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"The current rising racial awareness is no accident"

Victor Davis Hanson writes about the state of racial affairs and while doing so references the now infamous video showing the white transgendered victim being beaten unmercifully by two black women at a McDonald's restaurant:

transgender_attack_mcdonalds.jpgAdd up the following: the attack on the "stupidly" acting Cambridge police, Eric Holder's "cowards" and "my people," Justice Sotomayor's "wise Latina," Van Jones' rants against white polluters and mass murderers, the president's declarations like the following: "And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, 'we're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us....'" Or the following, "We can't have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back." Or the race, class, gender video appeal to "young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again." What, then, is left of a supposedly racially neutral presidency?

In other words, if Obama had modeled his presidency after a Colin Powell's or Condoleezza Rice's tenure as secretary of State, then race would have been seen as incidental, not essential, to his character and agenda, and support for his presidency would have been predicated solely on principles rather than appeals to particular identity groups. The current rising racial awareness is no accident, but essential to focus support for liberal issues in traditional terms of polarization, victimization, and increased racial identity -- especially as independents get frightened and peel off. Since 2009, we are less seen as an integrated, assimilated, and intermarried melting pot, but more a mosaic of competing interests that predicate their rival claims on society based on race, class, and gender.

Bloc voting and identity -- the "base" -- aid the Obama agenda; race as inconsequential does not. Before Obama, the now explosive and globally viral video of two young black girls' savage beating of a white transgendered victim in a McDonald's would have been one of many tragic morality tales about the generic dangers of drifting into the wrong places at the wrong times in an unsafe contemporary America. But after the precedent of the Skip Gates presidential intervention, the question naturally arises -- when and when not does the president intervene in local issues, in symbolic terms, to offer the nation a teachable moment on racial bias: when an elite professor is inconvenienced in private or an adolescent is almost beaten to death in public? (Where is the Malibu outrage in the tradition of Matthew Shepard?)

The outrage isn't there because there is no existent political benefit.  And Obama won't be using this incident as fodder for a teachable moment because he knows that it'll alienate his Attorney General and the Jeremiah Wright wing of his political base.

The man who was sold as he who would transcend race seems instead to be fomenting racial regression, even aggression. 

It could be a very hot summer.


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At least one of the attacke... (Below threshold)
retired military:

At least one of the attackers was involved in another incident at the same McDonalds.

The victim was transgender.

Yet I dont see too much about this being a hate crime. Why?

As Barry would say "THE RAC... (Below threshold)

As Barry would say "THE RACE CARD! don't campaign without it!"

I was just talking to my so... (Below threshold)

I was just talking to my son about this, as well as the union college course video I saw on Big Government. It is critical to divide to unite large groups of people in to group thought.

We are all(insert race) and the other(insert race) is against us. They do not understand our plight, our lack of ancestry, our lack of hope or future.

The data from the 2008 election proves that with how many blacks voted for Obama even if they were Republican or conservative.

I see it often where I live and it baffles me, as my children are mixed. Neither one nor the other should rise, but instead American only. Yet, the Census workers, which came to my farm 7 times wanted more. They wanted to pry when we had filled out our forms. I was told more monies can come to our county, our community if I documented the race. I prefer no perk for my children for their skin color. I demand instead that America is a place of many, that affords all an opportunity.

When I see what happened at that McDonalds, I am reminded of the boy in Chicago that was beaten to death for sounding and acting white, and also of the Census workers that saw people as different and needed to be sorted and treated accordingly. I agree that this behavior will only increase.

See justice is to be blind.... (Below threshold)

See justice is to be blind.
These two thugs should be arrested and charged with battery and all other crimes. Simple. Do not care about race of anyone, income, gender, sex.
Just merits of the case.
In the name of Social justice we have ruined justice.

In the somewhat unlikely ev... (Below threshold)

In the somewhat unlikely event of an Obama loss in 2012, look for a large nationwide Rodney King-like race riot and several states having to call out the National Guard.

Why are punk ass liberals i... (Below threshold)

Why are punk ass liberals in training so racist and violent?


The fact that it is referre... (Below threshold)
Jim m:

The fact that it is referred to as"social justice" is an admission that it isn't justice at all and is something quite different. The amount of racial division has definitely increased in this country since obama took office. This is not because Americans are racist but because his policies are designed to favor one race over another. Appointments such a Jones and Holder have stoked the fires of racial animosity. You cannot have an Attorney General who enforces the laws based on race and not increase racial tensions.

Holder is a farce.... (Below threshold)

Holder is a farce.

"Holder is a farce."<... (Below threshold)

"Holder is a farce."

Sweet and simple without the nuance.

Calling Holder a farce actu... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Calling Holder a farce actually is a severe insult to farces.

As far as Obama goes, the fomenting of racial tension is a core component of his reelection strategy. The ghastly irony is that a large majority of racial minorities won't discern that they're being played. Sad but true.

Tsar, They know. ... (Below threshold)
hcddbz :

They know. If BHO was confident he still had strangle hold on Black, and youth vote he would not be fist bumping Al ad going out to University Campus for every speech. Expect "Immigration Reform " to win back Latinos.

