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Our Community Organizer In Chief

In his speech on the budget this week, President Obama offered up one proposal for solving the current conflict over budget priorities: a bipartisan commission to offer up its recommendations.

If that sounds familiar, it should -- it's what he did last year. And then when they gave their report, he promptly ignored their advice.

Now he's trying it again, hoping -- I guess -- that enough of us will have forgotten how well that worked out that he thinks we'll be impressed with trying it again.

And on the issue of ObamaCare, he's also putting forth -- big surprise -- another commission to find ways to cut the costs of health care.

Now, there's nothing innately wrong with commissions. They can serve their purpose, and sometimes exceptionally well. But they can be misused, as well.

But Obama isn't monogamous to the idea of commissions. From the outset of his administration, he had a bit of a fetish for "czars" -- appointed officials (usually without Congressional approval) who were granted authority over specific areas and fields. This occasionally involved reshuffling actual legal areas of responsibility -- such as having Hillary Clinton confirmed as Secretary of State, then having "czars" (called "special envoys") taking over the Middle East and Iraq/Afghanistan, and elevating the Ambassador to the United Nations (nominally answerable to the Secretary of State) to a cabinet-level ranking, making her a peer of her nominal boss.

Put all these together, and you get a very disturbing picture: a president -- the Chief Executive of the United States, or as President George W. Bush put it, "the decider" -- who won't make decisions.

Debt reduction is a critical issue. One would expect Obama to at least have an opinion on the matter, if not a plan that he's willing to put his name on. But instead, he's punting it to an easily-deniable "commission" whose advice -- should it prove politically untenable -- can be ignored, like the last one.

The whole Libyan misadventure also shows this unwillingness to make decisions. From the outset, Obama did all he could to shift the leadership -- and responsibility -- to the European powers, and scrambled to find someone to take up the reins that no one seemed to want to do. And even his language has shown how much he wants to distance himself from responsibility:

It means that we have confidence that we are not going in alone, and it is our military that is being volunteered by others to carry out missions that are important not only to us, but are important internationally.

I consider myself a good writer, and Obama is regarded as one as well -- the two books bearing his name were widely praised and best-sellers. But the construction of that sentence is abysmal. The first clause uses the active voice, but a negated verb -- "we are not going in alone." So it's a powerful assertion of a negative.

The second clause, though, switches to a passive voice, most often used to minimize a statement or distance the speaker from the action. And the phrasing is so vague and poorly-written that it escapes parsing -- "is being volunteered by others?" Who is doing the volunteering? And is the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States admitting that someone else has the power to order our troops into combat?

And let us not forget his backpedaling on his stirring renunciation of raising the debt ceiling back in 2008 -- admitting that his strong words and "no" vote were entirely meaningless, purely for appearance's sake. It's a disturbing sight for a president to say, in essence, "yeah, I said that then, but I didn't really believe it. It was just political bullshit -- I was lying so I could look good."

This all adds up to a rather disturbing picture -- one that a lot of us saw quite clearly back when he was just Senator Obama.

At no point prior to taking the oath of office as President of the United States had Barack Obama ever held any kind of executive, decision-making position or one of singular responsibility.

He was a senator (with a very spotty attendance record) and a state legislator with an impressive record of voting "present" instead of "aye" or "nay," and no significant, controversial legislation that bore his fingerprints.

He was a lecturer on Constitutional law, with no published articles showing his scholarship.

He was a director on the board of a couple of non-profit organizations, where his activities were rather thoroughly undocumented.

He was a "community organizer," which is code for "rabble-rouser who gets people all worked up, lets others do the hard work, then claim the credit." Community organizers are ideal liberal figures; they demand power on behalf of "the people," demand solutions from "the man," but are never held accountable for results.

He was a staffer and eventually editor of the Harvard Law Review, but never published a single article under his name.

Apparently, Obama believed that his utter inexperience (and aversion to seeking such experience) as any kind of leader could be more than compensated for by his good looks, reputed high intelligence, superb ability to give speeches, and personal charisma.

Hey, America, how's that workin' out for ya?


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"Hey, America, how's that w... (Below threshold)

"Hey, America, how's that workin' out for ya?"

Not well, but then again there were people who warned everyone that this would end badly if he was elected.

The sad thing is there's still two years of this BS to go.

