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What follows from Lawrence O'Donnell is supposed to garner sympathy and compassion

We're to feel sorry for a woman who wants the taxpayers to pay for her birth control?


I don't think so.

H/T to John at VerumSerum who has advice for Mr. O'Donnell that should be extended to all who think cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is such a travesty:

Larry's got plenty of money, maybe instead of reading this tear-jerker e-mail he should send this woman some of it.


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Comments (21)

I pretty sure posting a Lar... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I pretty sure posting a Larry O'Donnell clip must violate Wizbang's site standards. It certainly offends any sense of public or private decency.

Here's a modest proposal. I... (Below threshold)

Here's a modest proposal. If I'm going to pay for a woman's birth control, can I have sex with her to properly take advantage of my investment?


Jay Tea, the woman hasn't b... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, the woman hasn't been to the dentist for a teeth cleaning in 5 years, even when she had a job. I'm not sure even you are desperate enough for that action.

Tim, it's a matter of princ... (Below threshold)

Tim, it's a matter of principle here.

Plus, how much is a bottle of Scope, on top of what I'm already paying?


If the government is paying... (Below threshold)

If the government is paying for the Scope, I'd guess about 80 bucks and change.

Why doesn't her 'donor' pay... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't her 'donor' pay for Her birth control? He's the one plowing the field and sowing the seed.

I know, don't ask.

How about some letters from... (Below threshold)

How about some letters from the babies butchered at planned parenthood being entered into the record. 50 million babies have been butchered at these facilities. I wonder if Hitler had provided some medical advice while killing Jews and many others if the democrats would have wanted us to find his planning centers as well. I can see it now, an emal from some poor german woman who visits one of the concentration camps to get her annual exam from Dr Mengele. Remember, those being killed were declared not human be the courts and so it was legal to kill them under German rule. And in the US, blacks were not human and so we were able to keep them as slaves. When one group is declared not human, anything can be done to them as we are now doing with babies simply based on age and location. The baby when conceived as the same DNA they will have if they live to old age. Nothing is missing. The landlord however has the right to kill these visiting babies with the vast majority not even posing a risk to the landlord. And how did the landlord recieve the visiter? She chose to indulge in an act that invited the visitor in, not be the vistors choice, but by the landlords in 99% of all cases.

I remember many, many years... (Below threshold)

I remember many, many years ago when some wag suggessted that the destitute on welfare also be placed on Norplant or another contraceptive. It was not well recieved, this notion that people on welfare unable to pay for their own way in life be prevented from having more children to live on the public teat.
But free abortions are OK to the same crowd...

So what?Planned Pare... (Below threshold)

So what?
Planned Parenthood is not a Federal or State agency. So if people feel that they are important then Donate to them Lawrence.

We are not under an obligation to fund a program outside of the Government.
Last year we could cut Medicare funding by 500 Billion dollars no problem. (Of course we knew it was funny Math) Yet we cannot reduce Funding to Planned Parent Hoodlums.

It must be incredibly hard ... (Below threshold)

It must be incredibly hard to go through life retarded like O'Donnell

An even more modest proposa... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

An even more modest proposal: spaying is cheaper than birth control.

I'll pay for her birth cont... (Below threshold)
Darin H:

I'll pay for her birth control... how much does abstinence cost anyways?

Spending public money to de... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Spending public money to deport all liberal idiots to Antarctica would actually be a lot more beneficial for the country than subsidizing the patch, the pill and condoms.

Also, Why did we need Obam... (Below threshold)

Also, Why did we need ObamCare if People medical needs could be met by Planned Parent Hood?

I mean here someone who was working and supposedly just donated what she need to get all the treatment that we heard Americans could not get and she got it without health insurance.

