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Ace Explains Obama's Academic Record Vacuum


Obama's IQ Is 116. Hah! This guy guestimates that based on tangible proxy evidence, which is right in the middle of where I figured it would be.

Now, this guy is not just completely making things up. He knows, because there are records of it, that Obama was not a National Merit Scholar, or National Merit Finalist, or the lowest subcategory, "Outstanding Participant." (This seems to be an honor conferred by the College Board (the SAT people) primarily if not exclusively based on SAT scores.)

Since Obama did not make the list for any of those automatically-conferred SAT-based recognitions, we know his SATs must be below those thresholds, setting a hard upper cap on his possible SAT scores.

We can then figure his highest, likeliest IQ score, because the SAT is just a modified version of the old Army IQ test. Current IQ tests and the SATs are both derived straight from the old Army IQ test, testing pretty much the same things and in pretty much the same ways. Different scoring system, but same ultimate term of comparison -- how you rank compared to the general population, expressed as percentile.

Not dumb, but I never thought he was dumb -- just not a genius. 116's a perfectly respectable score, but no one goes bragging on it and claims to be a genius at 116.

Well, no one except John F. Kerry.


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Comments (37)

Amazing how far you can get... (Below threshold)

Amazing how far you can get on affirmative action, and a glib tongue.

...and a media willing to c... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

...and a media willing to cover for you.

Ain't it just?... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Ain't it just?

Without the affirmative cur... (Below threshold)

Without the affirmative curve Barry would score a little above below average.

Thus the low economic comprehension as well as flawed knowledge on American history, geography and arithmetic.

"Without the affirmative cu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Without the affirmative curve Barry would score a little above below average. '

For Harvard maybe yes.

Average IQ is about 100.

914,No curve on th... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


No curve on the SAT's of the period which are the basis of the reconstruction. On the other hand, a blind admissions process taking only SAT's and grades into account would preclude admission for that range of SAT's absent straight A's and Honors (perhaps even then).

Thus the low economic co... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Thus the low economic comprehension as well as flawed knowledge on American history, geography and arithmetic.

No it really doesn't. Anyone can understand basic economics and most people know more about American history than Barry does. It merely requires listening to other people, something that it appears he woefully lacks the ability to do.

obama flunks on econ and history not because his IQ is only a hair above average, but because he was raised from youth surrounded by Marxists who inculcated him on communist ideology. Throughout his adult life he has surrounded himself with people like Ayers and Klonsky, avowed Maoists.

obama can't get economics right because he is wedded to an ideology that was debunked 30 years ago. He doesn't know history because actual events from the past are not important the only thing that matters is class struggle.

jim m,I concur. I... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

jim m,

I concur. In addition it would appear that 0bama has never had to rigorously defend his beliefs and positions in open debate.

"obama can't get economics ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"obama can't get economics right because he is wedded to an ideology that was debunked 30 years ago. "

Any leftist want to show us a socialist society that is happy and takes care of its people? Yeah umm thought not.

The real irony is that Obam... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

The real irony is that Obama is a helluva lot smarter than his supporters, many of whom literally are mindless.

If you buy this shit, yo... (Below threshold)

If you buy this shit, your IQ score should be reduced by 50.

I read it with an open mind to see what the evidence was. This is the basis of the reasoning:

Due to affirmative action, however, one must reduce that score by at least 186 points. (400 seems extreme; I suspect the NYT article is talking about the new SAT, which isn't valid for the purposes of this comparison.) Thus, giving Obama the benefit of the doubt drops his score to 1104, which is equivalent to an IQ of 116.

So the whole theory is based upon arbitrarily reducing his score because of "affirmative action," i.e. because he's BLAAAACK. I have to laugh at the "giving Obama the benefit of the doubt."

He is not illiterate but hi... (Below threshold)

He is not illiterate but his total lack of understanding our debt and deficits is strong evidence that he is innumerate. All those projections of budgets are done by hired professional liars.

Chico,You are corr... (Below threshold)


You are correct 1) standerize test are not always a great idicator of a person real ability.
2) we only have BHO word that he got into schools based on affirmative action and we know we cannot trust him

So I ask him to produce transcripts of his academics career.
In the absence of facts all that is left is observation.

Spending 700 billion did not kick start the economy.
Any with basic understanding macro and micro economics could have told you that.

There no way to measure saved jobs no concept of statics.
A. An yelling in Arabic God is great while he kills American and has warrior for Islam on his card is not a terrorist. No dedcutive reason skills.