The commission-thingie is a... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

The commission-thingie is all about timing. The election is next year. Obama isn't go to do any substantive this year as any decision he makes about anything could ruin his chances in the election.

So, let Congress take their time to debate his proposal, choose a team and then give the commission twelve months to do their work and submit a report. Problem solved! It's the election cycle. Obama just has to thank them for their work and go to his next campaign stop.

We all knew this before the... (Below threshold)

We all knew this before the last election. We had a three fold problem:1) The independents fell for the bullshit, b) McCain was a very unexciting candidate who frequently went astray until Palin energized what little enthusiasm was left and III) The MSM supported this man and mostly still does no matter what. They are usually the people who rightly or wrongly vett candidates but they did not in this case.

Thank God for the Tea Party. If it wasn't for us, we wouldn't even be talking about the debt and spending. ww

It ain't workin' ~ t... (Below threshold)

It ain't workin'
~ that aint workin'
~ I'm barely workin'
~ Ugh!

I propose a Commission t... (Below threshold)

I propose a Commission to study the concept of planning for an analysis of the consideration of forming a Commission to study the effectiveness of Commissions!

Once we have their report we can proceed speedily. Meanwhile I'm heading off on vacation.


Obama is the walking, talki... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Obama is the walking, talking & breathing embodiment of the pointy-haired boss from "Dilbert."

And did you know he's a Mus... (Below threshold)

And did you know he's a Muslim born in Kenya?

So Woop is a 'birther' now.... (Below threshold)

So Woop is a 'birther' now.

He's also a sad warning against letting children eat paint chips with lead.

I love what Alan Simpson re... (Below threshold)

I love what Alan Simpson reportedly said after the speech: "Pray for the Gang of Six." It was a great "The Emperor Has No Clothes" moment that needs to go into the history books.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

No, woop, that would be his... (Below threshold)

No, woop, that would be his half-brother, George.

Standard bullshit from you -- you can't address the actual charges I bring up, so you bring up something that no one else is bringing in hopes of changing the subject. It's a passive way of admitting that you got nothing to say about the matter at hand, so you want to steer the conversation away from them.

Come up with some new ploys, will ya? This one got old ages ago.


Yeah, Woop, I'd wanna chang... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Woop, I'd wanna change the subject too if I were you.

"...the Chief Executive of ... (Below threshold)

"...the Chief Executive of the United States, or as President George W. Bush put it, "the decider" -- who won't make decisions."

Exactly. To make decisions would be TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for those decisions. Good or bad.

The Chief Narcissist wants to be loved by all. Better to straddle an issue or have others make decisions. That way you are not responsible.

What's the matter? Aren't y... (Below threshold)

What's the matter? Aren't you clowns getting on the Trump "I'm an Idiot -- You be an Idiot too" bandwagon?

That's surprises me.

Sarah Palin got on board yetserday. You remember Sarah, right? People once thought she had a shot at the White House in 2012. That's before they got to know her better.

Now Trump is the Man. Go Donald... go Donald.

(laughing AT you buffoons, not with you)

Muslim born in Kenya! Muslim born in Kenya! Just keep repeating it until the GOP base believes it. It's the GOP way...

No Woop. The only people g... (Below threshold)
jim m:

No Woop. The only people getting on the Trump bandwagon are the MSM stooges who want Trump to run because he's good copy. The vast majority of everyone else (left and right) see him as a deeply unserious egomaniac.

Plus, most of the folks on the right realize that Trump has no chance and that the media are promoting him because they see a chance to split the vote against obama. And yes, that is saying that in 2012 the vote against obama will be more significant than the vote for he GOP candidate.

Our 'fearless leader'......... (Below threshold)
Got any more rabbits there ... (Below threshold)

Got any more rabbits there woop? So far you've not responded to a single assertion that JT posted.

No balls? Just like your Obamassiah?

Poor woop. He can't grasp t... (Below threshold)

Poor woop. He can't grasp that this blog is hostile ground to birthers (at least my articles are -- I really shouldn't speak for my colleagues, but I think they agree with me), and thinks he can somehow rally them to his pathetic attempt to draw attention away from his hero's complete and utter failure, brought upon by his complete and utter incompetence. But he keeps on trying.

It'd be almost cute... but instead it's just pathetic. And mildly annoying.


Let's see - commission will... (Below threshold)

Let's see - commission will likely take about a month to form, anywhere from 6-18 months to do the studies and come up with recommendations...

