years...  what he says and what he does rarely come together... and yet we're supposed to believe that this'll be different?

I don't think so yet watch the media fawn and pump this speech up... watch them do again what they've done in the past.  Attempt to have us buy the snake oil being peddled yet again.

I'll pass.


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Comments (40)

Blah blah blah... liberals ... (Below threshold)

Blah blah blah... liberals never get enough of hearing themselves blab. This one is particularly tiresome.

Another week, another 'hist... (Below threshold)

Another week, another 'historic major speech'. Can anyone remember what the last major speech was about?

I'm looking forward to hearing President Side-Saddle straddle every issue.

after the Bush tax cuts dea... (Below threshold)

after the Bush tax cuts deal Obama couldn't wait to get to a mic and tell everyone how he was going to run against the deal in 2012.
Now he's going to try and claim he's a budget cutter ...
He's been marked as a liar and you can't talk your way out of that label, you have to do your way out of it ...
Does Presentdent Obama look like much of a doer ?

It's the world's first tele... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

It's the world's first teleprompter presidency, so what else do you expect besides endless and vacuous speeches?

Regarding the merits of this latest dog and pony show, any left-wing Democrat giving a speech about reducing the national debt and reducing the budget deficit is the very definition of hypocrisy but Obama doing so is beyond the pale. It's akin to a lifelong criminal giving pointers on reducing crime.

He'll cut programs that are... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

He'll cut programs that are already gone, going away, or don't exist yet and claim that nonexistence as 'savings'

We don't need significant d... (Below threshold)

We don't need significant deficit reductions in 10 years, we need them now. Hell, we needed them 20 years ago.

David Pluffffff is on Fox t... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

David Pluffffff is on Fox this morning gushing over Obamalala's coming proposal to cut spending. This can only mean the regime knows it is in trouble for them to run to Fox to get the word out. It is becoming more obvious that the Republican leadership blinked big time. They had Obamalala and Reid huddling in a corner and didn't realize it. Or, if they realized it, they didn't go for the throat. We are in a war over the economic future of this country and we cannot take prisoners and continue to ask the American people be patient.
Our patience is at an end.

Well, I am sure he is feeli... (Below threshold)

Well, I am sure he is feeling a bit of pressure after Paul Ryan presented his plan. Compared to the Democrats where you just kind of decide not to write a budget at all and then just wing it, it is now a little bit harder to demonize the Republicans. I am guessing the White House has also poked around and finds that there are no skeletons in Mr Ryan's closet so weakening his deficit-reduction proposals through personal attacks is a no go. I am curious to see what the president is going to consider a viable deficit-reduction plan. I am making another guess that he is going to make some weak effort just so he can be on paper as making an effort at all and then challenge the more aggressive plan as outlined by Paul Ryan as being too much too fast or some such garbage.

From the media hype, you'd ... (Below threshold)

From the media hype, you'd think he was Paul Ryan (the non-evil version).

Unfortunately, it appears t... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, it appears that 52% of "us" are gullible and frequently bamboozled . . .

100% of our resident trolls... (Below threshold)

100% of our resident trolls are bamboozled in-between Kool-aid shots on every thread.

Depressing but non surprising Presidency. Barry is in panic mode trying to organize the dead for his 2012 laugher. Why doesn't he do a speech on the benefits of affirmative action? That would at least be worth a good laugh...

IMO members of Obama’s admi... (Below threshold)

IMO members of Obama’s administration realize that the only ones showing any sign of leadership on many issues are some of the Republicans. Obama lacks leadership. So what does he do, give another meaningless speech. He will give general good feel numbers and policies without any specifics or plan to get there.

It will be like the Libya speech that was suppose to clarify everything up and be very specific which ended up leaving us with more questions. MSM will praise it of course but the truth will show through.

Who's going to believe h... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Who's going to believe him?

Well... Woop, Steve, Hyper...

Let me see...ten years and ... (Below threshold)

Let me see...ten years and Barry can be president for at most six of them. How can he guarantee what happens four years after he's out of office? Or eight years after the next Congress is elected?

The fact is, he can't. That's why politicians make these five and ten year plans with all the spending front loaded and all the cuts left for the next guy to deal with.

