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Chronicling leftist hypocrisy on the price of gas...

... and the duplicity of Barack Hussein Obama.  I've not seen anything to date that is as effective in painting the picture as what you're about to see here:

With props to my buddy George Ford.


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Comments (22)

Well put. Their hypocrisy ... (Below threshold)
Ken D. :

Well put. Their hypocrisy has no limits.

The guys words are like pip... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The guys words are like piper's music leading all the dancing children to their doom -and they love him.

Hypocrites!... (Below threshold)


The powers of a Lightworker... (Below threshold)

The powers of a Lightworker are indeed amazing.

Soon we will get the MSM re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Soon we will get the MSM reporting on how unemployment really is a good thing because that means fewer people are having heart attacks from stress. I can hear it now, "1000's of lives are being saved because people don't have the stress of the workplace."

I'm not sure if they are so stupid as to believe the crap they are pushing or if they just think that we are stupid enough to believe it.

So is there a pl... (Below threshold)

So is there a place where a guy can purchase a new outrage meter? Mine seems to be woefully inadequate for current events, perhaps an upgrade is in order.

I also wonder how many would be thrilled to return to the disastrous Bush era of 5.6% unemployment and multi-billion dollar deficits? Not to mention a coherent foreign policy, and allies who weren't pissed to the gills at us.

strong dollar is needed.</p... (Below threshold)

strong dollar is needed.

Liberal Liam is all about shared suffering.
Europe has high gase prices so America needs it now.
Remember BHO. Said that the only problem with high gas prices in 2006 was that they occurred too soon.

Barry is the not the hypocr... (Below threshold)

Barry is the not the hypocrite of a different color we've heard tell of.. Just a regular hypocrite with his hand in our pockets and nose where a Presidents nose don't belong.

Still say I saw him pan handling on 7th and Hennepin when I was a young lad.

Barry is the not the hypocr... (Below threshold)

Barry is the not the hypocrite of a different color we've heard tell of.. Just a regular hypocrite with his hand in our pockets and nose where a Presidents nose don't belong.

Still say I saw him pan handling on 7th and Hennepin when I was a young lad.

It posted twice? Affirmativ... (Below threshold)

It posted twice? Affirmative action must have erred in my favor..

The MSM is all about servin... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

The MSM is all about serving the cause of the "greater good."

Back during the last Presidential election cycle the MSM defined the greater good as electing a Democrat to fill the chair in the Oval Office.

Oddly enough, today, as Obama starts he run for a second term as President, the MSM still defines the greater good as electing a Democrat to fill the chair in the Oval Office. Plus they have added the goal Democrats retaking leadership of the House of Representatives to their definition of "greater good."

The MSM's slavish devotion to Democrat control of government is as stedfast as is Obama's devotion to tax increases.

When he looked and shook hi... (Below threshold)

When he looked and shook his head when the person said he had ten kids, I saw all I needed. This man is not a man that celebrates his nation and takes a moment to celebrate a large family but instead mocks...makes me want to vomit.

Wish I knew who this man was with ten kids...I would like to send him a gas card from a national gas chain.

You'll notice the usual tro... (Below threshold)

You'll notice the usual trolls are absent on this thread.


The usual troll is woop. He... (Below threshold)

The usual troll is woop. He has no shame in defending the Won...Or does he? heh heh

You'll notice the ... (Below threshold)
You'll notice the usual trolls are absent on this thread.

Unless Media Matters gives the Myrmidons their talking points they don't have anything to say.

"You'll notice the usual... (Below threshold)

"You'll notice the usual trolls are absent on this thread.


I think they're starting to wear down. Each time they go to the gas pump, or buy food, or pay their electric bills, they get a little dope slap from reality.

They add up, eventually. It's very hard to say that Obama's on the right course when food prices are going up, and energy prices rise, and all the person you're feverishly supporting can do is give speeches. And we'll see more of them, as Obama gets serious about what's really the most important thing to him... more important than running the country, more important than his family - campaigning.