IF he works this right, he can delay doing anything beyond the elections.

"Apparently, Obama believed that his utter inexperience (and aversion to seeking such experience) as any kind of leader could be more than compensated for by his good looks, reputed high intelligence, superb ability to give speeches, and personal charisma."

In D&D terms, Charisma of 18 (3d6), Intelligence 4, Wisdom 3. Likely to be killed quickly after all other characters get killed through his persuading them to do counterproductive actions, like encouraging a 1st level character to take on a 12th level demon. Can talk pretty much anyone into anything.


Twice? No way. But he's stupid enough (remember the 3 in Wisdom, and the 4 on Intelligence?) to try.

His alignment... I'm thinking chaotic neutral. He's not really EVIL, as such (you know, the Bwa-ha-ha! hand rubbing sort of evil, blending puppies and tying virgins to railroad tracks and such...) but he isn't good, so he's neutral.

And Chaotic - well, that's his lack of focus. He'll do stuff until it ceases to be interesting. He LOVED campaigning. Presidenting? Not so much. He's bored by it.

But he can't WAIT to start campaigning again!

Damn, Lawson, no one was su... (Below threshold)

Damn, Lawson, no one was supposed to pick up on the subtle D&D reference.

I'd give him a higher intelligence, but agree on the wisdom score. And I'd go for true neutral; he sees good and evil, order vs. chaos as secondary concerns... to himself.


We have a tourist in the Wh... (Below threshold)
Ken D. :

We have a tourist in the White House.

You forgot at least one Jay... (Below threshold)

You forgot at least one Jay. Barry was and is a nobody who came out of ?? And won a Nobel for doing ??

And Woop forgot to flush it's galoob again on 13.

No Barney today wooop.

In 2012 for the first elect... (Below threshold)

In 2012 for the first election in his life Presentdent Obama must run on his record ...

that record will include:

$5 gas
8+% Unemployment for his entire term (maybe higher)
a second housing crash
by 2012 he will have accumulated over $6 trillion in debt under his watch ...

oh and

started another war with a muslim country
used military commissions
kept GITMO open
played over 100 rounds of golf as Presentdent

toast ...

woooooop eua poop-... (Below threshold)

woooooop eua poop-

"Now Trump is the Man. Go Donald... go Donald.

(laughing AT you buffoons, not with you)"

Whoop has a habit of talking to itself in the third person, trying to reassure itself that it is not a lone idiot and that others share its dementia.

Woop"Muslim born i... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Muslim born in Kenya! Muslim born in Kenya! Just keep repeating it until the GOP base believes it. It's the GOP way...


Is that anything like
"raise the taxes on the rich to balance the budget, raise the taxes on the rich to balance the budget"

Come on woop! How about ano... (Below threshold)

Come on woop! How about another chorus of "Hope and Change! Hope and Change!

Yell really loud, so the 17+% in that 'funemployment' line can hear you.

And post all of Barry's wonderful accomplishments over the last 2 1/2 years.

JT, Jlawson,Neutral ... (Below threshold)

JT, Jlawson,
Neutral Evil: Whatever path gets to the destination is acceptable. Law is OK, until it doesn't benefit you. Chaos is OK too, until it becomes too much of a hastle. Very much someone that wants other's to follow rules, but is never afraid to ignore them himself.
Such a person can even do ostensibly altruistic things, but there will always be a long term selfish gain.

I never bought into the notion that to be "evil" it has to be big E "Evil". Esp since almost nobody actually sees themself as Evil or even Bad. The Hitlers, Maos, Ches, Sangers and the like of the real world likely fretted very little over their own actions.

JT, Woop needs the hammer i... (Below threshold)

JT, Woop needs the hammer in my opinion. His juvenile behavior is tedious and boring. I do not mind liberals like Steve Creekmore, at least he tries at civility and occassionally makes a good point. Hyper is a necessary evil. He is a great example of why I do not care for liberal ideology. So I vote to axe Woop. Only my opinion but the guy bores me. ww

I second wildwillie and vot... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I second wildwillie and vote to throw hyper out with the bath water (an apt statement if you think about it).

Woop adds no value to the conversation whatsoever. He does a drive by poo fling. Unlike Hyper who continually comes in and argues that Poo is not feces unless he says it is feces.

