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Go, Donald!

For the past few weeks, I've been quietly ignoring Donald Trump and his teasing of a presidential bid, hoping he'd just go away. He's been an embarrassment in many ways, his pushing of the "birther" BS is merely the biggest. His own history -- financial and political -- show just how unfit he is for the office. He's been a significant supporter of Democrats, and he's probably the only guy who could lose money running a casino.

But now I'm starting to reconsider.

No, I still think he would be a ruinous president. But I find myself hoping he'll stick around a bit longer, keep shooting his mouth off, continue being a pain-in-the-ass publicity whore he's so fantastic at being.

Because I'm thinking strategically here.

Right now, we have zero declared Republican candidates. That's not really a problem -- the first primary (that would be ours, here in New Hampshire) isn't until January, so there's still plenty of time for legitimate candidates to get into the race. But politics and media abhor a vacuum, and the absence of an official rival to Obama has the media running around potential candidates, treating them as if they've officially declared.

But now, with Trump, they have someone they can pay attention to. And Trump is reveling in it.

So he's out there, he's firing off in all directions, saying whatever pops into his mind, and not giving a damn about the consequences. He's gone full-force into the "birther" issue, giving those nutjobs someone to rally behind -- and leaving the rest of us alone for a change instead of evangelizing us to join their quixotic crusade. And it's kind of fun to watch Obama and his lickspittles have to actually take them on for a change, instead of just using the birthers to smear all Obama critics.

Economically, Trump just might be the best qualified to run things. As a nation, we're seriously in hock and quite possibly on the verge of bankruptcy. And while that's scary to most of us, to Trump it's old hat -- I've lost track how many times he's taken one of his companies through bankruptcy. And our biggest creditor is China, so Obama's experience in screwing over his creditors could come in handy.

We, as a society, are becoming more and more of a "reality TV" world. And Trump's a master of that genre.

Right now, Trump is serving a very, very valuable role. He's a "lightning rod." (And if you look at his hair, that might not just be figurative, but literal.) He's drawing the fire of the left, and he's shooting back.

And he's scoring points.

Sooner or later, Trump will flame out. He will reach the point where the race isn't entertaining any more, where it will demand more of his time and attention than he's willing to take away from his other interests, where it will actually start costing him more money and more opportunities than he's willing to invest. At that point, he will call an end to his "campaign" -- and, if his past actions are any indicator, he'll go out with a bang -- possibly even an "kamikaze" move that inflicts one final blow on Obama.

So I say, why not? Why not let him have his fun? The only real harm he's causing is to those who need to be harmed politically, he's keeping the Birther nuts busy and not bothering the rest of us, and he's giving Obama and his lackeys fits.

So more power to him.


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Not surprised you got sucke... (Below threshold)

Not surprised you got sucked in by Trump, you're taken in by every other grifter playing the right-wing for suckers. Trump's disrupting the GOP, a one-man Operation Chaos operating for Obama's benefit and to keep his name in the news. The birther thing is the key indicator - it does not poll well among independents.

Look for a third party run a la Perot.

Economically, Trump just... (Below threshold)

Economically, Trump just might be the best qualified to run things. As a nation, we're seriously in hock and quite possibly on the verge of bankruptcy.

POSSIBLY? An accountant friend of mine 25 years back said if the country was her client she'd advise bankruptcy. And things haven't exactly gotten any better since....

The down side of Trump is t... (Below threshold)

The down side of Trump is that he makes "Republicans" look like kooks and crackpots, while Obama does his "I'm too cool to mess with this" attitude.

Trump is all show and I hope the novelty wares off after the last episode of "The Apprentice".

Ladies and gentlemen, I pre... (Below threshold)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Liberal Logic 101:

Me: "Trump's a fraud, a fake, a charlatan, and a huckster."

Chico: "You've been taken in by him!"

You can't make this stuff up, folks.


Trump has something valuabl... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Trump has something valuable. Chutzpa, balls, courage. He is willing to be ridiculed and challenged and keep talking anyway. It's a quality the GOP should embrace. For those who fear being labeled as kooks -- that's your whole problem. You allow your actions to be dictated by the labels of others. AKA cowardice. No one is kookier than a liberal Democrat. That's as kooky as it gets, folks.

" He's drawing the fire of ... (Below threshold)

" He's drawing the fire of the left, and he's shooting back.

And he's scoring points."

This is exactly why I'm enjoying Trump right now. He shoots back, for lack of a better phrase. I think I heard he even went on the View to argue with those moonbats. (Woop can verify that). Gotta love it.

"You can't make this stuff ... (Below threshold)

"You can't make this stuff up, folks."

Aw, come on. You CAN'T expect first-shift Chico to work well without a quart or two of coffee first... cut him some slack!

Chico's and idiot. That is ... (Below threshold)

Chico's and idiot. That is a given.