Yes 116 is a farce. I think he closer to 80, but that is being generous.

Well, he admitted he wasn't... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Well, he admitted he wasn't a good student at Occidental, and he didn't graduate from Columbia with honors (those lists are published and he wasn't on them). Even honors grads from Columbia have a hard time getting into Harvard Law, the competition is intense.

Grades don't necessarily correlate to IQ, of course. But they do count for admissions, so the questions are legitimate.

Why is it that the college transcripts of Bush, Gore, and Kerry were so readily available, but Obama's are held closer than state secrets? They were all B-/C+ undergrads, if he were at least that good there would be no real reason to hide them, would there? Except that if they were not, how the heck did he get into Harvard Law even WITH Affirmative Action? There were surely black applicants with better GPAs.

Oh well - just add it to the list of things we did NOT know about this character before we elected him.

There are several possible ... (Below threshold)

There are several possible explanations for Obama's academic history.

You are right, low grades do not correlate to IQ. I believe Obama wrote that he was going through some late adolescent turmoil at his time at Occidental. We also don't know how "low" his grades were. Is a B or B- or C+ low? Depends on your perspective.

Yes, he may have benefited from affirmative action in some ways. One of those possible ways is that he had high test scores and low grades, and the affirmative action made up for the low grades.

But to just make the fatwa that his IQ must be lowered because of affirmative action is BS.

I don't put much stock in test scores anyways. When I was a unit clerk in the Army, I had access to everyone's test scores as a part of personnel files and SIDPERS data. Supposedly the GT score on the ASVAB correlates to IQ. I had the second highest in the unit - the highest was a staff sergeant, with 160.

I found guys with 80 GT scores who were articulate and intelligent and wasn't able to say that the scores made much difference on how guys presented themselves or performed technically, as soldiers, or off-duty while doing things like learning German.

First off, standardized tes... (Below threshold)

First off, standardized test scores do not measure IQ, they measure what you have learned and retained. And the focus is mostly with regards to math and reading.

Obviously, Prez Obama has no math ability, and I suspect his language skills are mostly speaking. His comprehension of the Constitution seems woefully inadequate, especially for a "Constitutional scholar" such as he claims himself to be.

But that doesn't mean such silly claims as to his IQ have any worth, just as the stupid liberal "proofs" that Bush had a below average IQ. Just like the liberal "proofs" that conservatives are subhumans (or whatever premise they start with and then try to massage the statistics to support).

This type of crap is no better than the liberal "scholarly" analysis that "proved" that conservatives are just like fascists.

Rather than taking potshots like this at Obama, or trying to claim to know what evil lurks in his heart (as some conservative pundits try to do), it behooves us more to keep pointing out his lies and his policy failures.

Leave the "stupid" and "evil" name-calling to the liberal EEG flatliners.

Chico"Suppo... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Supposedly the GT score on the ASVAB correlates to IQ. I had the second highest in the unit - the highest was a staff sergeant, with 160. "

Highest ASFAB score possible is 150.

Sorry Highest GT Score poss... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Sorry Highest GT Score possible is 150

Highest ASVAB score is 99.

And you wont find many guys... (Below threshold)
retired military:

And you wont find many guys with 80 GT scores anymore as they either arent accepted (and havent been for a LONG LONG TIME) or if it is under 100 they have work to improve it.

I am having my doubts again about whether or not you actually served after your statements above.

To end the mystery on Obama... (Below threshold)
retired military:

To end the mystery on Obama;s IQ, test scores, and birth certificeate, he should allow release of all documents. He wont. The question is why.

Don't I recall that Dubya's... (Below threshold)

Don't I recall that Dubya's IQ came in at 120? OMG, that means...

Everything's clearer now.

Retired, I remember this gu... (Below threshold)

Retired, I remember this guy had a score of 160, this was in 1977. I looked the subject up and it appears that the test has been rescaled over the years:



Also, the ASVAB is basically a percentile score - 99 is the highest possible score because it means that 99 percent have scored less than you - you're in the top 1%.

Retired, I saw a lot of sol... (Below threshold)

Retired, I saw a lot of soldiers with GT scores below 100, even down into the 70s. The Army in the late 1970s had very low standards. The recruits who came in after the Vietnam-era GI bill tended to score even lower, as the college bound who wanted the GI bill no longer enlisted because of the inferior VEAP benefits.

