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Making sense of the budget mess we're in

Dennis Sevakis (via email) sends us to this post by a dude named Greenspun who cuts to the chase:

The FY 2011 federal budget is approximately $3.82 trillion (3.82×10^12). Of that, approximately $2.17 trillion will be paid for by taxes collected and the remaining $1.65 trillion will be borrowed from our grandchildren. If we divide everything by 100 million, the numbers begin to make more sense.

We have a family that is spending $38,200 per year. The family's income is $21,700 per year. The family adds $16,500 in credit card debt every year in order to pay its bills. After a long and difficult debate among family members, keeping in mind that it was not going to be possible to borrow $16,500 every year forever, the parents and children agreed that a $380/year premium cable subscription could be terminated. So now the family will have to borrow only $16,120 per year.

Any questions?


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Comments (33)

Yes I have a question, sinc... (Below threshold)

Yes I have a question, since the only way I can get new (Daily Show, Bill Mahr etc) is on cable how am I supposed to survive with out it. You'll just have to tax the rich more.

Just wait until interest ra... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Just wait until interest rates spike and the debt service alone becomes unmanageable. That's when fiscal reality truly will become a bitch.

Misuse of the public trust ... (Below threshold)

Misuse of the public trust has gone on way too F....... long.. Time for some prosecutions of these greedy leeches.

You're not suggesting that ... (Below threshold)

You're not suggesting that Boehner held our country hostage and threatened to shut down the federal government for no good reason -- for cuts that were essentially meaningless, are you?

Oh, I see that you are. Nicely done. I agree. So do a lot of Americans. Woops!

Well the obvious solution i... (Below threshold)

Well the obvious solution is that that family needs to start stealing money from others, or as Obama would call it "spending cuts".

'Cause we all know that the government not confiscating more money is the exact same thing as the government spending money. SO when you steal/confiscate money from someone else that is a spending cut...

Right lefties?

Don’t forget to add another... (Below threshold)

Don’t forget to add another $350 for new tires which isn’t budgeted but will be need every year. So now we are back to $16,470 per year.

Not to mention the additional cost because some family members are purposely trying to raise the cost of utilities so that more expensive “Green” energy will be more viable.

And as usual Woop has it as... (Below threshold)

And as usual Woop has it ass backwards. It was the Dems and Bammi who were hoping for a government shutdown. The executive branch was in full scale planning mode to make the shutdown as painful as possible, too. Too bad for you leftists (and everyone else in America) that the Republicans caved.

We'll see if the Reps do any better on the 2012 budget, but I seriously doubt it.

1 % cuts are significant bu... (Below threshold)

1 % cuts are significant but only a start not the end. Liberals want to claim it is an extreme cut and we need to stop there. Rick demonstrates wonderfully that that attitude is B.S.

You know, I still find it h... (Below threshold)

You know, I still find it hard to believe that just this year, we'll be borrowing 1.65 TRILLION dollars.

I used to be pissed off about W's borrowing but in retrospect, it seems like chump change.

woop's selective memory is ... (Below threshold)

woop's selective memory is so convenient. That way his hypocrisy doesn't bother him.

Bush especially once the De... (Below threshold)

Bush especially once the Democrats gain control of congress spent too much. Obama and the Democrat controlled congress spent way way way the f*#k too much.

We will see what will happen now that the GOP controls one half of congress. My gut feeling is the old GOP establishment Republicans will once again cave in and spend way too much although not as bad as it would have been if the Democrats still controlled everything.What a choice slowly bleed to death or quickly bleed to death.

hmmm...the defi... (Below threshold)


the deficit in the last year of Bush's presidency was ~$450 billion.

the deficit THIS year will be ~$1.6 TRILLION.

Yet, we are told (by the Democrats), that cutting back to even the Bush level deficit will:
- starve children & grandma
- deprive sick children of medical attention
- force old people to send money to millionaires
- etc....

Um...does that mean that when Bush's deficit was "just" ~$450 billion, that all those horrible things were happening?? Golly.

Woop has moved beyond hypoc... (Below threshold)

Woop has moved beyond hypocrisy into kinetic mental illness.

WoopThe dems said ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


The dems said that a $3 billion cut was too much much less the $38 billion.

When asked about cutting the money for PP which is substantially less than $3b Obama said "Not going to happen". So the dems held the country hostage and threatend a shutdown for a lot less tahn $38 billion.

Just dont let facts get in your way.

And Jim X comes along and states we need to go back to clinton era tax rates in 3..2...1...

Obama's answer to this exam... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Obama's answer to this example.

Sure, isn't it just like the GOP to choose to cut the cable TV and hurt the kids and the retired folks the most.

Michelle's answer: What's the matter with these folks -they should cut out all that wasted money on fattening fried chicken and eat Kolbe beef like we do.

Geithers answer: Heck no problem at all. Do just what we do in government when we have such debt problems -go down the cellar and print all the money you need - no one seems to ever notice such things.

The MSM's answer:If these folks didn't spend all their money on charity and guns America wouldn't be in the trouble she's in.

Pelosi's answer: nothing here that a little well-placed botrox couldn't fix.

Reid's answer: Heck folks , borrow some more and all come out here to Nevada where you can double your money in nothing flat.

McCain's answer: whatever my friends across the isle said...

Graham's answer: what John says is gospel with me.

The White House had to agre... (Below threshold)

The White House had to agree with the House GOP in order to avoid a federal shutdown.

The GOP leadership wouldn't budge. Boehner was pretending he wanted to defund Planned Parenthood, and said he was prepared to shut down the federal government if he didn't get it.

Of course, we now know he was lying. He didn't give a hit about defunding PP.