In regards to your post, I wrote that on another blog. The entertainment value of Trump running his mouth and Obama's first tier guys answering him is priceless. ww

Excellent point, Jeff (post... (Below threshold)

Excellent point, Jeff (post 5).

Chico may want to stay curr... (Below threshold)

Chico may want to stay current as Trump has also stated that he will NOT be running an independent campaign.

In the meantime it's great political theater as he keeps firing shots into the (P)residents waterline that keep him busy doing damage control. There is NO downside to this as anyone with two functioning synapses can see Trump has as much a chance to take the GOP nod as Chico, which is to say "Not a snowball's chance in hell."

Jay Tea"so Obama's... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

"so Obama's experience in screwing over his creditors could come in handy.


DId you mean Trumps experience.

Also perfect smack down of Chico.

Chico is showing liberal logic at his best.


Obama is inexperienced in foreign affairs, shows poor leadership, is spending money we dont have and isnt looking at the deficit realistically.

Chico and his pals respsone - RACIST.

In all fairness, Trump is n... (Below threshold)

In all fairness, Trump is not a "birther" in that he does not question Obama's citizenship or eligibility to be President. Trump is simply asking, "What's Obama hiding?"

That is not an illegitimate question. It's really a question that everyone-- especially independent voters and non-Communist Democrats (there must be a couple of those left)-- should be asking. And not just about the long form of Obama's birth certificate.

GIven the vituperate early ... (Below threshold)

GIven the vituperate early attacks on candidate hopefuls, this strategy allows the "real" hopefuls to hunker down in the trenches while the eager beaver charges the enemy position. If Donald manages to wipe them out on his own, however, that leaves him the hero. This will be an interesting early part of the campaign.

Jay: "Liberal Logic"... (Below threshold)

Jay: "Liberal Logic"

Huh? Oh,it was a joke...right?

Back to Trump...HE'S a joke. But the media (and morons like Chico) are using him to brand any and every one who disagrees with Obama.

As I've said a million (or so) times:
Someone (Trump?) could come up with a video showing Obama being born in a hut in Kenya, with Satan acting as midwife while urinating fiery piss onto an American flag...and it would NOT matter!

With everything else wrong with Obama...and EVERYTHING is...why focus one second on the "birther" thing?

"Look for a third party ... (Below threshold)

"Look for a third party run a la Perot."

I'm with you on that, Chico. As long as there are right wing idiots who will stand by Trump it only increases his chances for a third party bid.

He'll secure a win for Obama. He'll pull enough birther-tea party moron votes away from Romney that it'll insure a limping Obama stays for 4 more years.

Thanks for the support, Jay. Check's in the mail....

Jay: Trump's a fraud, a ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay: Trump's a fraud, a fake, a charlatan, and a huckster.

Since when did any of those those qualties, (amongst others) disqualify a candidate from gaining the Republican nomination. No wonder Trump, is leading all other GOP candidates by about eight points in the latest public policy poll..Obama's birth certificate, being the key issue.

Go Donald, go! Most Dems thought a Palin nomination was their best hope, but 'the Donald' serves as well. What a party! Yes, you can't make this stuff up!

The longer it goes without ... (Below threshold)

The longer it goes without a "real" Republican candidate, the better. Gasoline at $5.00/gallon, (as Obama has always wished), inflation in the double digits, unemployment above the highest level ever under Bush's 8 years, 3 "un-winnable" quadmires of wars, Congress with single digit satisfaction levels, socialists (or worse) in every corner of government... will allow a Republican squirrel to garner the White House in 2012. Provided he/she was born in the USA!

" Trump's a fraud, a fake, ... (Below threshold)

" Trump's a fraud, a fake, a charlatan, and a huckster."

And this differs from Obama in what way?

I don't know if the GOP are... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I don't know if the GOP are that smart, their last candidate, McCain was born in Panama, off the base.

It is a lot of fun watching... (Below threshold)

It is a lot of fun watching the Donald toss grenades and the scramble to clean up after him. Perhaps he can continue to draw the cameras and attention for a bit until the field gets straightened out.

There is a danger of the GOP getting painted with the same brush as the cooky Donald, however, it could also work to the advantage of the GOP as the real candidates will seem reasonable and sane next to him.

Hmmmm, you say Trump's "giv... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm, you say Trump's "giving Obama and his lackeys fits," I say he's more like an agent aiding Obama's chances for reelection and getting the publicity and power he craves, to boot.

Trump might as well be on the payroll of Obama for America. If he's giving anyone fits, it's Karl Rove.

Riight, you're not a sucker.

Chico's and idiot.

Thanks for that, WW, made my day. Classic.

Couldn't disagree more. As... (Below threshold)

Couldn't disagree more. As long as Trump is seen as a possible candidate he will suck up all of the media attention. Serious candidates cannot gain traction with the public.

Trump's hint that he would run as an Independent reveals him for what he is; a grandstanding, media whore. Trying to be polite here. If he does that it guarantees another Obama term; and I would not be surprised in the least. He is all about Trump, and only Trump.

