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Not Over My Back Yard

One of the ritzier areas of Boston is Beacon Hill, where a lot of the hoi-polloi hoity-toity of the Brahmins live. They are pretty much what you'd expect from the blue-bloods of the bluest of the blue states -- arrogant, pompous, and with an almost-inconceivable sense of entitlement.

It's that sense that of entitlement that is prompting their latest complaint -- too many helicopters flying over their very expensive homes.

I can see some of their complaints. The choppers are annoying, and they apparently tend to violate FAA regulations for traveling over the city. I don't think that the traffic helicopters really need to break the rules.

More justifiable, the police birds. During routine patrols, they ought to follow the rules, much like cruisers should (even if they usually don't) ought to obey traffic laws unless they're actively responding to an emergency.

But the last category... air ambulances need to get their passengers to hospitals quickly. If that means flying a little lower, or over the wrong rich people's homes, then so be it.

And if that annoys the rich, then so be it.


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Those emmergency coptors wi... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Those emmergency coptors will be loathed until the rich guy needs one in a hurry -then the silence of the hypocrite will be heard round the world.

It's much like our isolationists bittchen about our military involvements - until their messiah wants to help his revolutionary friends in Lybia - then our military is once again appreciated.

People who defend ObamaCare... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

People who defend ObamaCare's "death panels" also defend the privacy and serenity in their gazebo against the noise intrusion of medivac helicopters, why am I not surprised?

hoi-polloi of the Brahmi... (Below threshold)

hoi-polloi of the Brahmins

hoi-polloi is an antonym of "Brahmin."

They are pretty much what you'd expect from the blue-bloods of the bluest of the blue states -- arrogant, pompous, and with an almost-inconceivable sense of entitlement.

I doubt you've ever met a Brahmin. Brahmins generally have an acute sense of civic duty and noblesse oblige. Think Cabot Lodge, Adams, Loring, Saltonstall, Weld, Sears, Shattuck, etc.

They are not greedy grasping entitled types.

You obviously know nothing of that world.

Dammit, Chico's right. I me... (Below threshold)

Dammit, Chico's right. I meant "hoity-toity," who usually have disdain for the hoi-polloi. Lemme go fix that...

And I think it's worth noting that the most prominent resident of Beacon Hill is Senator John Forbes Kerry... need I say more?


Although the need to correc... (Below threshold)

Although the need to correct the word, leave it to Chico to not even address the subject manner.

Don't forget that these people will find it okay to use a helicopter taxi service if need be. Also, if one of their loved ones are lost they would want all the helicopters they could muster to go over their neighborhood to search. ww

Or stated another way - peo... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Or stated another way - people who denied ObamaCare included "death panels" are also trying to deny "the little people" in need of critical emergency health care the shortest route to a hospital.

people who denied ObamaC... (Below threshold)
jim m:

people who denied ObamaCare included "death panels" are also trying to deny "the little people" in need of critical emergency health care the shortest route to a hospital.

And Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in all of New England, is right next door to Beacon Hill. One does wonder how many medical flights are the ones drawing the ire of the privileged few.

"They are not greedy graspi... (Below threshold)

"They are not greedy grasping entitled types."

Like John Kerry who has yet to pay the $75K tax on his yacht? The Kennedy's having dear old mom declared a resident of a state with no inheritance tax - rather than the heavy tax state she actually lived and died in? Or getting a pass from the local police when killing or maiming someone in a traffic accident?

Those kind of people?

Except for having volunteer... (Below threshold)

Except for having volunteered for the Navy and Vietnam, and his later work as a DA, Kerry is not a good example of a Brahmin. In any event, he's a half-breed, not full Brahmin.

The Kennedys were the anti-Brahmins, look it up.

I am so glad that I am one ... (Below threshold)

I am so glad that I am one that these folks looks down at with disdain. I have my million dollar views, lovely remote location, all for less than most of those folks spend on a car. I could not imagine life filled with such blather.

