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Fred, Remembered

I read where Fred Thompson finally went public to explain the crater in his front yard that marked the end of his 2008 Presidential campaign.  A really sad thing, since Fred got within 1,191 delegates of winning the nomination.  Who can forget Thompson's impressive win in the ... oh yeah, he didn't win any of the primaries.  Well, it's not as if Fred wasn't right there at the start ... well OK, he didn't officially announce until September, but he jumped right into the debate ... although he missed the PBS debate on September 27th, and took a beating from the other candidates who showed up.  No matter, Fred was off and running and nothing could stop him - except, well, finishing third in South Carolina (finishing no better than 3rd in any of the five primaries he entered) and quitting the race in January 2008.  In February Fred Thompson endorsed John McCain.  And folks, there's no way around that - if you are endorsing McCain, you've just plain quit.


Look, I love many of the things Fred has said and done, and I think he had flashes of brilliance and potential.   But we have to face the fact that Fred was not prepared for the campaign, in any real sense, and he made a lot of mistakes that crippled him from the start he did make.   Winning the White House is not something that will happen just because the current President is incompetent and lazy.  The republican nominee will have to be tough, smart, and thoroughly prepared.  Having good ideas and a plan for how you will govern once you win, has nothing to do with getting on the general election ticket, much less winning the public's trust.  I actually voted for Fred in the Texas primary, since his name was still on the ballot, but I can't pretend he didn't quit when things got really tough.  And anyone thinking about running this time, had better be 100% committed to the whole marathon, not just figuring they will take the lead and make it a parade to the White House.


If the republicans really want a winner next year, they need to go back to the basics.  On the one hand, that means getting a southern governor to run, because historically those candidates do well (W, Clinton, Reagan, Carter were all successful governors from states in the southern half of the US) and governors have personal experience with things blowing up at the worst moment, and they always have plans on how to deal with it.  But it also means finding someone who is not only clear on the issues, but a genuine fighter on the hot points.  I think we can spot the early indicators:


IF a republican candidate makes it clear to the people that high gas prices are directly due to Obama's policies (drilling bans, political warfare against energy companies, etc.), and hammers that message home over and over and over, that candidate will get significant support from the average voter;


IF a republican candidate makes it clear that America will support the overthrow of dictators, but not attacks on innocent  civilians, and demands that Obama explain why he won't support Syrian protesters but will praise Hezbollah, and hammers that point home as well, that candidate will get significant support from the average voter;


IF a republican candidate makes it clear that imposing new taxes and burdens like Obamacare on ordinary people while unemployment is still high is unacceptable, and hammers that message home over and over again, that candidate will get significant support from the average voter.


If that candidate will do those things, THEN and ONLY then will he get the chance to lay out his plan for fixing the mess we're in.      


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Comments (27)

"If that candidate will do ... (Below threshold)

"If that candidate will do those things, THEN and ONLY then will he get the chance to lay out his plan for fixing the mess we're in."

She has been doing all those things.

"If the republicans really ... (Below threshold)

"If the republicans really want a winner next year, they need to go back to the basics."

Unfortunately, the next election can be lost if the Republicans try hard enough. Even against a loser like Barry.

Great post. It's ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Great post.

It's true that when Republicans run on the simple issues of taxes and security they win, hell, virtually every time. Whereas getting bogged down in disputes about various social issues is the political kiss of death for a national GOP candidate.

The governor thing also is a point well taken (although California might blanche at the notion of being southern).

Democrat Senators can be elected president (since their voters don't care about such things as experience or accomplishments), but Republicans need to have real executive experience to be elected. That doesn't mean on a TV show...

"Winning the White House is... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Winning the White House is not something that will happen just because the current President is incompetent and lazy. "

Well if gas is $6 a gallon in late 2012 then I think Mickey Mouse may stand a decent chance against Obama.

Republicans will screw us with either Romenycare or Huckabee.

I personally think that AZ gov may stand a decent chance against Obama. Especially with the right running mate ( dont think Huckabee, Romney or Trump are the ones. Would love to see Christie as VP or Ryan.

