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Woop, Here He Isn't!


Every so often we dust off the ban hammer and start smacking.  The recipient today is noted troll Woop.  The tribe has spoken and it's time for him to leave.  Unlike this season on Survivor, we don't do Redemption Island, so it's farewell for good.  Tears will not be shed...


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Because freedom isn't free.... (Below threshold)

Because freedom isn't free.

but stupidity apparently is... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

but stupidity apparently is.

What did he say that got hi... (Below threshold)

What did he say that got him banned, besides disagreeing with y'all?

I didn't agree with him all the time, either, but what's the point of having comments if you're all going to echo each other? Seems boring to me.

If Woop's offenses were not... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

If Woop's offenses were not obvious to you, and you find the site "boring" without him, I've heard that if you ask Kevin politely he will allow you to go elsewhere, and even give all your money back.

No, they weren't obvious to... (Below threshold)

No, they weren't obvious to me at all, unless you mean "offenses" in the Soviet sense of "deviating from the party line."

I suppose if I were a doubleplusgood rightthinker like you, Jim, I'd get it.

There are a lot of commenters here who write nothing but personal insults, but I guess you get a pass on that if you are "politically correct."


Because freedom isn't fr... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Because freedom isn't free.

Neither are bandwidth and blog hosting, idiot. Are you worried that you're next, that you might not have an audience for your sad attention-seeking?

Quit whining, Chico. You, like Woop, are a guest here. Woop made a hobby of coming in here day after day (after day, after day, after day, after endless damned day) and pissing on the rug. He (like you) have nothing but sneering contempt for those who dare to disagree with your mindless progressivism... and he, like you, rarely have anything interesting to say.

You don't have freedom here, drone. You, like Woop and everyone else who comments here, are here at the allowance of the editors and owners of Wizbang. Feel free to get your own blog and whine about it all you like.

I didn't agree with him ... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

I didn't agree with him all the time, either

Horsesh!t. When have you ever disagreed with him on any subject?

Oh, and Kevin: <a ... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:
"but what's the point of ha... (Below threshold)

"but what's the point of having comments if you're all going to echo each other? Seems boring to me."

I appreciate dissenting opinion here. However, if you open your eyes the gathering of like-minded individuals is not an unusual thing in our society. In fact, this right of free assembly is protected by the Constitution. Even more, all commenters here are really guests. Woop is not a pleasant guest. I would not have him in my house.

ChicoFor those who... (Below threshold)
retired military:


For those who have been beaten to death by the clueless bat (count Woop and Obama among them) among his MANY transgressions were as follows:

(Kevin feel free to correct me on any of these)

a. Numerous, repeated, unfounded allegations of racism on just about every thread.

b. Numerous, repeated, unfounded hijacking of threads

c. Numerous, repeated, unfounded incidents of crapping on threads

d. Numerous, repeated, unfounded incidents of racism. In short, if you consistently feel that people only criticize Obama because of his race than you have a deepseated issue WITH HIS RACE because for you that is the only reason that people have justification for criticizing him. You are fixated on his race and not everyone else. You feel that his race is the only thing worth criticizing and that is why YOU FEEL that the only thing will use is his race to criticize him.

Alas Poor Woop we knew him WAY TOO WELL (and hope to never meet him again).

KevinOnce again. ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Once again. Thank you. When I get my bonus check I will donate a little something towards the site for the troll disinfestation spray.

BTW ChicoHave you ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW Chico

Have you seen anyone calling for the banning of the following:

Jim X
Bruce Henry
Tina S.

(That is the current list of routine liberal posters I believe).

And the answer is umm No.


Look at their posts and look at Woop's.

Then go back and look at the previous bannee prior to Woop. His name was Lee Ward.

Read enough posts and I am sure you will notice similarities between what Woop had to say and what Lee Ward had to say and I am not talking about the " I love Obama, Bush is evil" posts.

Chicoanswer me thi... (Below threshold)
retired military:


answer me this.

If you had a bunch of people over to your house for say a football party. One of them shows up, drags dog crap into the house, wipes it on your rug, insults your other guests repeatedly, keeps changing the channel to watch soap operas, and then leaves, insulting you and not even saying thanks for the invite in the process would you ever invite them back?

That was Woop.

In summary: Kevin opened a ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

In summary: Kevin opened a can of whoop-ass on woop's ass.