#27 Yeah,Woop was ... (Below threshold)

#27 Yeah,

Woop was not as bitter as galoob. Now he's gone and went off the deep end. Kind of like the very racist Wee Lard did before his excommunication.

Of course Whoopi could be o... (Below threshold)

Of course Whoopi could be offered a chance to submit his own article and subject and see what it comes up with?

Could be fun.

And here I thought the only... (Below threshold)

And here I thought the only crybaby was Boehner. Seems like there's a lot of baby tears on the side of the right wing.

What's the matter? Can't stand the heat?

A couple of minor, but not ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

A couple of minor, but not insignificant corrections: Obama didn't have a "spotty attendance record" as a US Senator. In his first two years, 2005-2006, he had the worst attendance record in the Senate - and when he did deign to show up for committee meetings, he was habitually late and unprepared, showing no respect for the institution, the process, witnesses, or his colleagues.

In his second two years, he was running for President and barely showed up at all. Even the dying Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd managed to make more votes in their last two years in office than Obama. He had the worst overall attendance record of any Senator in history.

Neither did Obama write two books. He wrote his first autobiography, an amateurish effort which didn't sell at all until he was thrust into the national spotlight. Somehow he got a SECOND contract for an autobiography (two by the age of 45 for a guy with no significant accomplishments, a record in itself outside the vanity press), but it was written by Bill Ayers instead, as Ayers recently confirmed.

In short, there was nothing in Obama's record to suggest he deserved reelection to the Senate, even, much less the Presidency. He's an empty suit, an actor who reads a speech off a teleprompter well. We'd be better off with Morgan Freeman as President - at least he could remember his lines.

OH, retired military, hccdb... (Below threshold)

OH, retired military, hccdbz and others - DJ drummond is apparently doing that thing again where he deletes my responses to your comments because they frighten him.

Just wanted you to be aware that I've responded, because I believe in a free exchange of ideas with people I disagree with.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong and Wordpress is eating my responses. it just seems odd that apparently only mine are being eathen.

Jay Tea doesn't appear to do this even in the face of extreme disagreement, which is why he has my respect even though we disagree.

Anyway as to this particular article, I once again as usual don't see what's so bad about having the wealthiest go back to the tax rates they had under Clinton. Notice I'm not saying this instead of budget cuts - but in addition to them.

That's where I stand; I'm sure we disagree on that.

For the record, Jim misbeha... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

For the record, Jim misbehaved in my budget thread form yesterday, got a warning 2 hours ago, ignored it and has received consequences. It's also ironic he ignored the tone of comments in this thread.

And here I thought the only... (Below threshold)

And here I thought the only crybaby was Boehner. Seems like there's a lot of baby tears on the side of the right wing.

What's the matter? Can't stand the heat?


Jim XYou didnt res... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim X

You didnt respond except to say if we went back to the Clinton tax rates then it would be great and we have to spend money on the poor. I saw each of your responses.

You failed to answer my questions.

Lets give you a simple one.

Hypothetical situation.

a. Deficit for this year is $100 billion (instead of $1.6 trillion)

b. We return to Clinton era Tax levels (increasing revenue to the govt by $100B.

So Please answer this.



Do what you failed to do the whole thread.




DJ Please ban him permanent... (Below threshold)
retired military:

DJ Please ban him permanently since he refuses to answer even simple questions

lol....... (Below threshold)


...and more "Rabbits!!1!!" ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

...and more "Rabbits!!1!!" from the "Woop"ed one, since he can't admit he lost the debate.

I never lose a debate with ... (Below threshold)

I never lose a debate with this crowd. It's shameful sometimes -- like shooting fish in a barrel.

Just look at how unhinged RM is. All he can do is get down on his knees and beg that those he disagrees with be sent away so he can stop being embarrassed.

I thought it was funny that Retired Military wants everyone who woops his ass banned. Must be awful losing time after time like that... but then, I don't need to tell you that.

The real estate/financial b... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The real estate/financial bubble, continuing trade imbalance, mantra that deficits don't matter, crippling healthcare costs, expensive wars against terrorism,etc.etc all took a long time in the making, and will take a even longer time, perhaps decades to clean up, regardless of who, or which party is is in office.

