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In which I join The Blogfather in rubbing it in

Before Operation Iraqi Freedom, and early in our operations in Afghanistan, I participated in a heated debate as to what the goals of such military operations should be.

The argument eventually solidified into one camp [the right] that was torn between a Tacitean treatment of Iraq and a soft (American in the Philippines and Cuba) Empire.  The second camp [the left] were those who favored what they preferred to call "Nation Building." I was actually in favor of soft Imperium, to give it its rightful name, as opposed to the Tacitean approach of building a desert and calling it peace. My concern was that the left would not stay the course and see the job completed.

My concern over the fecklessness of the left has of course been sustained by events.  The upside was twofold.  First, we managed to avoid repeating the Vietnam experience of winning a counterinsurgency and then abandoning our hard won victory to a conventional invasion.  Second, we established that the all volunteer forces and the Republic can indeed win a war despite the active opposition of the left.

The area in which Glen Reynolds and I join in rubbing the nose of the leftists is their selective "anti-war" stance.


MEGAN MCARDLE: "Have you noticed all the huge antiwar demonstrations in the last twelve months? Yeah, me neither. It turns out that a lot of the energy for the movement seems to have been provided by Democrats who are a lot less worried about wars conducted by Democratic presidents. Or at least who believe that advancing the Democratic agenda is much more important than trying to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is by no means the whole movement-but it was enough that once a Democrat took office, both the numbers at the demonstrations, and the organizational capacity of the movement as a whole, dwindled away to near-nothingness."

Yeah, it's as if all that self-righteous moralism, and cries or war criminal and illegal wars and concentration camps at Gitmo was just a lot of lying, self-serving twaddle by people who really just wanted power for their team. Who knew?

Well, some of us did. And pointed it out at the time. And, well, we're going to keep rubbing it in now.

Indeed, we shall, especially those of us who predicted it.


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Woop is planning on a prot... (Below threshold)

Woop is planning on a protest. As soon as his obamassiah is defrocked.

914,No doubt woop ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


No doubt woop will be making an ass of itself as soon as the next Republican President is sworn in. Until then, not so much.

A warmonger complaining abo... (Below threshold)

A warmonger complaining about the lack of antiwar protests. That's rich.

Hey, I'm against yours and Obama's war in Libya.

As far as the "blogfather" goes, he's just another weak-ass chickenhawk. Why didn't he volunteer for a direct commission in the JAG Corps back in 2001?

Nooo, he'd rather keep his comfy job as a law professor.

chicka misses the point (an... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

chicka misses the point (and water is wet...)

Tell us, chicka, been out protesting the wars since January of 2009? Got evidence or a witness to such participation, since you're all about the talk and not the walk?

Furthermore, if the criteria for having an opinion on war is having served, where is your DD-214 sirrah? Arguing against is still arguing about, and any who would fling the chicken-hawk slur need to prove they have the resume to support such an opinion.

I'll gladly send a copy of my DD-214 to Kevin for verification, how about you. chicka?

Hey, I'm against yours a... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'm against yours and Obama's war in Libya.

Pix or it didn't happen, noob.


Good article Rodney.<... (Below threshold)

Good article Rodney.

Re: "I join in rubbing the nose of the leftists is their selective "anti-war" stance."

Agreed. But I've found all leftist outrage to be selective.

Hey, I know that going to "... (Below threshold)

Hey, I know that going to "protests" is as useless as posting comments here. At least here I get a few laughs. At a protest, I have to stand next to some shithead with a Free Mumia sign.

The only thing I can do is vote my beliefs. And I won't be voting for Obama next year. Unless the nominee is Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson or Richard Lugar, not for the Republican, either.

As far as my service goes, yes I was affiliated with the military, active and reserve - one way or the other, for 25 years. I was in the military when we were against the Evil Empire. I have a pension due me at age 60 if Obama and the Congress don't bankrupt the country and the teatards don't take it away. If you don't believe me, guess what? I don't give a damn.

But you and I both know that Glenn Reynolds, despite his beating the drum for every G-D war anyone ever proposed, never put himself out.

chicka,I don't bel... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


I don't believe anything you write.

returning to chicka's chick... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

returning to chicka's chicken-hawk bullsh!t,

For those who use and/or approve of the chicken-hawk slur, remind us again of the military services performed by these leaders of the democratic party:

Barrack Obama
Joe Biden
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi

So ChicoWhat was y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

So Chico

What was your MOS?

Yes, this 12B ea... (Below threshold)
irongrampa :

Yes, this 12B eagerly awaits Chico's answer.

So ChicoWhat was y... (Below threshold)

So Chico

What was your MOS?

If he can't collect retirement until age 60, he was a weekend warrior.

"Hey, I know that going to "protests" is as useless as posting comments here."

Then why the fuck do you bother? Must have a pretty useless life if posting here is how you get your giggles.

As for the 'war protests'. ... (Below threshold)

As for the 'war protests'. Around here, there wasn't one weekend when the righteous "No Blood For Oil" crowd was putting up fake cemeteries while Bush was in office.

After Barry strolled in, NOT ONE has been done. When Barry 'volunteered' US forces for Libya, NOT ONE of the righteous was screaming about "Blood for Oil!".

Not really surprising, the hypocrites are very selective in their indignation.