Sorry, maybe later in the day I could have resisted writing that. UOG

I would have banned Woop af... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

I would have banned Woop after the second time he called tea partiers "teabaggers." It's time conservative blogs stopped putting up with the swarms of leftist trolls. Note that I'm not talking about Jim X, Bruce, Tina, or the other lefties who can argue and defend their positions... I'm talking about mentally ill leftist drones like Woop who infest many conservative blogs down to the molecular level. Ban them, and listen to their impotent cries of rage as they lose their audience.

As far as me disagreeing wi... (Below threshold)

As far as me disagreeing with Woop, I think I've made it clear that I'm not an Obama fanboy, as he was. I also don't like dumb birther and other nonsense attacks on Obama or anyone else either (see the fact-free one on his IQ below this one as an example).

I'll admit I like pricking someone's balloon. If I don't comment on something, it's often something I agree with, or not really subject to debate (like Rick's posts on his personal religious belief).

As far as me disagreeing... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

As far as me disagreeing with Woop, I think I've made it clear that I'm not an Obama fanboy, as he was.

Well, that was... very unspecific. EXACTLY WHAT do you disagree with Woop on, Chico? Abortion? Debt? Medicare? Name a specific subject. You accusing Woop of being an Obama fanboy while thinking you're not shows a lack of introspection on your part.

I note you didn't address anything else I wrote. You were here earlier shouting about "freedom" like you were William Frikkin' Wallace, and now nothing. Do the editors of Wizbang have the right to ban whomever they like or not, Chico? Are they paying for the blog space and the bandwidth or not?

And most importantly, do they have to put up with an annoying, sneering troll or not?

Yes, chico, he had dissenti... (Below threshold)

Yes, chico, he had dissenting opinions. So he was banned. Those dissenting opinions were:

* Anyone associated with the Tea Party was a "teatard" or "teabagger"
* Anyone commenting here that disagreed with him was 1) a "pimping lying slob" 2) a "joking asshole" 3) a "rube" 4) living in a "circle jerk world of amazing bullshit" (and those were all from one thread)

There's so much more and I'm only allowed so many characters in a comment.

Yes, there are times that one of the regulars on the right will engage in ad hominem and it's wrong to do that (unless one is simply shooting back) but instances by those individuals aren't nearly as prevalent or as vitriolic as woop could be in a single comment thread.

He added nothing of value to the discussion. As has been said, he would just pop in, crap on the carpet, and often play in it and fling it around, then leave, having done nothing more than derail the discussion and poison the well some more.

Poor woop. It must have been awful to be filled with so much hatred.

For the record:1) ... (Below threshold)

For the record:

1) I did not make this decision.

B) I was not consulted on this decision.

III) I did not write the announcement, or have any input on it.

And I find that deeply regrettable.

Because I would have enjoyed the hell out of each of them.

My only objection to this action was that I was denied the pleasure of even a bit of participation in it.

But I can still enjoy it...


Of course a private website... (Below threshold)

Of course a private website can ban anyone they want, Evil. Who can dispute that? You can have nothing but fawning suckass comments if you want. You can even edit other people's comments, if you can't take opposing views.

Retired, I just ignore the comments not worth engaging. I admit I didn't read Woop closely. But there are numerous commenters here who don't answer with any substance or humor. Me, I've been called "scum," "asshole." So what? Water off duck's back. If someone can post "libtard" every other comment, what's wrong with "teatard," except it's not "politically correct?"

Chico, here's a fundamental... (Below threshold)

Chico, here's a fundamental difference between you being abused, and us:

This ain't your site.

This is our home, so our rules. And among them is, you don't get too abusive in our eyes.

Commenters can come and go as they please, but us authors/editors are invested in this place. We work to keep this place going. And that investment means we get to assert a bit of authority when we feel like it.

Even you would have to agree that in the vast majority of cases, we are exceptionally tolerant. And we almost always give warnings -- repeated warnings -- before we act.

Woop pushed too many buttons, and the last one was marked "trap door."

He wasn't the first, he won't be the last. And there are some who think this wasn't his first trip out the trap door, but at least his third.


A very great day to start m... (Below threshold)

A very great day to start my day. Woop is gone. That fellow didn't bring anything but juvenile invective, race baiting and hate.

Chico, you not getting why he is banned somehow does not surprise me. Liberals miss the obvious. ww

OysterYou forgot t... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You forgot that anyone that disagreed with him was a racist as well.


Do you post on topic usually?
Do people as a rule call you scum?
Do you call someone who disagrees with you a racist no matter what it is they disagree with you on (example. You wore tennis shoes today. Wooop - I dont like tennis shoes so that makes you a racist).