You can put Tru... (Below threshold)

You can put Trump in the Ron Paul category---comic relief. Any heartburn he causes Obama&co. is appreciated.

At day's end, there's but ONE who will emerge as a viable alternative, and I needn't even utter the name.

So spew and fulminate, leftards.

While "entertaining" - I th... (Below threshold)

While "entertaining" - I think the country would best be served with a serious discussion.

The first primary is in Jan 2012. 8 months away. Who is the RNC planning on running?

So far the 'serious' list appears to be mostly also-rans of the past.

Note how Chico and woop and... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Note how Chico and woop and the media are all over a Trump third party candidacy. The only reason Trump is getting any press on this is because they are desperate for anything that looks like it will split the vote in obama's favor. They know that they are behind the 8 ball on this one and are looking or any way possible to keep the vote within the margin of fraud.

It isn't the right that is begging for Trump to run. It's the left.

Donald Trump is as qualifie... (Below threshold)

Donald Trump is as qualified to be president as a community organizer, former govenor, former reprasentative, former Olympic organizer etc. He meets the citizenship and age requirements. He should run if he wants to.

To many voters Trump might be a viable option to political has beens and never were's that are the current republican establishment. They all have baggage that is potentially worse then Trumps. How many voters want to vote for a candidate that has already lost at least one primary battle?

At least Trump is an old white guy that is interesting and has not spent his in life the political arena. He has probably used taxpayer money through grants, tax relief etc, but at least he produced something with it. I understand the current mind set seems to be don't nominate someone that is unelectable. Obama was unelectable, Bush II was unelectable, Ronald Reagan (former b-list actor) was unelectable etc. None of them should have sullied the primaries, but they did. Bush I was electable, Bob Dole was electable, John McCain was electable (except for being from AZ). All top notch fully vetted establishment canidates and look how far they went.

What part of "Trump has sta... (Below threshold)

What part of "Trump has stated he ***WILL NOT RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE*** did you morons miss?

"What part of "Trump has... (Below threshold)

"What part of "Trump has stated he ***WILL NOT RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE*** did you morons miss?"

The part where he was telling the truth.

Trumps's ego will not let him stop. He has the money and he will run, one way or the other, thanks to folks like Jay egging him on.

that are the current rep... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

that are the current republican establishment. They all have baggage that is potentially worse then Trumps..At least Trump is an old white guy . that is right!

And while Trump’s personal life is not outrageous by today’s standards — he has been married three times and said in 2006, when he was 59, that his daughter, then 24, “does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her” — it probably does not meet the definition of traditional Republican family values, even if those values are sometimes breached more than observed.

I'm not sure why this guy i... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure why this guy is a joke, whereas Gingrich is considered to be a "serious" candidate.

Trump may be a failed businessman and real estate mogul (several times over), and a failed husband (several times over), but he's a successful marketer/branding guru and reality TV star. Gingrich, on the other hand, has only failed: at family life, at politics, at basic human decency.

It's fun watching this guy suck up attention that Romney and Pawlenty and those other cardboard retreads so desperately need. I'm inclined to agree with jim m: if this guy were a Democratic plant, he wouldn't be saying or doing anything differently than he is right now.

Yes Hyper Troll, and Barry ... (Below threshold)

Yes Hyper Troll, and Barry Soetoro is a failure at everything except rabble rousing and you don't even question why he is spending millions hiding his background. Good to see you expectations are so low.

So you've been cowed out of... (Below threshold)

So you've been cowed out of the birth certificate question too, eh??!! A listing of the information Hussein has REFUSED to reveal about his life-from school to medical-is stunning. But what the heck, right! Wouldn't want to annoy the NY Times would we.

Haha, birthers! You're e... (Below threshold)

Haha, birthers! You're exactly like 9/11 Truthers: dumbest m-f'ers on the planet.

Seriously: when Jan Brewer ... (Below threshold)

Seriously: when Jan Brewer distances herself from your views for being too stupid and reactionary, you've lost the plot.

The issue will never go awa... (Below threshold)

The issue will never go away because it was never dealt with. Obama does not get an affirmative action free pass because he's bi-racial and all Red.

Hussein is destroying the Country and I will support anyone that fights against this dirt-bag.

What "issue"? Is Hawaii's s... (Below threshold)

What "issue"? Is Hawaii's status as a state somehow contentious to you? Or are you just a pack of obtuse fuck-wits who will grasp at any straw in the hopes of unravelling a presidency?

Everyone in the world is laughing at you because you are stupid and utterly without shame. Please, never stop.

Oh Goody,Hypergirl... (Below threshold)

Oh Goody,

Hypergirlie is back with more of that 'civil' discourse from the left. OK, if thats what you want.

It really is too bad, hyper, that your parents did not take advantage of Planned Parenthood and abort you before you were born. Wizbang, Canada, and the world would be a better place today if that had happened.

