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"This was an era of American greatness"

Locutisprime brings us a moving video tribute to our veterans at my place. Here's a teaser for an introduction:

Many who will see this tribute will be taken back in time to another era of memory. Many others never ever knew this time, but they now will have the opportunity to view first hand, living history and those who were and still are a part of it. This was an era of American greatness. Before she was taken down by the ideologies of those who would see her destroyed.

Check it out. It's worth your time.


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Comments (15)

Yes. Great indeed.... (Below threshold)

Yes. Great indeed.

We are now in an era of Kenyanesia disgrace.

"This was an era of Amer... (Below threshold)

"This was an era of American greatness. Before she was taken down by the ideologies of those who would see her destroyed."

LOL! Nice up to that point. Then it became just another right wing wacko racist rant.

Wrap yourselves in a flag then shit all over America. Welcome to right wing looneyville.

Aue de poop-... (Below threshold)

Aue de poop-

"LOL! Nice up to that point. Then it became just another right wing wacko racist rant."

What the hell does that paragraph have to do with 'RACE'???????????????????????????????????

Fucking stupid dumb ass

Fuck you, Woop.</... (Below threshold)

Fuck you, Woop.

I was proud to have been part of that era. I saw first hand the character of this country, and what makes it great.

That is something you'll never know, because the qualities don't exist in you, or your brethren.

Best you just go sit down and let the Americans administer to the land.

Freeee Colonel Terry Lakin!... (Below threshold)

Freeee Colonel Terry Lakin!!!!! He's a political prisoner of the Alinskyite regime!!!!

First I would like to say i... (Below threshold)

First I would like to say it is a proven fact that liberals DO NOT respect or like the military. Our history is rife with examples of their hateful leanings.

Having said that: Thanks Rick. It was a great time for patriots back then before the words hero and patriot became over used. Inspiring man. ww

"Wrap yourselves in a flag ... (Below threshold)

"Wrap yourselves in a flag then shit all over America."

Shit all over America? I would be interested in having you expound on that in greater detail if you would not mind.

Re: #4Thank you, i... (Below threshold)
Laura M.:

Re: #4

Thank you, irongrampa, for your service to this great country of ours.

I guess I scared the chico ... (Below threshold)

I guess I scared the chico out of woop?

Nope - I'm ignoring you as ... (Below threshold)

Nope - I'm ignoring you as usual - just like everybody else.

#10As usual, one l... (Below threshold)


As usual, one look at the facts proves the opposite of the shit flowing from your mouth.

Reading his Medal of Honor ... (Below threshold)

Reading his Medal of Honor what a courageous person. It good to seem him reunited whit his aircraft.

Off topic but as Legal black immigrant who proudly severed in the US military and would gladly die to defend the USA. I have take issue with the biggest racists on Wizbang.


Communist and Socialist are all races and creeds.
Some of the worst detractors of America in the 60 were rich white students and teachers.

In fact we know that Rich White Liberals tend to be the most racist. Blacks are too stupid to compete with the white man so we need affirmative action. You know those Asians like the rice fields and have no ability to want a democracy. Yeah I know that they have government in the South but really they should be one country under communism. Latinos are only good for being domestic help and hey we need them because we need people to work for sub minimum wage.

However the idea that people can not be self sufficient and needs a government handout for everything is what is destroying this country.

Utopia does not exist. Some people will be better off than others. People must strive to be better and they should be rewarded for that effort.

The American dream is that through hard work and diligence any one has chance to improve their lot in life. The idea that people are cannot compete because of skin color or ethnicity and to institute programs that do not look at ability is a betrayal of the American dream. All those programs that encouraged more and more people to wait on the government has beggared the USA and enforced the Victim hood of those races that are protected.

Damn, when I'm 80 can I do ... (Below threshold)

Damn, when I'm 80 can I do a full entrance physical on Woop or Chico? Hell, I'll do one now. Boarding them out on UDS results AFTER the full enchilada would be almost as inspiring as flying above the clouds in green again. I still have one or two armpit length vet gloves (sometimes you have to reach way up to pull those heads out).

"Then it became just anothe... (Below threshold)

"Then it became just another right wing wacko racist rant?"

Everything in your world is a right wing racist rant. Right? Thought so. You need a new copy boy, copy boy.....

It must be rough on the dark side, now that Arianna has gone A(w)OL.

Those were the days, if you... (Below threshold)

Those were the days, if you happened to be white, educated, and male. However, as the United States is roughly half female, those days were actually much worse for about half the population compared to today.

Nostalgia is fine and dandy but glorifying the past is to ignore the fact that it was characterized as much by grave social injustice as by individual and collective valour.






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