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Yesterday, I woke up to a dead computer.

Well, not really dead, but with totally borked video.

With some trial and error, I managed to diagnose a bad video card, but in the process managed to kill my keyboard. (Don't ask. It's too embarrassing.)

I finally got things all back up and running (just set me back a bit over a C-note)... just in time to head off to the Day Job, where I've been pulling extra shifts/hours to compensate for the preggers chick.

And here I am, with a half-finished new naval fiction story, two other fiction pieces, and several blog posts bouncing around my skull...

Time is so not on my side.


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On days like that, I take t... (Below threshold)

On days like that, I take time to stop and smell the roses. Keeping in mind that most of the "problems" occupying my mind won't even be remembered in two weeks.....by anyone.

Don't ask. It's too emba... (Below threshold)

Don't ask. It's too embarrassing

You have to be careful, pron has as many viruses as a Naples prostitute.

Jay, send me your address a... (Below threshold)
Fred Ohleth:

Jay, send me your address and I will ship you a good used laptop to use as a backup for free. You are too valuable to not be on line.

You're a good Egg.... (Below threshold)

You're a good Egg.

JT,GetA</... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:












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