Excellent post, Jay. I agree whole-heartedly. Go Donald! You know he won't seriously run, as once he announces as a candidate he's got to give up his TV show. Until then, this is all free advertising for him. Bonus for us as it drives the left mad. When you get chico, woop, and hyper all hurling feces like monkeys at the zoo, you know you've done well.

Hyper says "Everyone in the... (Below threshold)

Hyper says "Everyone in the world is laughing at you". See how knowledgable this snooty candian liberal is. He knows what Everyone is thinking. Wow! So powerful.

Also Hyper, I am sure you loved John Edwards even though he was using his wife and her cancer for political gain while he was banging and birthing another tort lawyer and paying for it with campaign contributions.

Gingrich is a very asute, smart man who knows politics and has mastered it. While you, well, you, have done nothing. ww

Mind your own worthless Can... (Below threshold)

Mind your own worthless Canadian business Hyper you piece of whore dung.

Personal attack on aisle 39... (Below threshold)

Personal attack on aisle 39. Waa waa waa - ban 914 puuhleeeze!

just kidding - most of us are adults here and can take a poke or two. Those that aren't should leave.


"Seriously: when Jan Bre... (Below threshold)

"Seriously: when Jan Brewer distances herself from your views for being too stupid and reactionary, you've lost the plot."


At day's end, ther... (Below threshold)
James H:
At day's end, there's but ONE who will emerge as a viable alternative, and I needn't even utter the name.

Connor McLeod?

The libs are scared of Trum... (Below threshold)
Sarah the Impaler:

The libs are scared of Trump almost as much as Sarah Palin? Now why do you suppose that is?

Their grasp on Unicorntopia is threatened perhaps?

Crap. Are we going to have... (Below threshold)

Crap. Are we going to have to get rid of heads AGAIN?

Hyper-"Or a... (Below threshold)


"Or are you just a pack of obtuse fuck-wits who will grasp at any straw in the hopes of unravelling a presidency?"

No personal attack there.

just kidding - most of u... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

just kidding - most of us are adults here and can take a poke or two. Those that aren't should leave.

Woop one of the juveniles, as indicated by his debating technique - or lack thereof.

And yes, he should take his own advice and leave.

Now, on topic:

I agree, The Donald is making the leftists look bad - particularly in the Obama is hiding is background. So much for transparency.

I do believe Obama is hiding something. Something embarrassing that would (in his opinion) jeopardize his "godhood".

I also have heard the many liberals (Woop and hyper included) are now installing clear vinyl panels in their navels - so they can see where they are going with their head up their ass.

Crap. Are we going... (Below threshold)
James H:
Crap. Are we going to have to get rid of heads AGAIN?
I think so.
Civility, like taxes and mo... (Below threshold)

Civility, like taxes and morals, are for the little people. Enlightened beings like the 6th level laser lotus Hyperbolist are above such things.

He's gone full-force int... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

He's gone full-force into the "birther" issue, giving those nutjobs someone to rally behind -- and leaving the rest of us alone for a change instead of evangelizing us to join their quixotic crusade.

Jay, 51% of republicans believe Obama was not born in the U.S. That means you think the majority of republicans are nut jobs.

and 914 is just batshit cra... (Below threshold)

and 914 is just batshit crazy. Luckily his comments are so short they are easy to miss or ignore

My guess is that Donald wil... (Below threshold)

My guess is that Donald will win or lose by a hair....lol.

Tina S - I'm going to go ou... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Tina S - I'm going to go out on a limb and call BS on that poll (not on you, just the poll), because most folks on the right truly don't give a hoot about this birth certificate nonsense. It's a distraction.

The ones who do care...well, they're just more vocal.

#50Since you ignor... (Below threshold)


Since you ignored my short post SCSIwuzzy I will ask you how you make a comment like that?

According to the PPP poll, ... (Below threshold)

According to the PPP poll, they surveyed 400 Republican Primary voters. It appears that 2% of those identified themselves as democrats.

They then break down the results by Base, Repub, Dem and other. The only real reference to Base is "overall base" so I'm not sure what that means.

The breakdown to the question: Was Obama born in the US was:

Base: 28% Yes 51% No Not sure 21%
Repub 27% Yes 53% No Not sure 20%
Demo 42% Yes 42% No Not sure 16%
Other 26% Yes 39% No Not sure 35%

So based on polling 400 repub primary voters nationwide, The President of PPP actually states that: "That [birther] view is still widely held in republican circles."

Also note that this was done by phone.

The problem with a suicide ... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

The problem with a suicide bomber is that it's hard to figure out how far away from him to stand to make sure you don't get blown up with him.

I was against Obama as he w... (Below threshold)

I was against Obama as he was running and am even more so now. Has nothing to do with where, when or how he was birthed.

Kenny, you woman-hating deg... (Below threshold)

Kenny, you woman-hating degenerate: does it seem like anybody on “the left” is upset with Trump? Seems to me that Eric Cantor is a lot more upset about him running his mouth than “the left” are.