Of course if the republicans do field a strong challenger than that means that Hillary will be running as VP with Obama. If gas goes higher than $6 a gallon then I think Hillary will run against Obama.

Romneycare or Huckabee would be like giving Obama a 50 50 shot at reelection even with gas at $6 a gallon. They would so uninspire the base that it will be hard and Palin wont be there to save the base for them like she did for McCain.

If the following occurs </p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

If the following occurs

gas $6 a gallon
Strong Republican nominee
Hillary not on ticket as VP

Then I think California may have a decent chance at going in the republican column in 2012.

I was for Fred before he go... (Below threshold)

I was for Fred before he got Rino'd. I hope the AZ border hawk does not run again. Will not vote for Huckafee or RomneyCare.

Actually, I am focused on w... (Below threshold)

Actually, I am focused on winning the Senate so even if this Obamalama get's in again, he is neutered. ww

914Unfortunately n... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Unfortunately next year I have a feeling that many will be voting as I am.

for ABO.

Anybody But Obama.

Even if it is Romney or Huckabee.

Fred was pretty good as the... (Below threshold)

Fred was pretty good as the DA in Law and Order.


I agree on a number of your... (Below threshold)

I agree on a number of your points.

We do need someone who will give us something to vote for not just something to vote against.

I want a modern City on the hill candidate who talks about a strong economic future achieved through hard work and limited government.
Someone who talks about unleashing American power.
I want someone who is pro freedom
I really do not care about Syria.

I want an American President that will respect and support our Allies UK, Japan South Korea and Israel.

Seriously!Fred onl... (Below threshold)


Fred only ran because his trophy wife urged him on for her own benefit. It was painfully obvious.

She was the opportunist who wanted to live the D.C. lifestyle. Fred, not so much. All he did was go through the motions just to please his sugar-booger. Call it a win-win.

And who can blame him? Many men will do anything to keep a steady supply of primo MILF poon close at hand and on-demand.

Yeah, I most definitely wil... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I most definitely will probably end up that way. Just sick of playing the establishment entrenched game year after f-n YEAR.

Luckily we have AssWIPE'S like woop around to remind us how sick the left is. And ABO becomes mission 1

for those whose only knowle... (Below threshold)

for those whose only knowledge of Fred comes from Law and Order maybe you should Google Fred's other 2 careers he had before Law and Order ...

If you want a Pretty in Pink candidate to counter the Obama, The Won, The Man persona then Fred is most definately not your man ...

54% of the electorate didn't care about competence and experience in 2008 ... the hardcore libs will vote Obama in 2012 but the Indy's won't be fooled again and Indy voters love guys like Fred ...

Fred in the VP slot would be a perfect place for him, he would crush Biden in any debates and would bring some adult seriousness to the table in spades ... maybe with Pawlenty ...

914 I am tired of... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I am tired of it as well.

Everytime we the

"It's my turn" candidate we get our asses handed to us ala Dole and McCain.

I think it will be Huckabee or Romney in 2012 and then the other in 2016 if that one loses. In short, incompetent limp wristed RINOs who need to go to a sporting goods store to find a set of balls.

"She has been doing all tho... (Below threshold)

"She has been doing all those things."

Amen to comment number one! The answer is quite simple to me, either America comes together and stands behind her or we all go off a cliff.

There is only one candidate who has spent the last couple of years shouting from the rooftops about the need for energy independence and job creation. Only one candidate who correctly predicted the impact of Obamacare on our economy and of the coming failure of quantitative easing. Only one who has the experience and the track record to prove she knows how to reign in spending, create a surplus, and meet the needs of the people.

The choice is simple, folks. Stand behind her or bend over and kiss your country goodbye, because we won't survive another four years of this crap.

The conservatives always e... (Below threshold)

The conservatives always end up on the short end of the compromising shaft.

