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"I have decided to fight Islam"

What follows is compelling, courageous, bold and something sure to stir people up.  The speaker's name is Wafa Sultan.  And what she has to say in the video that follows ought to be heard by one and all.  It's not new though it's new to me and if new to me, there's a chance it might be new to some of you as well.

Watch. Listen. Learn.

Via Dennis Sevakis in email.


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Comments (17)

To hell with anyone who say... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

To hell with anyone who says there isn't evil in this world.

So many false gods to chose... (Below threshold)
Don L:

So many false gods to chose from -eniee, meanie, minie,moe.

Those who reject the true God, usually create their own.

Those who reject the tru... (Below threshold)

Those who reject the true God, usually create their own.

Things have been going downhill ever since we gave up on Zeus.

Baal, CHico, not Zeus, thou... (Below threshold)

Baal, CHico, not Zeus, though if you are trying to say you're Greek (or wish you were), maybe that explains some things.

Anyone seen NOW............... (Below threshold)

Anyone seen NOW................?

What a brave and wonderful ... (Below threshold)

What a brave and wonderful woman. She can come to the gun range anytime she wants with me. I'll even let her shoot my Ladysmith with the rosewood handles.

To think that drinking a cup of coffee alone at Starbucks is forbidden under punishment of death in Islam. What a worthless, evil belief system. I won't dignify it by calling it a religion. It's not.

What struck me was her high... (Below threshold)

What struck me was her highlighting the false identification of "moderate Islam", "radical-Islam", etc. etc. as the political correctness bull that it is.

People in the west want to believe that the Muslims they meet here in the U.S. are just like them. Some may well be. They may be just like those who call themselves Christian because to some, Christian just means "good", rather than followers of Christ.

One of the things that Ms. Sultan did not say in this clip is that the belief system encourages lying and deception. With a system like that, how can anyone believe what a follower may say? How can we believe any "moderate" position?

To extrapolate on Grace's p... (Below threshold)

To extrapolate on Grace's point: how can anyone believe anybody who purports to be doing "God's work"?

The Crusaders, Cortez the Killer, the Inquisitors, Osama bin Laden... What's up with all these monsters claiming to do "God's work"?

Here's a thought: marginalize everybody who sincerely believes they're on a mission from God. Superstitious weirdos!

Please Hyper, you want us t... (Below threshold)

Please Hyper, you want us to marginalize Jake and Elwood?!?
After they introduced Cab Calloway to generations of white kids?

Zut alors! Thanks SC... (Below threshold)

Zut alors! Thanks SCSI, forgot to point out the obvious exception.

While I realize that hyperb... (Below threshold)

While I realize that hyperbolist was just trolling, he does have a point:

You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

What is that, Clancy? A met... (Below threshold)

What is that, Clancy? A metaphorical justification for the extermination of Islam?

Good luck with that!

Or he's calling you a fruit... (Below threshold)

Or he's calling you a fruit and suggesting that you be used to throw another fagot on the fire.
Not the most outrageous thing I've heard

Oooooh, gay puns! I'... (Below threshold)

Oooooh, gay puns! I'm all for name-calling, but put some frickin' thought into it.

Really guys - Really? - tha... (Below threshold)

Really guys - Really? - that's all you have? Wow. Sad. But it clearly explains a lot.

What, hyper, you don't like... (Below threshold)

What, hyper, you don't like it when someone comes down to your level? Maybe I should toss in the fword more, then cry that the other commentors here aren't civil to me.

F-words are funny. Attempti... (Below threshold)

F-words are funny. Attempting to insult someone you've never met by impugning his/her sexuality is juvenile.






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