Willie: John Edwards is a douche, but had the decency to slink away. Gingrich is a horrible person who divorced a woman who was hospitalized with cancer. He's a sociopath. But that won't stop the Family Values crowd from voting for him if they're told to do so, because they value obedience to masculine authority figures more than actual family values.

914: I don't mind if a bunch of people on here think I'm an asshole. As for you, even people who you agree with think you are both 1) stupid, and 2) an asshole. 9/11 Trutherism was never mainstream, whereas morons like you have refused to let the Birther issue die, and as such more reasonable conservatives are associated with this stupid conspiracy theory because racist imbeciles to this day refuse to accept that a black guy is in charge of the United States. Bunch of shallow-minded petulant children.

For those not bright enough to get it: did it ever occur to you that Obama and his handlers have refused to answer your questions about his citizenship because a) you are the sort of people who ought to be ignored, and b) your advocacy has helped to create a distraction from his failure to create jobs?

#54,Proposed movie... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


Proposed movie title for Obama's (p)residency - "There's Something About Barry..."

Of course, the PPP poll is questionable in itself when they claim they surveyed 400 Republican Primary voters, and 2% claim they are Democrats. And what's with "other"?
(And that's not Winning the Future, folks.)

I wonder if PPP managed to ask the same question to Demcrat primary voters?
If not, why not?

Hank: phone methodology is ... (Below threshold)

Hank: phone methodology is superior to online, the difficulty of sampling cell phone-only households notwithstanding.

Methodological hang-ups aside, it is clear that a lot of people think that the President of the United States is not an American. It is also clear that the vast majority of these people vote Republican. Now, the question is: are they all unaware that the Sandwich Islands are now part of the United States, and are now called Hawaii?; are they racist, and somehow conflate having a foreign-born African father with being inherently foreign oneself?; or, are they just straight-up fools?

Hyper,You seem to ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


You seem to not understand that many of us remember Obama campaigning on having a transparent Prseidency.

Yet he refuses to releas ANY background data about himself.
Forget the birther stuff.
What were his grades at Occidental/Columbia/Harvard?
How did he get into Harvard?
What are his medical records? Has he had brain surgery?

Homer J. Obama is hiding something, and has spent a whole lot of money to make sure it stays hidden.

Hyper,Hyper, Hyper! How typ... (Below threshold)

Hyper,Hyper, Hyper! How typically hypocritical of you. John Edwards held a press conference when he was running with Elizebeth by his side stating he is standing by his wife's fighting cancer. Used her as a political pawn while he banged the first convenient girl he can find and then impregnate her. For this, you call him a douche.

Gingrich started divorce proceedings and his wife went into the hospital. No hoopla. No using her or vice versa, but he is HORRIBLE.

You are a pathetic, deluded man. ww

Gingrich visited his wife w... (Below threshold)

Gingrich visited his wife while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer to discuss the terms of their divorce, Willie. That much is true, whether or not Gingrich admits it.

Pick any other synonym for 'douche'--use your imagination!--and I will agree that it applies to Edwards. I have never defended the guy. On the other hand, here you are defending Newt Effing Gingrich: the disgraced former Speaker who was forced to admit to having an affair of his own while seeking to punish Clinton for doing the same thing. Gingrich is a wretched human being and so are his Christian sycophants who oppose gay marriage and gay adoption rights but will vote for a man who abandons a cancer victim because his genitals told him to. "Values voters": kinda funny, kinda scary, awfully confused.

hyper, is there any particu... (Below threshold)

hyper, is there any particular reason why you've got such a hair across your ass over Gingrich, when Trump is being discussed? I don't recall your name being listed as one of the folks who gets to choose topics, but I haven't checked the masthead lately...


Hypergirlie,You sh... (Below threshold)


You should ask your momma if I'm a woman hating degenerate. She likes the lovin' I lay on her. Of course, I don't abuse her like most of her johns do, as her pimp I dont wanna damage the merchandise. Now you'll have to get off her computer as her next john will be there in a couple of minutes.

Jay: Wow, you also got Tina to comment and James H stopped playing games long enough to comment. hypers in full insult mode, and chico and woop remain as clueless as ever.

Big win on this topic. Cangrats!!!

HyperPoint of orde... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Point of order

"the disgraced former Speaker who was forced to admit to having an affair of his own while seeking to punish Clinton for doing the same thing"

He went after Clinton for perjury. Gringich is not guilty of such.

" Gingrich is a wretched human being and so are his Christian sycophants who oppose gay marriage and gay adoption rights but will vote for a man who abandons a cancer victim because his genitals told him to"

The number of those voters you are talking about come to about zero. People will vote for Gringich for other reasons and a lot better ones than the only ones you wish to list.

I brought him up as a point... (Below threshold)

I brought him up as a point of comparison, Jay Tea, and then somebody defended him and that strikes me as wrong.

