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Britain: A crucible of terrorism


Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, two preachers who lived off state benefits after claiming asylum, are identified by the American authorities as the key recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists from throughout the world to Pakistan and Afghanistan via London mosques.

The leaked WikiLeaks documents, written by senior US military commanders at Guantánamo Bay, illustrate how, for two decades, Britain effectively became a crucible of terrorism, with dozens of extremists, home-grown and from abroad, radicalised here.

Finsbury Park mosque, in north London, is described as a "haven" for extremists. United States intelligence officials concluded the mosque served as "an attack planning and propaganda production base".

The files will raise questions over why the Government and security services failed to take action sooner to tackle the capital's reputation as a staging post for terrorism, which became so established that the city was termed "Londonistan".

The documents show that at least 35 detainees at Guantánamo had passed through Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is thought to be more than from any other Western nation.

Why was there failure to take action sooner?  Seriously?

Ask the multiculturally tolerant.  Ask the politically correct.

I suspect they'll have something to do with cogent and relevant answers.


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"Why was there failure to t... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"Why was there failure to take action sooner?"

Woop can tell us! It's because the world came to hate us under the rule of the "evil Bush", right Woop? He ruined our standing in the world.

Oh wait! Two decades, never mind.

Britain is Exhibit A for wh... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Britain is Exhibit A for what happens when leftism as public policy is allowed to erode that great pillar of society: law enforcement.

Projecting weakness to bad people always invites trouble.

Why are they on the dole, m... (Below threshold)

Why are they on the dole, might be a better question. Why allow them to claim asylum then spend the rest of their days on the dole. mpw

"Ask the multiculturally to... (Below threshold)

"Ask the multiculturally tolerant. Ask the politically correct."

I think the honest answer is that "So they'll eat me last."

Amazing how much stupidity can be masked by so-called intellectualism.

"Why was there failure to t... (Below threshold)

"Why was there failure to take action sooner?"

Answer GUILT.

The Britannia ruled the waves the Sun Never set on the British Empire and i it is because of that expansion that the "world suffered"

If it were not for the White Europeans all the world would be so much better.

This is the same undercurrent that people want in the USA. Texas, California was stolen from Mexico and it is because of this that their life is hard. Therefore we should allow them to cross into the country illegally. It does not matter if some of them are MS13 or if they carry disease we should embrace the Criminal Aliens.

In both cases people ignore the simple fact Civil Government matters.

Islam in the West is on ... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Islam in the West is on the march and it's primary incubation cell may be found at Finsbury Park Mosque, but focusing only on that idea will be fruitless. The only way to turn around the advance of this unarguably savage religion is to hammer it's great enablers in the West...the western ideals of political progressivism and the glove of that iron fist, politial correctness, (which intends, at its core, to stifle any speech contrary the views of the 'bloc sinister'). These are toxic twins that have a collective aim; the poisoning of the minds of our young, similar to the union violence forums on Jay Tea's post above.

Attack Islam first and you lose!

Just as that well-known ang... (Below threshold)

Just as that well-known anglo-American, Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, never did, most of the pathologically-ingrate Limeys will probably never get it that the sovereign state many of them still seem to feel they inhabit was already dead and buried by 1899.

That there is any fading facsimile of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization left anywhere among the europeons' Neo-Soviets' satellite states (or in Japan, say and/or in Canada) is entirely the consequence of the Marshall Plan and of the Trillions of Dollars of American treasure squandered among them during the past century or so.

But unless we wake up, we are also doomed. And there will be no America to ride to our rescue!






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