Typical Washington politician. So much for "change".

Thats "change you can belie... (Below threshold)

Thats "change you can believe in"


Barry has no worries. He's... (Below threshold)

Barry has no worries. He's gonna run "on his record!"


Barry - 2008 - Bush, Cheney, Rove, Haliburton planned all of this mess!

Barry - 2011 - Hey! I'm a victim of circumstance! None of these problems were forseen! And besides, "It's all Bush's fault!"

According to Valarie Jarrett: 'Obama is The Smartest Man in the World. But because he's so intelligent, he gets bored easily.'

Suggestion to Barry: Campaign motto "I'm bored, but I've got a rent-free house and and big jet, so screw you!"

"How can he guarantee what ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

"How can he guarantee what happens four years after he's out of office?"

It's quite simple. Before an election He will lose The One will simply declare a "crisis" too big to have a change in leadership and "postpone" the election. The "postponement", like the "crisis", will happen to be of indefinite duration.

What, there is no constitutional ability for it? There wasn't for ObamaCare, either. Nor the Gulf drilling permatorium. I fear The US Constitution doesn't matter to Homer J. Obama. Like Hugo Chavez, The One intends to stay President.

What do you expect Obama to... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

What do you expect Obama to do?

Giving speeches is all he knows how to do. He's never even really been a "boss" before having his Senate staff. He's never really been a "legislator" in any real sense - 130 votes "present" in the Illinois State Senate, the worst attendance record of any US Senator in history (even the dying Byrd and Thurmond made more votes and hearings in their last two years in office than Obama).

He was never a "constitutional law professor" at all - just a lecturer. He didn't have to research, write scholarly papers, or read students' or guide them in any way, he just gave speeches.

So we are down to "community organizer" in the experience column. Now, he wasn't really a "community organizer" either! He didn't captain the Neighborhood Watch or solicit volunteers for Trash Pick-up Day or circulate the carpool list for kindergarten. Nothing resembling actual "organizing" except in the liberal sense: agitating a bunch of parasites to lobby the government for more money for themselves.

Heck, he probably never even participated in making the family budget, either. Not that I blame him, I wouldn't want to argue with Michelle, myself. She looks like she could get really mean really fast.

Nope, Obama is a one-trick pony. Giving speeches is all he knows how to do. It's the ONLY thing he is remotely good at doing. Of course he's going to give a speech. It makes him feel useful. Then he can go play golf.

Words, just words.... (Below threshold)

Words, just words.

"Obama "believes we need si... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Obama "believes we need significant deficit reductions in ten years," "

Obama - "We will pay off these long term debts by borrowing money to stimulate the economy more. "

Fox news "How are we going to pay off this borrowed money?"

Obama "By borrowing even more money in the future to pay them off in the future. See how that works."

Oh I forgot to add this to ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Oh I forgot to add this to the above.

MSM reporter "WOw fantastic plan Mr president, you are the smartest guy in the world. Do you drink Dos Equis beer?"

When the only tool in your ... (Below threshold)

When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem will start to look like a nail.

Let me be perfectly clear, ... (Below threshold)

Let me be perfectly clear, my first priority will be our nations budget woes.

Zzzzz...Democratic presiden... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Zzzzz...Democratic presidents never really cut the budget. Republican presidents never really cut the budget. Nobody really cuts the budget....Nobody really cuts the budget....zzzzz

"as well as what to do with... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"as well as what to do with the growing entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Plouffe said."

Can we say death panels for the elderly?

"Obama "believes we need significant deficit reductions in ten years," Plouffe said.


Hyper did you hear that? Your master said we need significant deficit reduction. Generally when someone says that it indicates THEY ARE BROKE.

"The deficit is the first t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"The deficit is the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing on my mind when I fall asleep"

Dear Mr. Obama,Here ... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr. Obama,
Here are some suggestions for cutting the budget:

1)Like most of us, you only go on vacation 2-4 weeks per year. There are many nice places you could go that are within a reasonable car drive from the White House.
2) Celebrate Christmas at the White House this year
3) Have your wife set and follow a clothing budget that is more similar to that followed by most professional American women these days.
4)If you want to have your friends over for the Super Bowl, serve hamburgers and beer. That's what most of us Americans do.
5) Limit your formal entertaining to guests who are important to America's well being. Last I looked, Paul McCartney was not planning on attacking the USA.