He know the Middle class is taking it in the gut, Job have not come down, food and fuel prices rising. Not to mention the Green jobs which people trained for did not happen.

Obama is the first ALL-raci... (Below threshold)

Obama is the first ALL-racial President we've had since before the Civil War...if we even had one then.

He NEEDS a racial divide..and he'll do anything to get one!

They know. If BHO was co... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

They know. If BHO was confident he still had strangle hold on Black, and youth vote he would not be fist bumping Al ad going out to University Campus for every speech.

Sadly, I suspect that that's not true, and that the Messiah's handlers keep sending him to university campuses because that's about the only place adoring crowds can still be found.

Facing down a crowd of angry and/or unemployed taxpayers wouldn't look good on TV, might encourage others (Hillary, you listening?) to criticize and/or primary Him, and would get under His notoriously thin skin. So it's off to college campuses.

Would be a great strategy f... (Below threshold)

Would be a great strategy for Hellary. Town meetings addressing the unemployed all the while twisting the knife in count blackulas back.

"So its off to college campuses"

Yep, then golf..

You attend a racist church ... (Below threshold)

You attend a racist church for 20 years ... guess what, you are a racist ... both Obama's are, she worse than him because she resents being a legacy at Princeton ... him because he was seeped in it from a young age ...

But they are racists thats for sure ...

So he can f off the next time he brings up race ...

If it had happened here in ... (Below threshold)

If it had happened here in NC even a bystander could have whipped out their gat and shot them both DOA and walked away. Then their momma's would be crying to the camera's "Oh gawd! look what dey done did to my baby".

It is not "big government",... (Below threshold)

It is not "big government", "high taxes", "divisive rhetoric", nor "socialism" which causes racial tensions. It is race itself. Despite every protestation to the contrary that they are not "racist", when non-Whites move into their neighborhoods, White people move out. According to census data, hardly more than 10% of White people engage in inter-racial marriage. I do not believe what they say when their actions are in manifest contradiction to their words. Based upon their behavior, White people most certainly are "racist" as that word is commonly understood. Meaning, for the most part, White people prefer the company of their own kind and have children that are of their own kind. Despite what they may say, they act as if they wish their own people to live and not perish from the earth. And who could say that is illegitimate, lest they risk exposing themselves as an anti-White genocidalist.

Victor Davis Hanson does no... (Below threshold)

Victor Davis Hanson does not actually care if his own White people are drown in the bottomless seas of the Third World and that their lives are made an unrelieved procession of misery by dint of that. He will continue to mouth the lie that all peoples, from the uttermost corners of the earth, are interchangeable. This, whilst shilling for Zionism (Jewish ethnic nationalism) - which is hardly coincidental. To be consistent, and eschew all hypocrisy, he would also support White nationalism, would he not? Self-evidently so. Yet he does not.

The perp here is a violent ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The perp here is a violent young woman who should have been put away after the first assault.

Obama has shown a strong affinity for racist churches - there is no other way to describe Wright and his "black liberation theology" which blends Marxist politics with hatred of whites and America - but the criminal in this case didn't need any inspiration.

There are bad people out there, who do bad things for no more complicated reason than bad things are what bad people do.

"Obama has shown a strong a... (Below threshold)

"Obama has shown a strong affinity for racist churches - there is no other way to describe Wright and his 'black liberation theology'"

Merely one possible permutation of Black ethnocentrism, which is genetic and therefore ineradicable. As are all ethnocentrisms. Point being, there is no amount of colorblind pablum heaped upon mindless platitudes (e.g., MLK was actually a "conservative" - lol) which can make non-Whites relinquish the will to advance the collective fortunes of their own peoples, and at White expense. Eventually, as White people become an ever shrinking slice of America's demographic pie, you will be forced to heed the wisdom of my words. To wit: unilateral disarmament is for suckers.

"Marxist politics with hatred of whites and America"

Not so much orthodox "Marxism" as Frankfurt School critical theory which was designed with malice aforethought to pathologize the ethnocentrism of European-derived people. The intellectuals of this "School" were to a man Jews. These Jews did not intend their critique to apply to their own robust ethnocentrism. It was an act of ethnic aggression against European-derived people on their part motivated by what they perceived to be Jewish group interests.

You honestly didn't know that? Those who will not tell you these things are lying to you by omission or themselves benighted.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a... (Below threshold)

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a book about how the USA is being taken over by Mexicans.

If there is a more pompous Thucydides-quoting chickenhawk in existence, I'm unaware of him.

Obama and Michelle are raci... (Below threshold)

Obama and Michelle are racist in ideology. They do not believe they can trust white people. How can you hear that teaching for 20 years without embracing it? You can't.

Alex, you are trolling for white supremecists and personally I find it offensive. ww

ManWhere do these ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Where do these folks come from. We get rid of Lee Ward and Woop shows up. We get rid of Woop (hopefully for good) and Alex shows up.

Do they have a special posting section at DU where one come heres and posts until they get banned and then they post at DU so someone else can come here and take their place.






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