They compromise with Mc Cain who compromises repeatedly with Reid and the other leftist Sinators and the can gets kicked further down the road, they all go to lunch and enjoy the junkets taxpayer free and Government continues to grow way out of control.

Bigger Government= less freedom and more Europe.
Less Government = more freedom and more America.

Barry and the rino's prefer Europe.

914,The sad part i... (Below threshold)


The sad part is that liberals never run as liberals. Look at 2006 they were all about Out of control spending, family values and BHO was talking tough on War in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Remember how Pravda swooned over how much like a Commander in Chief heblooked when flying in the Blackhwk?

We need statight up conservative. Someone who will fight just as hard for their beliefs as BHO. That means appointing judges we want not backing down.

914TrueBu... (Below threshold)
retired military:



But at the same time look at the alternative.

As for me. I choose to get eaten by the alligator a bite at a time rather than jumping into his mouth with both feet.

I hope Romney and Huckabee follow the blogs and see the writing on the wall and stay the hell out of the race this year.

Maybe we can convince Kerry... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Maybe we can convince Kerry to do a primary run against Obama. Kerry is stupid enough to try and with gas at $6 a gallon he can promise to "jawbone them down" like he did against Bush.

Well its obvious the big mo... (Below threshold)

Well its obvious the big money is running the show and fouling everything up on both sides. You have to be a multi millionaire to even have a prayer in hell, which is ridiculous on its face for starters.

These politicians are not in it for the good of the People as servants but the good of themselves first and foremost. How You change this I do not know? I guess You go with what is perceived as the lesser of 2 evils.

Umm...Which southern state ... (Below threshold)

Umm...Which southern state was Reagan a governor for, I always thought it was California, which is a WESTERN state. (And spare me the 'southern half' idiocy. Be precise. Lazy political analysis is the realm of MSNBC...)

DJ, that is about as lazy a characterization as I have ever heard. The real trends of Presidential elections seem to be:

1) Be a Governor. It really doesn't matter the state.
2) Be a General or failing that, in the Army. (We have never had a President who had been in the Navy until JFK, and then got four in a row. None yet from the AF or Marines)
3)Be a Senator.

No one goes from the House of Representatives to the White House, and precious few 'independent' citizens have ever run, and none succeeded.

The big problem right now is that the House seems to not want to do anything that the Senate might find icky. If they pass legislature that addressees the problems you listed, and then the Senate or President block it, it means something. Right now, Boehner is playing playing power insider or a doing a deep con, I don't know which, and the nation is burning.

I can proudly say that I vo... (Below threshold)

I can proudly say that I voted for Fred! while NEVER in my life seen an episode of Law & Order, with or without him. It was his Watergate service, his Senate service, and his outstanding performance in "The Hunt For Red October" that clinched my vote for him in the New Hampshire primary.


22As good a reason... (Below threshold)


As good a reason as any. And way better then 'cause He's black and down with the struggle' mumble jumble we were fed in 2008.

Maybe he will do a sequel? The Hunt for Red November! Starring Barak Hussein Obama.

914,You change it ... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:


You change it with pitchforks and torches and tar and feathers and rope. It's simply a matter of how bad things have to get, how intolerable the greed and corruption have to become, before the populace decides to act. This is not a new pattern; it's happened throughout human history. You can't fix it in the voting booth, you can only delay it getting worse. Or as the brilliant Margaret Thatcher once said, "the ratchet only tightens to the left. The best we can do is slip it to the right."

If I don't find a conservat... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

If I don't find a conservative on the ballot, e.g., Mittens or Huckster extant, I'm writing her in.

Sorry about this, 'successf... (Below threshold)

Sorry about this, 'successful southern governors' (Jimmah-Bubbah Cartah???) but Two Thousand and Twelve is the Year of the Successful Northern Governor: United States of America's President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-Elect Sarah Louise Ronald Wilson Reagan Heath Palin!



.... Fred, Remembered ....<... (Below threshold)

.... Fred, Remembered ....

Thompson Sawyer and Huckabee Finn?

That Fred?

And that RINO.






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