So let see there Medicaid, CHIP , emergency rooms and great programs like Planned Parent hood, not to mention public clients. Why is that ObamaCare was needed? Since we dod not have money lets consolidate.
Eliminate Obamacare fix waist fraud and abuse in Medicaid. Look at real tort reform. Pain and Suffering needs to have a cap. IF doctors or Hospitals make a mistake then they need to treat that person for their conditions and conditions related to it for life. If it means that person no longer can work then that person should have the salary paid until they would retire and receive a pension. No lawyer can get a fee greater than an established amount. We know one the reason for high settlements is because of the % lawyers collect.

It should be obvious to all... (Below threshold)

It should be obvious to all of the right wing wackos by now that the GOP leadership doesn't give a rat's ass in regards to defunding Planned Parenthood. They're just pretending they do to string the low IQ Teabagging rubes along.

When push came to shove - and it will always come to that on this issue since the Dems will never give this away - Baby-Tears Boehner shrugged and threw it under the bus.

Boehner doesn't care. Boehner never lifted a finger in support of the right wing religious nutjobs' issue of the day before... and he doesn't care now either.

Planned Parenthood? Yawn.... non-issue. Cantor, Ryan and Boehner could care less.

Woop. you seem to forget th... (Below threshold)

Woop. you seem to forget that the Republicans only control the house. Everyone knew the issue of defunding planned parenthood would never happen with the current mix including the most pro baby killer ever in the white house. It was played brilliantly by the republicans to get the democrats all wee weed up on that issue while the numbers for cuts kept going ever higher. I will fault them for not doing more on life when they have over 60 Senate seats, the President, and the House with large enough numbers to overcome a few Rino's. It is up to us the people to make that happen if we care about life. That is the simple facts of our government. When that happens, we need to let them know this is the time to make massive changes in several social areas including getting judges in everywhere possible that are clearly pro life.

But why not now push for massive safety regulations for all places serving women's health. Democrats say they want abortions to be safe and use the back alley defense. I say right now a massive attack forcing all these abortion mills to have to meet the most stringent possible saftey issues with ongoing inspections to be able to stay open. That would include all the personnel hired have to meet the best standards of care and are in sufficent numbers to care for the patients. Demand records on every aspect of safety be kept and presented since they get government money. The democtrats have used the threat of removing money unless the states do mandated things for years.

It should be obvious to eve... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

It should be obvious to everyone by now that when Woop goes into his name-calling mode one should just give him a negative vote and ignore him. He adds NOTHING to the conversation at that point.

Come to think of it, that's pretty much all the time.

Do you hate abortions? I wo... (Below threshold)

Do you hate abortions? I would guess yes. Not that anyone thinks they're particularly awesome.

That means you would like for their to be less abortions. Right?

So, that should naturally lead one to conclude that less pregnancies mean less abortions. With me so far?

From that point, it seems rational to conclude that a minor investment in birth control, although irritating, means a large payoff in less abortions.

Just like putting flouride in water means less cavities. Sure, we can still try to get everyone to brush right. But if we depend on that, we have a population with English teeth. Which, besides the empathy argument, is bad for the country in pragmatic terms. People with rotten infected teeth are really bad for the economy.

Do you see the connection that I'm making?

Sure, it's irritating to pay for some woman's birth control. But I can only presume it's far less irritating than having to deal with her aborting - OR dealing with keeping her baby alive - or NOT trying to help the baby get fed, and the baby either dying or being supported by desperate turns to crimes.

See how it all links together?

I'll pay for her b... (Below threshold)
I'll pay for her birth control... how much does abstinence cost anyways?

How'd that work out for Sarah Palin's daughter? Seems not so well.

You might want to pay for birth control that actually works.

Jim X,The practice... (Below threshold)

Jim X,

The practice of abstinence is 100% way not to have children. No Sex no Babies, No Sex not STD
Birth controls is not even in the order of 5 9s.

hcddbz, sure. Just like the... (Below threshold)

hcddbz, sure. Just like the practice of "saying no to drugs" is 100% sure to result in kids not taking drugs.

Did the "just say no to drugs" campaign result in kids not taking drugs? Nope.

So why should "just say no to sex" be any different?






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