Jay talks dismissingly of the whole Libya misadventure, about one month in. Isn´t it a bit to early to write that off with not one American casualty, or likely to be, while Iraq never ceased for Jay, being wholly a heroic adventure I suppose for some years on? What was the diference? I´ll give you one apart from the results. One was led by administration that got eveything wrong, and according to the Downing Street memos, it made a reckless decision, a priori, and shaped and pressurred the intelligence to suit its desire to go to war.

In this administration it is the polar opposite, careful decisions are arrived led by someone who wants to get all the facts, before making a decision, that usually takes a little more time, but it has a better chance of being correct.

"In this administration it ... (Below threshold)

"In this administration it is the polar opposite, careful decisions are arrived at...."

Well Steve you started out okay, then took a nose dive, culminating with that absolute jewel above.

Iraq and Afghanistan are a done deal. We are there.

Now we're in Libya, because SOMEONE "volunteered" US forces. WHO was that Steve? And WHY are we there Steve? Don't give me the "humanitarian" bullshit. Even you can't buy that. If you can, why not the Ivory Coast? Why not Darfur? Why no Zimbabwe? Somalia?

Maybe Barry should give another rousing speech about WHY before he runs off to the golf course or Rio.

Woop you are truly truly de... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Woop you are truly truly demented. You enlighten a conversation just by shutting up and brighten up a room just by leaving it.

So tell us Steve.I... (Below threshold)
retired military:

So tell us Steve.

Is it the administration's position on Libya that Gaddafi has to go or stay?

Or are we still in the "let's flip a coin to see what we want to say" stage?

BTW Steve, I dont agree with a lot of what you say but compared Hyper, woop and gnossus you are brilliant (of course that isnt saying much).

Garandfan, he did both he g... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Garandfan, he did both he gave a rousing speech in Rio.

Libya, I think will turn out okay, Gdaffy even if doesn't go is boxed in like Saddam was. I thought Obama took some of the ideas from the deficit commisison, what is wrong with another?
I will give the tea party credit for moving the spectrum as wild willie I believe, said to taking the debt seriously as if paying 14%of the national budget on the debt´s interest wasn't serious enough.

As to this general and chronic criticism of how little Obama has accomplished in his life? I find it kind of silly and presumptous?

How does anyone prepare to be President? At least Obama is knowledgeable about the world, and his concilitary approach, which Jay takes exception to, I find suitable, consdering all the demands and conflicting agencies presures etc that are involved in the White House and on the Hill if anything is to get passed.

And surely after all the Wall Street CEOs failed abysmally to have any idea what was going on in the markets, those type of gold standard CV's are highly over rated. Obama as he said, managed a great campaign, no easy effort, look at Edwards who couldn´t keep his pants on. and Hillary´campaign stategy was disastrous she spent all her money in the first month and refused to take Obama seriously-so much for experience- and Jay's first choice, actor Fred Thompson was lacklustre and showed little interest.

If the campaigns are crucibles or tests of the abilities of a future president, as they are meant to be, who can deny that Obama passed.

Woop, you lose the argument... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Woop, you lose the argument in EVERY thread, even if you don't post in it.

Your dementia just does not allow you to recognize it.

And to top that, you decide to do a personal attack on RM.
I agree with RM, you should be banned.

"If the campaigns are cruci... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"If the campaigns are crucibles or tests of the abilities of a future president, as they are meant to be"


Who the hell ever said that? Must have been Obama because I never heard it before.

Oh wait, you are paraphrasing Biden


"Ladies and gentlemen, no one knows better than I do that presidential campaigns are crucibles in which you're tested and challenged every single day"

-10 cool points there buddy.

"How does anyone prepare to be President?"

Try being a state governor first? Hell a city mayor has more experience than Obama did. Or have a job in the private industry meeting a payroll. Something to give someone an idea of how things are done and the impact of things like taxes on working people.

" and his concilitary approach"

Oh you mean bowing to everyone and their brother, piss off allies and making your enemies happy. And what did that get us? Oh wait we are in another war (or whatever Obama is calling it nowadays).

" I find it kind of silly and presumptous"

Meanwhile those of us suffering through 2 years of recession, and 9+% unemployment and trillion dollar yearly deficits arent finding it silly at all.

And again Steve

Does Gaddafi have to stay or go this week? (day? hour?)

Sky CPT I dont worry about the insults. It is the mindnumbing stupidty of Woops posts.