As I stated, go back and read Woops comments and you will get a good idea of what we mean.

Here let me help you out a bit.


Title of thread

Beldar vs Obama on detention of illegal combatants

And woops comments on the thread as follows (yes I will abbreviagte some for brevity)

Comment number 3 (racism accusation)
Naw, Bush was White - there was no reason for you morons to whine against Bush when he suggested closing GITMO.

But let dat HUSSEIN Mulsim born in Kenya suggest it and hoo-yah - big problem.


Comment number 6 (totally ignoring facts that others have brought to the table and throwing out red herrings)

Bush said he wanted to close it. What part did you not believe - when his lips were moving?

Nobody cared when Bush tried to close it... The point is that both sides tried to close it and failed.

But HUSSEIN is the bad guy? Silly wabbit.

Comment 10 (Racism allegation)

Bush wanted to close Gitmo - said so publicly - and he failed.

No difference. Right wingers look like racist morons again. They have no standards or principals - it's just spew BS, get caught, throw some childish indults at their oppoonents, then sulk away and post more crap.

No difference.

Comment 15 (ignoring other's arguments completely and racism componennt)

Was Bush lying about closing GITMO? Of course he was - it was all a vacant campaign promise.

Again, no difference - GITMO promises unkept - no difference - except for skin color.

If this Faux rage is not as a result of Obama's skin color - and everything else is equal - which it is - someone want to explain why it's ok when Bush tries and fails but not ok for Obama when he tries and fails on the very same issue.

Sure looks like racism to me but feel free to explain how it isn't...

Comment 19 ( same reasons as 15)

Are you claiming Bush didn't try to close GITMO, Rodney?

Of course you aren't - because that would be a lie -- you're just parsing the truth to hide your racism.
Come on Rodney - spew some more crap as you try to hide your real motivces for pposting this.

Bush tried and failed - Obama tried and failed -- for those keeping score the only difference is that Bush is White and Obama is black.

Then after the Thread's OWNER stated Woop was unwelcome in the thread due to his racism allegations Woop posted again (and that post was deleted)

Now go and look at the entire thread's comments. This is typical Woop. He is the first one to bring racism charges (Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the thread) and the only other mention of racism by other posters is the other posters telling him that he is crying wolf.

It gets extremely old after awhile and extremely offensive for me at least as I have a stepdaughter that is biracial. So the racism comments make light of and denegrates serious issues close to home for me

Noone on this board has not stated that there arent racist on the right (there are way way too many (1 is too many IMO) on both sides. But racism is not the basis of each and every criticism of Obama despite Woop's allegations.

And if you think the above example is an aboration I dare you to pick 5 threads at random which Woop has made more than one comment in and I will bet you $25 (donated to Wizbang site ) that 3 of them will contain the same unfounded accusations of racims.

BTW ChicoJay Tea w... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW Chico

Jay Tea warned Woop on his crap not more than 10 days ago (if that).

That was interesti... (Below threshold)

That was interesting. Did someone get so tired of ad homs, topic changing and goal post moving that he/she said enough? Hope so.

I remember saying a bit ago, that engaging with trolls like woop was counterproductive, and illogical.

Nice to see for once, someone agrees.

Of course,you do realize th... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Of course,you do realize that the cockroach will be back soon under a new screen name with a different IP address.

Chicoregarding you... (Below threshold)
retired military:


regarding your birther comment.

I do not consider myself a birther. I believe that there is ample evidence to indicate Obama was most likely born in the US.

If we were talking about someoone who working as a dog catcher than I dont think it would matter that much. But we are talking about POTUS so in my mind we should be 100% positive based on the constitutional requirements.

At the same time there are questions which Obama appears to definitely be dodging.

a. His academic records are not avaiable for review. These can show things like stated citizenship, SS #, religion, etc.

b. His passport records are not avaialable for review. These show SS#, citizenship data, etc

c. Why is he spending millions to keep his long form birth certificate from becoming public? If not due to place of birth then what is he trying to hide from the public.

d. His purported SS number starts with 042 (goodle Obama 042 social security) which during the time he was given it was a number assigned to folks in CT which Obama was not at this time of his life.

In short, there are enough holes out there to cause concern on my part as to what is Obama trying to hide. I look at Obama hiding his birth certificate about the same as Clinton lying about Lewinski. In the long run nothing will happen about it and if he was clean about it in the first place the mess would go away a lot faster and had been a lot smaller.

