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Clear contrast

Well, he did promise transparency:


H/T Don Surber.


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Comments (24)

Sure, Ryan's plan is compli... (Below threshold)

Sure, Ryan's plan is complicated. It's known as "baffling with BS."

There's a simple question, though: I just want to know how Ryan is going to force the private insurance companies to cover decrepit old geezers at any price, let alone whatever paltry voucher he proposes to give out to replace Medicare.

When you're 65, you're not a good actuarial risk for medical insurance. Cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, all around the corner. Hell, you might already have all three.

Give geezers a $5000 voucher and send them out to a market that wouldn't insure them for $20,000. And add another layer of overhead and profit-seeking in between the geezer and the doctors. Yeah, that'll work.

Chico"I just want ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"I just want to know how Ryan is going to force the private insurance companies to cover decrepit old geezers at any price, let alone whatever paltry voucher he proposes to give out to replace Medicare."

Gee isnt one of the tenets of Obama's plan to force providers to provide coverage TO ANYONE regardless of preexisting conditions?

Thanks for playing Dumbass.

Chico, those of us who are ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Chico, those of us who are already "geezers" (and thanks for that terminology. Praise God that you liberals are so sensitive of others) wouldn't be effected by the Ryan plan. Fact is, anyone close to retirement (55 and older) wouldn't be effected.

Only people under 55 (I'm guessing that would include you) would fall under the provisions of the Ryan plan. That gives the insurance companies time to develop products and those who will utilize those products time act in their own self interest (such as I did when I purchased catastrophic health insurance prior to my 40th birthday).

Now wipe your nose (not on your sleeve), sit down and pay attention.

Chico"Sure, Ryan's... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Sure, Ryan's plan is complicated. It's known as "baffling with BS."


vs Obama's plan which is known as

"People cant prove you are lying your ass off when you dont put anything down on paper"

Actually the post is about ... (Below threshold)

Actually the post is about how Ryan's plan has specifics while Obama's (surprise) doesn't. And the joker in chief is out on a tour touting his plan which isn't a plan. The liberals are so dumb. ww

Not only are Repub... (Below threshold)
Not only are Republicans wasting time with the Paul Ryan proposal, their cynical gambit on the even more drastic House Republican Study Committee came back to bite them. They may be under pressure to keep campaign promises about balancing the budget—but they're running a huge risk of electoral disaster with their overreach.

While Republicans are chiding President Obama for lacking leadership, they are wasting precious time pushing an agenda to nowhere.

but this is the funniest part. Republican bumblers are busily at work.

According to some Republican strategists and commentators, the GOP is terrified of a backlash from its base if its members don't deliver on their ambitious campaign promises. Former White House press secretary Dana Perino told me: "The message the GOP [voters]—including the Tea Party—sent to the Republicans was that inaction was probably more politically risky than proposing something that might make some people uncomfortable."

Says one senior Republican strategist, "There is a new level of accountability with the party's base that is going to hold them to reform. People are cognizant of the political risks. They will tell you they see the polls; many voters in the electorate are reflecting unease about doing something with Medicare. But risk of not acting and not doing big things is even bigger."

If this is true, Republicans had better pray that their base doesn't hear about the House gambit on Friday, when lawmakers pretended to support the House Republican Study Committee budget, which would balance the budget through even more drastic cuts than are found in the Ryan plan.

Please don't make us listen to the people who kept two wars off the books to make spending look lower than it was lecture us about fiscal responsibility.

House Republicans brought it up for a vote expecting Democrats to oppose the plan. But the Dems had a little surprise for them: They organized to vote "present," and suddenly it looked like the RSC budget would pass.

Pandemonium ensued as the Republicans panicked. At the last minute, the GOP leadership forced a handful of Republican members to switch their votes to "no" and disaster was averted. It was all an elaborate exercise in political cynicism.

dems made it look like it would come up to a vote and pass and these chickenshit pissants ran for cover.

It's all show. All of this bluster over the budget is just more Republican lies.

How can you morons fall for this BS over and over again.

Gngrich, anyone?

Gee isnt one of the tene... (Below threshold)

Gee isnt one of the tenets of Obama's plan to force providers to provide coverage TO ANYONE regardless of preexisting conditions?

Thanks for playing Dumbass.

You are totally ignorant of actuarial principles. Obama's plan sucks, but at least when you have a large population that includes a lot of young healthy people who will be paying premiums but not using too many services, the companies at least have some chance of distributing the cost of care among the premiums paid by everyone.

When you start out with a decrepit old population that's only going to pay premiums for 15-20 years and is going to be demanding serious critical end-of-life care, you have no hope of covering the cost of care with the premiums paid.

Get it? Insurance 101. Dumbass, indeed.

Hey gang - Jay is editing c... (Below threshold)

Hey gang - Jay is editing comments over on his "I'm a Dope" post. Apparently he's fed up with liberals making him look like an idiot. He's now editing comments inserting his own little childish remarks. How childish! Check it out! It's a riot

Well, affirmative action hi... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, affirmative action hires never require specific job performance plans, do they??

Poor woop. Poor Chico. In... (Below threshold)

Poor woop. Poor Chico. In over their heads again. Just like their Obamassiah.