Makes me want to vomit. I h... (Below threshold)

Makes me want to vomit. I have had enough of the double standard...for Chicos comment I vote my beliefs, ha I laugh. When I say I vote my beliefs I am treated as an idiot, because a Christian is treated as if they have a disease.

and for pedigree information I wonder?

As for me I have been affiliated with the military for 43 years...via my Dad(KIA Vietnam)brother (retired US Army) husband 6 years, and now my oldest son who just returned from Afghanistan.

chicka's credibility seems ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

chicka's credibility seems to have hit rock bottom hereabouts. Quick, someone hand chicka a jackhammer.

I was the Navy so can I spe... (Below threshold)

I was the Navy so can I speak on wars?
Was FDR and Clinton Chicken Hawks?

I served in the Navy got a DD-214 and I supported combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However I think Libya need to end now esp when we are going to give 25 Million to the Rebels.

The ROE are getting combat troops killed. It time to end it.

Chico is just another Calvi... (Below threshold)

Chico is just another Calvin Klein Dove ... against the war when its was fashionable in his quarter ... now, not so much ...

Chico, the whole chicken hawk argument is nonsense ... are you saying the only people that be for a conflict are veterans ? everyone else should pipe down ?

Of course doesn't that also apply to anti-war protest as well ? Since you've never been in the service why should you get to voice an anti-war opinion ? kind of like being a Chicken Dove isn't it ...

It must be difficult to see your world view come crashing down around your ears everytime Obama blasts another tango via a drone or starts another war, or reverses a campaign promise or shows his historical ignorance about just about any issue or subject.

Do you think your taxes are high enough ? (Not mine, YOURS)
If you think they should be higher have you sent extra money to the feds over the last couple of years, or ever ? Because if you didn't then you sir are a Chicken Taxer ...

Taking the 'chickenhawk' to... (Below threshold)

Taking the 'chickenhawk' to it's extreme.

Using that rational, a quadriplegic could not have supported WWII.

Now I KNOW why we're in Lib... (Below threshold)

Now I KNOW why we're in Libya:


Just as Clinton bombed 'a milk factory' to distract from a stained dress, Barry is evidently having withdrawal problems.

Only thing that makes sense. Other than we're now 'giving' the rebels $25 million. For what? Isn't there an arms embargo against both sides?

Since military service is s... (Below threshold)

Since military service is so important to him, I presume we can safely assume that Chico voted for war hero McCain over never-served Obama, and mother of soldier Palin over father of REMF Biden?


Pix or it didn't h... (Below threshold)
Pix or it didn't happen, noob.

Ha, ha. Busted. Again.

ChicoStill waiting... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Still waiting to find otu what your MOS was.

Do you even know what that is?

Chico got bitch slapped so ... (Below threshold)

Chico got bitch slapped so hard even Woop wont show up to back his ass.

Heh. chica should... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


chica should buy a dog since chica has no other friends.

On second thought...<... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

On second thought...

I wouldn't wish such an ankle biting mental midget on a dog.

As far as the "blogfathe... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

As far as the "blogfather" goes, he's just another weak-ass chickenhawk. Why didn't he volunteer for a direct commission in the JAG Corps back in 2001?

Leave Obama out of this.

So ChicoWha... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

So Chico

What was your MOS?

Towel boys in bathhouses don't have MOS's.

Heck, I'd settle for an ETS... (Below threshold)

Heck, I'd settle for an ETS or DEROS.

I was a 75B in my first Arm... (Below threshold)

I was a 75B in my first Army enlistment, 3 years active duty, three years active reserve as a 71L and 76Y in college, switched services after college, Navy OCS, was a Navy 1115, six years active duty, 13 years reserve.

A Remington Ranger. Who'd ... (Below threshold)

A Remington Ranger. Who'd a thunk?

ChicoWHere did you... (Below threshold)
retired military:


WHere did you go to school for the 75B course.

Same question for the 71L course.

Dont lie as I know where they were taught in the time frame that you are talking about.

Ft. Ben Harrison for the 75... (Below threshold)

Ft. Ben Harrison for the 75B course. I never attended a school for 71L or 76Y, just filled manning slots and performed duties for those MOSs.

Okay I am convinced that yo... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Okay I am convinced that you served.

omg so much time wasted ove... (Below threshold)

omg so much time wasted over service records

There were many smart folks and some not so who served our country well. woop e doo

epador @ 34,Being ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

epador @ 34,

Being questioned as to service background was a direct and foreseeable consequence of chicka throwing out the chickenhawk slur on a blog with a relatively high proportion of veterans. If chicka didn't want to go there, chicka should never have played that card.

No problem, Rodney. You ca... (Below threshold)

No problem, Rodney. You can address me as Commander from now on.

It is unseemly to tout rank... (Below threshold)

It is unseemly to tout rank and action. ww

chica,Hold your br... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Hold your breath waiting for it... I've always wanted to watch someone expire from self inflicted hypoxia.

I've always wanted to wa... (Below threshold)

I've always wanted to watch someone expire from self inflicted hypoxia.

There's already been one post today about autoerotic asphyxiation.

Since calling someone by ra... (Below threshold)

Since calling someone by rank and rank alone is usually not a sign of respect...

Leave it to a perv to bring... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

Leave it to a perv to bring "...autoerotic asphyxiation" to a discussion of foreign and military affairs...






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