And eventually, Woop & Chico and Jim-x will understand that they were fooled big-time. And it will hurt - but then they'll suppress it and use the pain to fuel rage against their real enemies... the people who don't believe as they do.

High fuel prices are just a... (Below threshold)

High fuel prices are just another burden on the poor and middle class. The wealthy can afford premium fuel.

Add that to the state lotteries, tobacco taxes, alcohol taxes and casinos and the poor are bearing the load of tax increases as well.

And so are the middle class families President Zero claims to be saving.

Give till it hurts. You suckers.

I am so sick and tired of t... (Below threshold)

I am so sick and tired of this. Whoever wins in 2012 I think we can expect rioting in the streets, my question is, will it be accompanied by gunfire? Are we seeing the beginnings of a revolution, or the death of the USA?

Well if gas is $6 a gallon ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Well if gas is $6 a gallon next year you can count on Hillary being on the ticket or else challenging Obama because Obama will be on life support.

Funny Obama says "not much you can do about high gas prices" but when Kerry was running he said that he was gonna "jawbone 'em down".
Reality smacks another liberal in the face.

At $6 a gallon gas the dems on congress are going to start being placed on the endangered species list.

As far as cutting dependence on foreign oil lets look at this.

For simplicity sake lets say we import
2 barrels of oil today at $100 a barrel. That means we ship $200 overseas.

If oil prices double and we cout our imports in half that would mean we are now importing 1 barrel of oil at $200 a barrel.

That means we are shipping $200 overseas.

Now could some leftist please explain how we have cut our dependence on foreign oil at all? It seems that all we have done is hurt the poor and middle class.

Obama said he wanted to inc... (Below threshold)

Obama said he wanted to increase energy prices and his policies have done so.

No drilling and no investment in any new technology that continues to use fosil fuels is the current program. shale oil drilling could bring us three times as much oil as Saudi Arabia. Drill baby drill with a massive program to get things on line with as little as possible lawsuits and distrations from the enviornmental whacko's. Use to take about 90-120 days to get the envionmental work done now is stretched out 4-5 years or more. Make sure the American people know how much they are paying at the pump for these policies and which party is responsible.

Money poured down the rat hold of green technologies which could be years off and only work if the left can make current energy prices 2-3 times higher. Good idea to keep looking at other sources, but invest now in massive program to get us energy independent using what we have today.

privatize roads. Right now we spend anywhere from 67 centes per gallon or higher for federal and state expenses that are supposed to fix the roads and for new construction. The roads are crap and our gas prices are through the roof. Set up so that the tax collected is not filtered through governmnet, but set up to a corporation to get the job done effectively and as inexpensively as possible. right now it is used as a jobs bill and the unions control the bidding madating the quality we get and the costs. Instead of seeing 5 guys standing around with 1-2 actually working, the private company will drive construction effectively. I would bet we could get the work done much cheaper and save a good chunk of money per fill up.

build new refinery capacity. Last new refinery was in 1975 when we averaged almost half the cars on the roads. Create more competition in this industry.

Stop making enemies of those countries friendly to the USA where we get oil such as Saudi Arabia. The Obama administration support of muslim brotherhood revolts are going to led to turmoil in all these countries and will allow the radicals to control our economy without flying airplanes into buildings. Mubarak was a leader who for 30 years supported our efforts for peace in the middle east making him less than popular at home with the Islamist who want Israel and USA out of the middle east. Saudi leaders saw how he was thrown under the bus by Obama as did others in the region. Saudi now courting Russia and China and refusing to help us drive down oil prices short term.

Stop demonizing every industry in America and also America in general. If your leader shows his contempt for America and our history, it is not going to bring better relations in the world.

ObamaGas is as dangerous for America as ObamaCare.

Folks, Don't forget Nationa... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Folks, Don't forget National Trade-In Day is November 2nd, 2012.

CF,I wonder if lik... (Below threshold)
hcddbz :


I wonder if like the Dem Congress if he will rush through a whole bunch of crap in those reaming months. Would BHO with no worry of reelection be even worse. Second term or Lame duck. How much damage?






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