The point: sure, Trump is a buffoon and a failure. So is Gingrich, though, and more immoral to boot. Every four years his still-disgraced name inevitably simmers to the top of the slop-bucket as a potential GOP candidate for President; and the conservative/Beltway press fawns over him; and an exploratory committee is launched; and then when he realizes that many voters still have a problem with sociopathic serial adulterers, he temporarily slithers away into ignominy for a couple of years before re-hatching and starting the whole process over again.

It's political theatre to Trump; to Gingrich, it's serious stuff. Trump appears to "get it"; Gingrich is too stubborn/evil to understand.

James H -<blockquote... (Below threshold)

James H -

Crap. Are we going to have to get rid of heads AGAIN?
I think so.
Dammit! Just got the stains out of the carpet, too...

KennyYou are out o... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You are out of line insulting Hyper's mother. Yes Hyper has a foul mouth but I havent see him insult someone's mother. Your comments are tasteless and IMO not suitable for this board.
I detest Hyper and his stance on many issues. I personally wish he, Woop and few others would get banned. At the same time there is a modicum of behavior which should be observed even for folks whom we disagree with.

Gingrich resigned in disgra... (Below threshold)

Gingrich resigned in disgrace. So "disgraced former Speaker" is apt, and accurate, RM.

Kenny, I get it, you hate woman. Point made. Did you look into talk therapy? Not every girl is going to break your nose and steal your dad's K-car. Who knows, maybe there's a woman out there who doesn't mind chronic cheeseburger halitosis and enjoys having to explain the plot of every episode of Dukes O' Hazzard to their boyfriend.

HyperREf Gingrich<... (Below threshold)
retired military:


REf Gingrich

Yes he comes up as a potential candidate. When you consider the likes of McCain, Huckabee and Romneycare Gingrich is much more intelligent than the 3 of them. He also has political smarts. You insist on bringing up his personal failings but yet every time it is mentioned of Clinton I dont see you calling him an adulterer, blah blah blah. The thing with Clinton was not the adultery it was the perjury. If Clinton had admitted the adultery (only because it was part of an ongoing investigation) instead of the blatant lies under oath and splitting of the word IS than the whole mess IMO would have been avoided. Instead he chose to lie to cover his ass. And lie under oath. He made his bed, let him lie in it. When not committing adultery is in the constitution under prerequisites for President than lets talk about it. Until then let it go.

Kenny: I like it when the a... (Below threshold)

Kenny: I like it when the assholes make assholes of themselves. The more they stand up, the less I have to bend down to take them out.

Don't stand up so much, or you might get caught in the chainsaw too.


<blo... (Below threshold)
James H:
Crap. Are we going to have to get rid of heads AGAIN?
I think so.
Dammit! Just got the stains out of the carpet, too...

Gives new meaning to "getting ahead in the race," doesn't it?

James H stopped p... (Below threshold)
James H:
James H stopped playing games long enough to comment

Training simulations, Kenny.

For the zombie apocalypse.

Or the vampire apocalypse.

Or the bunny apocalypse.

Or the zombie vampire bunny apocalpyse.

Good one, James!... (Below threshold)

Good one, James!

Bunnies aren't just cute... (Below threshold)

Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes.
They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.
And what's with all the carrots?
What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?
Bunnies! bunnies!
It must be bunnies!!!

...Or maybe midgets?


(hero and villain wrestl... (Below threshold)
DJ movieafficionado:

(hero and villain wrestling on top of moving subway car)

Howard Payne: "I'm smarter than you. I'll always be smarter than you."

WHAAAANG!!! [ low obstacle knocks Howard's head off his body ]

Jack Traven: "Yeah? Well, I'm TALLER."

Yes, he's more intelligent,... (Below threshold)

Yes, he's more intelligent, but as is the case with many intelligent people with high opinions of themselves (i.e. Edwards, or both Harper and Ignatieff in Canada), Gingrich doesn't seem to think that his actions in the past can/should have consequences on his present/future. Seems to resent the idea, actually.

Look, I don't care at all about Clinton's adultery. Doesn't offend me on any level. The lying? Sure. But Clinton never campaigned on "restoring honor" to the White House. His strength is communicating policy initiatives to the hoi polloi in digestible sound bites.

Gingrich, on the other hand, did present himself as morally superior to Clinton--which we now know to be false--and does rely on the support of social conservatives to remain relevant, despite being a serial adulterer.

I'm something of a libertine, a big fan of Dan Savage, and Gingrich's personal behaviour even offends me a little bit! How many puppies does this guy have to strangle on live television to get Ralph Reed to abandon ship once and for all?

Another nugget of gold for the Trump campaign:


Put him on the ticket! Nugent for Secretary of State! Schwarzenegger for Secretary of Defense!

#76Speed?</... (Below threshold)



Bill Clinton´s campaign in ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Bill Clinton´s campaign in 1992 was the usual blather about "a new covenant"" restoring public trust, assuming reponsibility". but just yet by me, hey I want to enjoy the perks or girls of the office first?