Thats right Tsar. Jay is ap... (Below threshold)

Thats right Tsar. Jay is applying affirmative action to Wooooooops posts so he is more presentable in public..

If its good enough for Barry.....

Woop switches to chico more... (Below threshold)

Woop switches to chico more then Barry switches to Bush for back up support.

Hey GF - You've reduced you... (Below threshold)

Hey GF - You've reduced yourself to being my pet troll. Whats does that say... about you?

I think we live in times wh... (Below threshold)

I think we live in times where the 'idiot factor' comes into play. Less for those to process therefore it sounds great. As long as they get their Obama money seems like they don't care. For that matter they could care less who is president as long as they are on the government plantation.

Woop.Which insuran... (Below threshold)


Which insurance program rejects more people than any other.
Ding Ding Ding Medicare.
As the programs begins to implode and Obamacare forces more insures out guess what will happen? Senior citizens will be left holding the bag and not get treatment at all.

The simple fact of life is that programs need money to work. Feelings and sentiments do not pay for anything. Cold hard cash does.
Doctors have to be paid, equipment has to be paid for , staff has to be paid for. All those things are need to perform a service.

If your are broke you cannot pay for it.
The fact is that I rather have the greedy insurance companies that will operate at profit so that they are around than those that do not

See if people have profit then can choose to re-invest. When hospital had money they could create clinics ro server the those who cannot pay for treatment. The Hospital operated at profit and could sned funds to their projects. They received good publicity and did it all without public theft.

when insurance carries have extra money they have more latitude.

Medicare came into being and drove up health care cost.
Obama care has come in ad driven up insurance rates.

Just like you cannot insert test equipment into things with out having an affect you cannot introduce government into things. If you do you need to look at reality not how you feel.

hcddbz, in countries where ... (Below threshold)

hcddbz, in countries where the government actually controls the healthcare system--which, by the way, would NOT include the 'Obamacare' plan--prices are much, much lower than in the United States and outcomes are often superior.

Insurance companies add zero value to your economy and do nothing to improve quality of life of the population.

HyperHyper they ar... (Below threshold)


Hyper they are lower by force.
Countries like Canada and UK steal patents from drug companies and tell them either sell it at a lower price or we will not allow you in our market and we will sell your drugs anyway. So who get the bill the USA>
Hospitals are forced to cut cost and not provides services and then doctors are put on the government payroll. With all that control they still have mounting debt.
Rationing of care is the standard in England now. It gotten to the point that they are now allowing for private insurance private care.
Obamacare is the means to an end. he stated that the idea is to get single payer after they screwed all the good systems.

As the saying goes do not piss on my leg and telling that it is raining.

Hyper ... Outcomes are supe... (Below threshold)

Hyper ... Outcomes are superior ??? Really ? Is that why the rich from all of those countries come here when they get sick ?

Is that why cancer survival rates are often 2 or 3 times higher in the US ?

Chuco, did you even read Ryans plan ? $5,000 voucher ? try somewhere between $12,000 and $15,000 (going up as you age) ...

and guess what about your wonderful Obamacare ... all those "young" people who will pay in to support the "geezers", guess what, they'll pay the $750 "fine/tax" instead of $5,000 per year. And here is the fun part, the $750 doesn't go to the insurance industry, it goes to the government. Can you say industry death spiral ...

ignorance is a weak excuse for stupidity but in some cases it may just be that you are in fact stupid ...

I was going to link to the ... (Below threshold)

I was going to link to the article about the NHS bigwig who died becasue her operation was postponed 4 times, but this is newer and better.


Odd definition of superior you got there.

Hyper what do you mean insu... (Below threshold)

Hyper what do you mean insurance companies add zero value?

Insurance companies employee people. People get paid they purchase things, they save for retirement. The employer and employee pay taxes and FICA. Insurance companies accept and pay for more people than medicare. Again the rejection rate for Private American Insurance companies is 3% Medicare is 6%.

The Zero value to the USA is a Canadian Citizen.

Chico<a href="http:/... (Below threshold)


ACA was about to screw seniors today

Ryna plan looks better and better every day.

Hyper"--prices are... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"--prices are much, much lower than in the United States and outcomes are often superior.


Prices may be lower but tax rates are about double what we pay here.
As for outcome. yeah sure. When the heads of state stop coming to the US for lifesaving surgeries I will believe it.

I was going to link to t... (Below threshold)

I was going to link to the article about the NHS bigwig who died becasue her operation was postponed 4 times, but this is newer and better.

For all you Doctor Who fans out there - Elisabeth Sladen (AKA Sarah Jane Smith) just passed away from cancer.


We're at a point where most cancers are treatable (some aren't, of course) but the keys are early detection and quick treatment.

I haven't been able so far to find out what sort of cancer it was - (my wife's a fan of the show also, and an oncology research coordinator) so that we're NOT finding out what sort of cancer it was makes me think it was something that could have been taken care of easily w/prompt, aggressive treatment.

The devil's in the details - and the details are notably absent. No indication in the trades that she was battling cancer, no news on the type, or for how long... wouldn't it be embarassing if it were something that would have been more or less routine stateside?

But hey - it's free health care!

JLawson,Dr. Who wa... (Below threshold)


Dr. Who was one of my favorite shows growing up. (Flowed by Blakes 7) I watched growing up. I am very sad to hear of her passing.






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