As for flyovers-we are blessed weekly with Holloman Air Force training flights etc. Reminds me of how important it is to have a military and how grateful I am to the armed forces and what they and their families sacrifice for the rest of us.

FYI:To be a Boston... (Below threshold)


To be a Boston Brahmin, you have to be descended from a Mayflower or other 17th century family and your family has to have a record of accomplishment. You might squeak through with an 18th century lineage, but only if your family has distinguished itself.

Even being a member of the Sons of the American Revolution is not enough. The Society of Colonial Wars is more like it.

You would have ancestors who fought in King Philip's War, the French and Indian, the Revolution, War of 1812 and of course the Civil War, where Brahmins led and supported both the abolitionist movement and the New England regiments of the Union Army.

Ideally, your family would have successes in politics, business, military leadership and letters, like the Adamses.

Those are Brahmins, not greedy grasping yuppies.

Chico,Kerry's a re... (Below threshold)


Kerry's a real warrior to you I guess ... he certainly did volunteer for Vietnam and then promptly used the "3 purple hearts and your out" loophole to get out of Vietnam ... he may have been the only person in the 'Nam to ever have used that obscure rule to leave a combat zone.

He carries those scars to this day ... I guess being in Cambodia over Christmas helps him get over those horrific injuries he suffered ...

lets see ... #1 was a rice grain sized bit of metal in his forearm from his own M79 grenade fired at non-existent VC ...

#2 was some shrapnel in his ass from his own grenade used to destroy some VC rice stores ...

and #3 was a severe bruise incurred when he fell down when he ordered his boat to speed away from an ambush site where the other boats in his unit where coming to the aid of a disabled boat ...

oh and he got another medal for picking up the guy that fell off his boat when Kerry sped away ...

a regular Rambo that Kerry was ...

Chico ...Since you... (Below threshold)

Chico ...

Since you appear to well versed in the Brahmins, who are todays real Brahmins ? name one ... with successes in politics, business, military leadership and letters ?

JT,One of the few ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


One of the few downsides to our home on Dairy Hill is that the crest of the hill is the turn point for final approach to San Jose International. We knew that before we bought, and see no real reason to complain about it or the helicopter traffic.

Those who would complain about such things should eschew the services whose noise offends them.

To be a Boston Brahmin, ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

To be a Boston Brahmin, you have to be descended from a Mayflower or other 17th century family and your family has to have a record of accomplishment.

Well, I think we can safely say that EVERYBODY is descended from somebody in the 17th century. And the only accomplishment required was money. The key is that these people were wealthy, traveled in the same social circles and believed themselves superior in intellect and breeding to the masses.

The term Brahmin is a derogatory term poking fun at the pretentiousness that these people have in assuming that they know better how to do everything including run other people's lives.

Yes many were involved in serious and useful charity and real public service. Others were more interested in Securing their own prosperity and insulating themselves from the unwashed masses.

I think that wikipedia manages to capture the correct impression that he Brhmins create with their quoted rhyme:

"And this is good old Boston,
The home of the bean and the cod,
Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots,
And the Cabots talk only to God."

It's so utterly telling tha... (Below threshold)

It's so utterly telling that Chico is utterly hung up on a throwaway term I used to express the elitist attitude (so well exemplified by John FORBES Kerry), and refuses to address the actual substance here.

He apparently doesn't disagree with the notion that these are uberrich, ubersnobby assholes -- just that I call them by the proper specific genus and species of asshole.

As he's far more of an expert on assholes than I am, I will cheerfully defer to him on this one.


So, after we kill all the l... (Below threshold)

So, after we kill all the lawyers, can the Brahmins be next?

horse thieves, pickpockets,... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

horse thieves, pickpockets, and whores of England --> blue bloods of New England

Amazing what one voyage can accomplish.

The helicopter pictured in ... (Below threshold)

The helicopter pictured in the linked article is an EC145. If that's the same helicopter they're bitching about they ought to be thankful. The EC145 is pretty darned quiet compared to a lot of others. I work in the industry---we used to have a Bell 222 (think Airwolf) and recently changed to the EC145. The noise print between the two is like night and day.