...Or maybe midget... (Below threshold)
James H:
...Or maybe midgets?

The midget zombie vampire bunny mime apocalypse.

Wow Hyper goes on and on ab... (Below threshold)

Wow Hyper goes on and on about Gingrich but just sorta glances over Clinton and the the worst of the entire lot Edwards. Gee Hyper you partisanship is showing.

"He's been an embarrassment... (Below threshold)
Lew eliou:

"He's been an embarrassment in many ways, his pushing of the "birther" BS is merely the biggest"

I think that the biggest mistake the conservatives make is to let the opposition frame the events. That is where one gets quotes from Tina Fey passed off as quotes from Sarah Palin, the derogatory term "teabaggers" slapped on a legitimate movement, and the term "birthers" aimed toward individuals wondering what the hell is this man hiding.....and hiding something, ( or things), he is. The proof is the hiding itself.

#62. Pick any other syn... (Below threshold)

#62. Pick any other synonym for 'douche'--use your imagination!

Ok, how bout...

Lee Ward
Barry Soetoro
Eric Holder
Chuck Schumer
Anthony "Tiny" Wiener
Dick Durban
Harry Reid
Henry Waxman
Debbie Hyphenated Schultz-Wasserman
Nazi Pelosi
Babs Boxer
Sheila Jackson Lee
Maxine Waters
Chris Dodd
Bwaney Fwank
Keith Ellison

That's just to start.

Hyper"How many pup... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"How many puppies does this guy have to strangle on live television to get Ralph Reed to abandon ship once and for all?"

About 2 more than Clinton does apparantly. Clinton's morals were most (if half of everything is to be believed) were much worse than Gingrich. At least Gingrich wasnt accused of rape.

And again. How is a person's fidelity qualifications for the white house. It has been proven repeatedly that fidelity has nothing to do with a person's ability to function as president.

In addition, Hyper, you are the big liberitarian. Going by previous discussions, nothing Gingrich does that is not illegal (and half the things that are) should bother you in the least. If you are willing to overlook someone cutting off their own limbs than cheating on one's wife shouldnt even come close to pegging your offense meter.

"Accused of rape"?... (Below threshold)

"Accused of rape"?

retired_military, I hereby accuse you of genocide!

See how easy that is? You have a legal system for a reason.

I don't think marital fidelity ought to be qualification for anything, but then I'm not a social conservative who purports to have some sort of moral high ground. So, I don't care if someone gets caught in Tijuana with a bag of coke and seven hookers (provided they're all of legal age)--what I do care about, though, is someone like Gingrich presenting himself as an upstanding "defender of marriage", when he has personally inflicted enormous violence upon the institution of marriage. I am bothered by Gingrich, rm, because by Gingrich's own standards, Gingrich should have been relegated to a nasty footnote in a history textbook by now. And yet there he is, on your TV, explaining to people how they ought to live their lives.

I can't remember exactly what it was I said that has you hung up on the idea of people severing their own limbs; if I said, though, that people should be able to harm themselves with a sharp object--keeping in mind that people who would do this are insane, and would (hopefully) be locked up or otherwise prevented from doing so--I don't have a real problem with it. If morbidly obese people are allowed to buy minivans full of processed shit from Wal-Mart, why not let some idiot take a hacksaw to himself? Why do you even care?

HyperGo ahead and ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Go ahead and accuse me in the court of law and we can dance. You are the one who supports killing 30 million unborn children. (please no "what are unborn children" blather as we have had that dance numerous times in the past and we dont want to go off topic now do we.

ref the limb chopping business. Hey you were the one who said you were for it. I just use it as an example of your frame of mind.

You have problems with Gingrich for his actions. I have problems with Obama because of his. Does Gringrich's both me as much as Obama's does? No. Is the reverse true for you? I gather from what you say it is.

Tina S.The PPP pol... (Below threshold)

Tina S.

The PPP pole was only in one state so it by definition cannot be reflective of the Entire Nation. Second PPP only sampled 400 people in the poll and said their margin of error was 4.9% that would be below 50%.

THis is also the poll that ask if interracial marriage should be legal and found a Marjory there. This was an attack poll and everyone knows it.


Why has president BHO hidden his birth certificate?
The first question is what constitutes NAtural Born?
If it a person who drives citizenship by birth then he a one because his mother is was An American Citizen.
IF it is that that he needs both parents to be be American Citizens then he is not because his father was not an American Citizen,
If an American Citizen is not Natural Born if born outside the USA then all American who parents are born on American Basis outside the USA not on an American Base are not eligible.

So what is the president hiding?
Is it the religion of his mother? He said she was Christian but all here friend said she was an atheist Is it his father is it his religion?
A certificate of live birth is given after a request is made. Once that request is made their not a verification of facts of the birth. There is also based on ti request press release made Was BHO born in the USA? most likely yes. IS here documented prof. Yes. Has he released that document no. The question is why?
Call people what ever you like but why in the absence of documented proof that is easy to provide are people cooks. If he showed his birth certificate and people claimed it was fraud you might have something.