RM,Agreed on the m... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


Agreed on the mind-numbing stupidity.

retired miltiary... I must ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

retired miltiary... I must be the first person to have plagarized Biden, the blowhard with, or as the case is, without knowing it.
I accept some of the criticism of Obama, he should have been tougher on the Dems with a better leaner more effective stimulus package and left healthcare individual mandates on the cutting floor, I never said he or I was omniscent -far from it-
I think the west will gradually step up military and economic pressure and Gdaffy will be forced out in 3 to 6 months..look at www.juancole.com but as I said i don´t claim omniscence. What is your guess, retired military?

someone who wants to get... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

someone who wants to get all the facts, before making a decision

Steve, someone who waits to get all the facts before making a decision is called a "historian."

Steve You are flyi... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You are flying high over hyper, woop and Jim x.

Sorry that isnt much of a compliment but hey it has been a long day.

" I must be the first person to have plagarized Biden"

Probably not the first but hey it was only 10 cool points you lost.

Ref Gaddafi

IMO I see a few options.

a. He steps down and leaves the country.
b. He steps down and stays in the country (read son (most likely) or daughter taking over).
c. He leaves country with son or daughter in power
d. He leaves country with the rebels or someone else in power.
e. He gets killed.

I believe A or B is most likely. C or E as next most likely and D as a miniscule chance.

The thrust of my question (as you know) was to point out the Obama administration's ever changing stance. At least Bush was consistent in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

And thank you. Where as we dont normally agree on opinions or the wisdom of many actions, however, at least you offer decent conversation, unlike Woop, Hyper and several others.

I never lose a deb... (Below threshold)
Brett :
I never lose a debate with this crowd. It's shameful sometimes -- like shooting fish in a barrel.

Never lose a debate? Interesting. I would note that most village idiots think they are the smartest people in town.

I think an aphorism from the world of poker applies - "if you don't know who the sucker is, it's probably you".

I second retired military's... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevarao:

I second retired military's encomium. You're the pick of the litter.

"I must be the first person to have plagarized Biden"

Biden can hardly complain, as he famously plagiarized Neil Kinnock!

I never lose a debate wi... (Below threshold)

I never lose a debate with this crowd.

True. But you never win one, either.

Because you don't debate.

The topic of this thread was Obama's utter incompetence as president. Your response: "Hey, what about Donald Trump? And what about those birthers!" You have militantly refused to actually address the topic, doing anything that springs to your feeble little mind to change it.

Sorry, dipshit, you do NOT set the terms of discussion here. And if you can't bring yourself to actually address the topics at hand, I am more than willing and able to show you to the door.


Ban hammer time for the who... (Below threshold)

Ban hammer time for the whoop. All he does is fling galoob to deflect.

"If the campaigns are cruci... (Below threshold)

"If the campaigns are crucibles or tests of the abilities of a future president, as they are meant to be, who can deny that Obama passed."

Passed? An orchestrated campaign, with pre-programmed speeches read off a teleprompter. On the rare occasion The One spoke 'off the cuff' it was; "ah....er....uh....ummmm.....er....ah...."

Right now Barry is performing as predicted. No decisions, just kick the can down the road. He was going to 'act' on Simpson-Bowles. He put it in a drawer. Now he's got a "new" group to look at the problem. What to bet how that's going to work out?

Question still remains. WHY are we in Libya, securing oil for the Brits and French. Other than "SOMEONE" volunteered US forces.


I'll give you a hint. The same gutless SOB who walked out of the room while washing he's hands of any further involvement.

"I never lose a debate with... (Below threshold)

"I never lose a debate with this crowd. It's shameful sometimes -- like shooting fish in a barrel."

Woop, like his Obamassiah is a legend.

In his own mind.

Funny how he's always calling others 'liar'. Anyone remember woop 'debating' anyone?

If woop goes who will be th... (Below threshold)

If woop goes who will be the court jester? Seriously I think it's actually a stand up comic we shouldn't take it too seriously.

On another subject, I see today that the anointed one has slipped a little closer to Bush as he's now issuing signing statements involving duly passed laws he chooses to ignore. Add it to the list of broken promises must be hell to be an Obama supporter these day.

JohnI dont know wh... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I dont know why you want to read stupidity like what Woop writes but I for one would rather not be exposed to it. We dont know if it contagious or not.

OK RM you're probably right... (Below threshold)

OK RM you're probably right.






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