These people will always have that NIMBY attitude, until they need this service for one of their loved ones---it's amazing how that attitude changes when they're in that proverbial foxhole. I've seen it many times....

Ahh let them die. Saves tim... (Below threshold)

Ahh let them die. Saves time, money and a trip to a death panel. And best of all, doesn't annoy hard working gold diggers like Lurch.

I sent a link to this to a ... (Below threshold)

I sent a link to this to a friend on Beacon Hill, and she had this to say:

Sometimes there are medflights buzzing low over the rooftops, but that isn't what people here are really annoyed about. The real problems are the TV and police helicopters which hover all day over the Common or the Esplanade every time there's a demonstration, rally, or other event. One of the TV helicopters crash landed on the Common not too long ago. They are there all day and night on July 4th for the Pops concert, which spoils things both for the spectators and the residents.

Apropos of nothing but Chic... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Apropos of nothing but Chico's smirk-in-print reminded me of a story which speaks of one of my family's brush with fame, as it is known in Yankeedom:

An ancestor of mine was a well-known Philadelphia socialite, famed for example for having helped create the first U.S. Olympic team in 1896. She was invited to apply to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, which is about as socially elite as it gets.

Unfortunately, one of her (and therefore my) ancestors lived in South Scotland near to both the coast and the English border. He had a thriving business and a rebel's spirit, which may explain why he made his fortune as a horse trader ... selling horses stolen from His Majesty's stables. Despite America's rebellion against England a few years later, the DAR found this tidbit of geneaology grounds to deny membership to my ancestor.

These 'brahmins', almost to a man, are useless examples of human vanity and pride. They know everything about image and ritual, but few among them care for any human being outside their clique.

... Oh, and for the record,... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

... Oh, and for the record, Chico, the 'brahmins' had nothing to do with the abolitionist movement except to grab credit for it after the war. My family was all but wiped out in the Civil War, because as common but decent anabaptists, my family enlisted to wipe out Slavery, and paid the price for being part of the bloodiest war in U.S. history. Of more than a dozen Drummonds in Pennsylvania who enlisted in 1861, only two survived to come home. Both missing limbs from amputation.

The 'brahmins' you love so much? Many of them had their daddies buy their deferment in the Civil War, then they bought up land in the occupied South after the war. They became known as 'Carpetbaggers'.

The real problems are th... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The real problems are the TV and police helicopters which hover all day over the Common or the Esplanade every time there's a demonstration, rally, or other event.

So Red demonstrations inconvenience snotty whoresons in Boston?

Win win! Thanks for making my day.

And as for these people and... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

And as for these people and their "very expensive homes," since they're obviously wealthy, and doubtless liberal (being in Boston) they should be taxed until they bleed from every orifice and have to live in the projects "with the people." It's what's fair! /liberal

Rejoice, they'll soon be re... (Below threshold)

Rejoice, they'll soon be replaced by UAV's, relatively silent buggers with HDTV, IR, sound and SAR imaging. Then they'll wish they could hear the buggers coming.

How pathetic that: ... (Below threshold)

How pathetic that:
1. An individual claim to fame results from a shipping manifest, over 200 years ago.
2. People here in the USA actually defer to them because of their ancestors.

I guess I really don't understand the society you all live in back east, but we generally judge people here on THEIR accomplishments, not daddy or momma. An asshole is an asshole.

DJ, you should look at the ... (Below threshold)

DJ, you should look at the DAR again, they have changed since the Marian Anderson days and now do worthy volunteer work at naturalization ceremonies to make them better for new immigrants.

So Chico == Thurston Howell... (Below threshold)

So Chico == Thurston Howell the Third? Or just someone that gladly would ride his jock?

hey remember how the death ... (Below threshold)
hot dog vendor:

hey remember how the death panels was a real thing that wasn't just sensationalism






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