The only way to avoid a shutdown was to make the House happy - Only the GOP -led house could avert a federal shutdown.

This place reeks of hypocrisy and stupidity. That's what makes it such a fun place to visit.

Boehner said it well:

“There is only one reason we don’t have an agreement as yet, and that reason is spending,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters Friday morning. “We are close to a resolution on the policy issues, but I think the American people deserve to know when will the White House and when will Senate Democrats get serious about cutting spending?”

The WH "getting serious" was the only way Boehner said a shutdown could be averted.

Boehner had control. Sure, he lied to just about everyone in the process, and ultimately agreed to meaningless cuts, but he had the ball - and it was his call to shut down the federal government or not.

Countdown to more right wing idiots lying in 3...2...1...

Only thing is that last yea... (Below threshold)

Only thing is that last year the Kid agreed to spend 1005,00 on a new Columbia music club


Dem controlled all three branches of Goverment last year they Passed Obamacare, Stimulis, Auto industry Bailout and and all other fun stuff.

Why did they not pass a budget?

A couple of minor, but not ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

A couple of minor, but not insignificant corrections: Obama didn't have a "spotty attendance record" as a US Senator. In his first two years, 2005-2006, he had the worst attendance record in the Senate - and when he did deign to show up for committee meetings, he was habitually late and unprepared, showing no respect for the institution, the process, witnesses, or his colleagues.

In his second two years, he was running for President and barely showed up at all. Even the dying Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd managed to make more votes in their last two years in office than Obama. He had the worst overall attendance record of any Senator in history.

Neither did Obama write two books. He wrote his first autobiography, an amateurish effort which didn't sell at all until he was thrust into the national spotlight. Somehow he got a SECOND contract for an autobiography (two by the age of 45 for a guy with no significant accomplishments, a record in itself outside the vanity press), but it was written by Bill Ayers instead, as Ayers recently confirmed.

In short, there was nothing in Obama's record to suggest he deserved reelection to the Senate, even, much less the Presidency. He's an empty suit, an actor who reads a speech off a teleprompter well. We'd be better off with Morgan Freeman as President - at least he could remember his lines.

News Flash:WASHING... (Below threshold)

News Flash:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- China, the biggest buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, trimmed its holdings for a fourth straight month in February and Japan boosted its holdings one month before a devastating earthquake hit the country.

China cut its holdings by $600 million to $1.15 trillion, the Treasury Department reported Friday. Japan, the second-largest foreign holder, boosted its holdings by $4.4 billion to $890.3 billion.

Any bets that China won't continue to divest? Anyone expect the Japanese to BUY more after that earthquake?

Oops, that was supposed to ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Oops, that was supposed to go on Jay Tea's post below!


'This place reeks of hypocr... (Below threshold)

'This place reeks of hypocrisy and stupidity."

From my vantage point only on those threads where you are posting.

"The White House had to agree with the House GOP in order to avoid a federal shutdown."

You suggest a federal government shut down was of little danger to Republicans as far a opinion polls go?

'This place reeks of hypocr... (Below threshold)

'This place reeks of hypocrisy and stupidity."

You'll have to pardon woop. He's projecting again.

WoopWhile Boehner ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


While Boehner was talking about trying to make billions in cuts Reid was giving speeches on how the govt shutdown was going to hurt the cowboy poet festival.

You again ignore facts. Nothing unusual there.

So then it WAS Boehner cont... (Below threshold)

So then it WAS Boehner controlling the shutdown process. Not the Democrats. Pelosi wasn't involved and apparently Reid wasnt either.

Thanks for supporting my position on this issue, Retired Military. I salute you.

Woop how you pulled that as... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Woop how you pulled that assertion out of your ass I dont know.

Geez it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

Can someone please ban woop just for GP?



RM, this is the third threa... (Below threshold)

RM, this is the third thread where I've said it: you're a giant baby. "B-b-b-b-but teacher! He was mean to me, and he stole my Power Rangers pencil case!"

Grow a sack man. If he's really that annoying to you, ignore him or come up with a clever reparté (not holding my breath).

Rick you forgot one thing.<... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Rick you forgot one thing.

We have the son Jim X by name who is throwing his quarter a week allowance (clinton era tax rates) into the pot to make things all better.

You also have the crazy grandpa named woop who insists that as long as he is the one spending the money everythign is alright.

You also have the daughter (named Hyper) who is saying that they have to donate money to Planned Parenthood to pay for her abortion but she wont tell the parents who the father is.

Ban hyper on top of it.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Ban hyper on top of it.

Hyper bite me.

You are like the guy who pisses on the floor when someone is trying to mop up the mess.

woop-"This ... (Below threshold)


"This place reaks of hypocrisy and stupidity"

Perhaps you should shower more often.

I guess that was an attempt... (Below threshold)

I guess that was an attempt at impugning my manhood, which is a weird thing to do, but by using femininity as a pejorative, you're just insulting women and making yourself look like a misogynist. If you want to make yourself look as utterly loathsome as Kenny, be my guest.

HyperIt was satire... (Below threshold)
retired military:


It was satire. Get with Bruce Henry about it and he will teach you a thing or 2 about it. And who the hell is Kenny anyway?

"And who the hell is Kenny ... (Below threshold)

"And who the hell is Kenny anyway?"

Kenny is his bedtime sock puppet so his hand don't get wet.

Kenny is the worst person t... (Below threshold)

Kenny is the worst person to post on this blog since Scrapiron vanished and jhow66 was banned for hating on Obama because of his mixed racial heritage.

Actually, Kenny is worse than Scrapiron. Scrappy was an old coot, whereas Kenny is a vitriolic misogynist who hates women almost as much as he hates black presidents.






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