Just some thoughts to help you save money and be more in touch with what your average American is doing these days. After all, Carter didn't just tell us to turn the thermostat down; he actually put a cardigan on and did it himself.

Oh I forgot in number 26.</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Oh I forgot in number 26.

"And my golf game is on my mind the rest of the day"

Market response? Silver up.... (Below threshold)

Market response? Silver up. Gold up.

Buy SLW. Buy USO.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to see the crash of the dollar, brought to you by our fearless leader who understands nothing about economics.


It's coming, believe me. You'll be taking dollars to the store in baskets and bringing home food in your wallets. Thanks, Obama!!!

In related news, Barry tell... (Below threshold)

In related news, Barry tells news publishers why he spends so much time golfing:

"... because security restrictions mean he can't go out for long walks or go to the car wash or the grocery store."

Guess they don't lock down golf courses when Barry plays.

"24. Posted by Paul Hooson ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"24. Posted by Paul Hooson | April 10, 2011 5:59 PM"

Sadly, can't argue with any of that.

Doesn't matter. Either they learn to cut, or it will cut itself - when the whole thing collapses. It may collapse anyway, even with big cuts. We are a long way down a bad road.

So we are down to "commu... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

So we are down to "community organizer" in the experience column. Now, he wasn't really a "community organizer" either!

You had me 100% up to this one. Since "community organizer" means "communist agitator," Buraq was in fact one.

Praise Allan, a speech! </... (Below threshold)

Praise Allan, a speech!

NOW the deficits will begin to shrink, the economy will start to heal, and the Chinese will lend us more money!

Praise Allan.

Another 'major' speech?... (Below threshold)

Another 'major' speech?

Well, just like all of his previous 'major' speeches, I'll miss it. No sense wasting time when it can actually be spent doing ANYTHING else.

For those that do decide to take one for the team, count how many times he say's "invest, shared sacrifice or live within our means."

Extra special bonus points if he say's "inherited" and "Bush" in the same sentence.

I don't watch Obama at all ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I don't watch Obama at all anymore, except for short clips on news shows that end before I can find the remote. It's not even interesting enough to track his double-talk anymore.

From reporting, I gather his televised speeches are falling in the ratings, so I am not alone in suffering the painful transition from boredom to sheer annoyance.

They need to teach him a new trick. The "sharply creased pants with dual teleprompters" shtick is getting old.

Obama's reminding me of the... (Below threshold)

Obama's reminding me of the caricatures of medieval alchemists. Pour the ingredients into the pot, utter the proper words, and *poof*! Shit turns into gold.

Get one word wrong in the incantation, or stir the mess the wrong way, or have the phase of the moon or season of the year or the tide wrong, or the time of day incorrect... and the procedure doesn't work.

The sponsor, looking at all the good money already spent in trying to get this charlatan to produce gold, is loath to cut off his head - so with a good excuse, the alchemist can keep his head (and his position) quite a while.

After all there's lots of variables, none of them the fault to the poor alchemist who's just trying to earn an honest living turning shit into gold!

Maybe if he says the incantation THIS time with the proper inflection on the third syllable on the seventh word, it'll work!

As usual, Obama will say al... (Below threshold)

As usual, Obama will say all the "right" things. I expect he'll do nothing after the speech. (see his debt reduction panel).

But to the average person getting their news from the MSM, it will appear he's trying to address the deficit. That's all that matters, appearances.

When this was announced, I ... (Below threshold)

When this was announced, I knew what President Obama would do: propose more taxes. And, sadly, it sounds as though that is exactly that is happening.

I saw that too, kevino.<br ... (Below threshold)

I saw that too, kevino.
Knowing this idiot, he'll probably raise gas taxes.

According to Internal Reven... (Below threshold)

According to Internal Revenue Service data, the entire taxable income of everyone earning over $100,000 in 2008 was about $1.582 trillion. Even if all these Americans—most of whom are far from wealthy—were taxed at 100%, it wouldn't cover Mr. Obama's deficit for this year.






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