Also note that Mensa does not accept the GT score after 1980 as a measure of IQ for membership:

ChicoMy bad. I re... (Below threshold)
retired military:


My bad. I remember it definitely being 150 as highest and I knew the ASVAB was percentile based.

I didnt know it had changed over the years (I have been retired 12 years now).

See, if I am wrong I dont mind saying so.

Also I know that the GT requirements for entry change from time to time.

Also I know that the draft ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Also I know that the draft accepted just about anyone else people who just deliberately get a low score to get out of being drafted.

For those wondering, standa... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

For those wondering, standard IQ is 100 with a standard deviation of 15. That means that 2/3rds of all people have an IQ between 85 and 115, with 1/6th below 85 and 1/6th above 115. So at 116 Barry *is* a bright boy -- smarter than 5/6th of the population. Not too shabby.

Still, at 116 that means that at least 14% of the population is smarter than him.

Incidentally, "Genius" means that you are 3-sigma high -- or at least three standard deviations higher than average. You have to have an IQ of 145 or higher to be a genius. But all that means is that you are smarter than 99.8% of the public. Or that in a town of 10,000 there are 20 people that are as smart or smarter than you.

Retired, usually if soldier... (Below threshold)

Retired, usually if soldiers argued with The Clerk, they might find three monthly allotments collected in one month's paycheck (by sitting on a pay change), but you seem like a nice guy, so I'll cut you some slack.

Don't mess with The Medic, either, he'll burn your shot records.

Wow!Chicka claims ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Chicka claims to be smarter than 0bama!

I figured 116 would be his ... (Below threshold)

I figured 116 would be his hat size. You know, big brain and all....

Stric @ 21,George ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

Stric @ 21,

George W. Bush, based on his AFQT and other testing which have become part of the public record, scores at 125 on IQ.

As for chicka's cherry picking, well... No National Merit mentions for 0bama which reinforces the AA admissions policies. Then again, we won't really know until he releases his academic records, will we?

Given 0bama's inability to answer questions or speak coherently without a TelePrompter...

Fyck.So if my SAT'... (Below threshold)


So if my SAT's were 1485 I'm more qualified than W or O?

What the hell am I doing sitting home with another bout of Meniere's?

Oh yeah, its just a coincidence that I wake up with the world spinning on the same day as this crap.

Never been a fan of using o... (Below threshold)

Never been a fan of using one score alone to determine anything about someone. My grades in HS were dross. I wasn't motivated and had untreated dyslexia (which in retrospect contributed to the former). And I was profoundly lazy since I never had to work to hard to get things done. But I had a 1300 on the SATs on the first pass at 16 without any prep, a 98% AFQT for the ASVAB (which I took at the last second to get out of a chemistry exam I hadn't prepped for).
Looking at one set of data, I shouldn't have been looked at by any schools, looking at the other I was a recruitors wet dream.
I wouldn't want to bring attention to my grades from HS or when I went to college the first time (less than a 2.0), but when I went again for another degree that I was motivated to get I got a 3.98 GPA.
Even with that later GPA to bolster my cause, my scores on standardized tests, the bit of afrimative action leverage I had (never used, TYVM) and a 4 sigma IQ... I don't think I would have gotten into Columbia and Harvard. So while I am not curious about BHOs birth certificate, I am very curious about his academic history.

I doubt Buraq's IQ is anywh... (Below threshold)

I doubt Buraq's IQ is anywhere near 116 but have no doubt whatsoever he'll not be faced with any of the difficulties encountered by those who're burdened by big brains in this boorishly little-brain world.

In reality the only reason ... (Below threshold)

In reality the only reason this comes up.
Michael Beschloss Where he declared BHO IQ was "of the chart"

The campaign leaked a story that his IQ was 170.

How do you know he took the... (Below threshold)
Sue Brown:

How do you know he took the SAT? Maybe he took the ACT instead?

Guys: Take off the tinfoil... (Below threshold)
Joe Schabotnic:

Guys: Take off the tinfoil hats and step out into the real world.

What is clear to everyone who follows your pathetic rants is this: It just galls you that a guy who looks like President Obama... just what it is about his appearance, I couldn't say... it just calls you that someone who looks like THAT could be so much more smart and successful than yourselves.

Joe Schabotnic @ 36,<... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Joe Schabotnic @ 36,

Trying to avoid running afoul of Graves law I see. Nice tap dance, but still the same play.

I'd be interested to know why you believe 0bama is "smart" and "successful."

Other than getting elected, just what has 0bama accomplished? Do pray tell...






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