He refused to release all other information about himself? Why?
The Guy is not just an Empty Suite but also an Opaque one.

Trump is Trump is he an egotist sure but who is not who wants be the leader of the free world. Is he a conservative republican? Nope he about as liberal as Bloomberg, Arnold and McCain.

I say let the free flow of ideas reign, but i would never vote for Trump because i disagree with most of his politics

hcddbzYou forgot t... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You forgot that his published social security number starts with 042 which is for people born in Conneticut.

Hyper has a very unhealthy ... (Below threshold)

Hyper has a very unhealthy obsession with Gingrich. He glosses over the many lies Clinton told about his harrassing, raping and consumating his paramoirs but still Hyper holds him in high esteem. Any junion psychologist would see his issues with Gingrich is unhealthy but hey, we already knew he was nuts. ww

Hyper is more concerned wit... (Below threshold)

Hyper is more concerned with the ends than by the means. Folks like that will ignore or support an awful amount of awful stuff if the think it will lead them to their desired state.

Life-time "Democratic" nati... (Below threshold)

Life-time "Democratic" national socialist mobbed-up workers' and other RICO-racketeering gangsters' potty supporter/beneficiary, Mr Trump, is to capitalism what Patrick J Buchanan and Ross Perot were to the re-election campaign of the RINO, George Herbert Walker Bush!

jay your a idiot why should... (Below threshold)
Kenneth :

jay your a idiot why shouldent a person running for president have to show his birth certificate, i had to have my birth certificate on file when i went to work for a company, i think the american people should know something about the person thats going to lead the country, whats in the birth certificate he's afraid to show? for you to say it's b/s shows what a idiot you are.

You persist on framing the ... (Below threshold)

You persist on framing the abortion issue in a totally disingenuous fashion. I'm not happy that there have been 30 million abortions (give or take); I am happy, though, that our societies are civilized enough to not extend legal jurisdiction to the inside of a woman's reproductive system. That would be patriarchal and creepy. Ideally there would be zero abortions, but then ideally everyone would understand and have access to contemporary birth control technologies.

Willie: whom did Clinton rape? Was it Vince Foster's corpse? You're a sack of LOLz.

Anyway, for all you birthers (Kenneth, hcddbz, Brian Allen, and possibly r_m?), even Bachmann acknowledges that it's a stupid subject to get hung up on:


You're embarrassing yourselves. But please, never stop.

"Anyway, for all you birthe... (Below threshold)

"Anyway, for all you birthers (Kenneth, hcddbz, Brian Allen, and possibly r_m?), even Bachmann acknowledges that it's a stupid subject to get hung up on:"

I'm not hung up on it. Its just one more salvo in the barrage pointed at Hussein.

HyperYou are the o... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You are the one who wants to say someone is guilty of genocide. 30 million is a number that is pretty close to genocide isnt it.

HyperJust because ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Just because Bachman states she belives in something doesnt mean one way or another I do. Unlike Obama and his followers I dont look to others for my ideas.

As for the birther debate. For some it is a realistic issue. For others like myself I dont see it as a battle that we can win. I think there is plenty of evidence to show that Obama was born in Hawaii. I also know that if the same facts were involving Bush then you (hyper) and others would be howling about conspiracy theories etc.

I merely brought up something I saw regarding the matter Hyper. Now Hyper I ask you a reasonable question. Please provide a reasonable answer.

If a person's SSN starts with 042 during the time time that Obama was issued his that person was born in CT. Please explain why someone who was born in Hawaii has a SSN which should have been issued to someone in CT?

Hyper,To me it sim... (Below threshold)


To me it simple produce the Documentation. In order to join the US Military I had to produce my Birth Certificate and Certificate of Naturalization. Having someone produce a documentation is not too much to ask.

The NYT rain an article on the Legitimacy of John McCain because of the location of his birth.
If JM can be be question then so can Obama.

Politico wrote a piece saying Trump was not Natural Born because his mother was Scottish? They said she became a Citizen later of course this thought would make BHO ineligible.

I do not question his birth a question why he has refused to release documentation? Just like the Press attack Trump for not releasing the right documents at first and when he released the full form they had to eat their words.

BHO got his friend to release the sealed divorce papers of a rival. So all his papers should be released.

Show me the Docs.
Or Hyper are you just a racist? Black do not need documents but But white people like McCain and Trump do?

so where do our liberals st... (Below threshold)

so where do our liberals stand on Turther's Trig Birther's etc. It's not like you guys don't have your own baggage. Just yesterday we had a couple of tastless ass hole funny men liberals go after Trig Palin, how's about we associate all you with that ok?

I wish Trig Truthers would ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I wish Trig Truthers would go away. Their allegations are noncredible and their presence is annoying. Their fathers are hamsters and their mothers smell of elderberries.






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