IrongrandpaThat ma... (Below threshold)
retired military:


That may be true (ref Woop) but changing your writing style is extremely difficult especially when trying to change it so that professional writer's dont make the connection.

You can do it for a while but you will slip up. Use the same sentence structures, use the same phrases, etc. That stuff is ingrained.

More to the point: it isn't... (Below threshold)

More to the point: it isn't identities that get you banned, it's conduct.

If woop comes back under a new ID, fine with me. He'll either learn to behave himself better, or he'll be banned all over again.

We don't look for reasons to ban someone; we look for reasons to not ban them. Woop ignored warnings, kept up the anti-social behavior, and paid the price.

To coin a phrase, "no big woop."


Why is he spending milli... (Below threshold)

Why is he spending millions to keep his long form birth certificate from becoming public?

Spending millions? I never heard that one before, personally I think that Obama's just rolling with Hawaii law on what they issue as birth certificates. He doesn't have to do anything more. Maybe he's a bastard, there was no wedding of his parents.

I also wonder if it's a long trick, something like the falsified Bush TXANG records, to suck in opponents. The birthers, like LTC Terry Lakin and Orly Taitz, look like fools. The Republican party is tarred by association. I think Obama might release a long form - in October 2012 - to crush the crazies after they've been foaming at the mouth for months.

As far as records go, I don't think we ever got all the records of every presidential candidate. There were certainly omissions in both Bush's and Kerry's released service records.

Chico ..."I think ... (Below threshold)

Chico ...

"I think Obama might release a long form - in October 2012 - to crush the crazies after they've been foaming at the mouth for months."

Looks like Obama blinked alittle sooner than you expected ... like 18 months sooner ...

Trump 1, Obama 0

ChicoI saw the oth... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I saw the other thread ref birth certificate.

As I stated I felt that there was sufficient evidence to show that Obama was born in the US however questions remain.

Again this may answer some questions but not others (ie his Social security number, academic records, etc).

Ref Bush and Kerry's military records. Bush didnt sign the DD form but he authorized full release of his records to the press. Kerry signed the DD form but only for 3 specific members of the press (all 3 of which I believe worked for the Boston Herald and one of which was his official biographer), he did not and has not released all his records to date. There are still several things in Kerry's records which dont make sense. Maybe you can shed light on it since your MOS was 75B.

I may get the particulars wrong here since I dont feel like looking this stuff up again and it has been 6+ years. On his DD214.

a. Shows he was award Silver (or could be bronze) star with valor device (silver (bronze whichever it is) stars dont have valor devices).

b. Award date of all his medals are the same.

Those are the 2 main glaring things that I remember.

Now you've done it. You hav... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Now you've done it. You have injured Woop and friend's sense of entitlement. You have shaken their conviction that it is to be their unchallenged right to bloviate at your expense. The world will never be the same.

Those whining rotters who never rouse themselves to any effort, who do not possess the ability of a filing clerk, but demand the income of a company president, who drift from failure to failure and expect you to pay their bills, who hold their wishing as an equivalent of your work and their need as a higher claim to reward than your effort, who demand that you serve them, who demand that it be the aim of your life to serve them, who demand that your strength be the voiceless, rightless, unpaid, unrewarded slave of their impotence, who proclaim that you are born to serfdom by reason of your genius, while they are born to rule by the grace of incompetence, that yours is only to give, but theirs only to take, that yours is to produce, but theirs to consume, that you are not to be paid, neither in matter nor in spirit, neither by wealth nor by recognition nor by respect nor by gratitude—so that they would ride on your rail and sneer at you and curse you, since they owe you nothing, not even the effort of taking off their hats which you paid for? Atlas Shrugged

Apparently Whoop wasn't 'To... (Below threshold)

Apparently Whoop wasn't 'Too big to Fail'.

Whoop I'm gonna miss the li... (Below threshold)

Whoop I'm gonna miss the little Mother F**ker...not...but I am sure he'll be back.

Chico's lament reminds me o... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Chico's lament reminds me of the difference between people who understand they have duties and obligations, and people who ignore such things.

Woop held a perfect record, in that he never once contributed to the value of a discussion, offered cogent support for his opinion, or showed any respect whatsoever for the site owner or the culture of this site.

I count him a suicide.

Retired,I think Ke... (Below threshold)


I think Kerry might have been given a general or undesirable (other than honorable) discharge from the reserves, years after his active duty was up. No real reason for that, but Nixon hated him for the war protests and might have done it for spite.

Kerry's DD-214 and discharge were then later upgraded to honorable and that might explain why the dates were all messed up.

As far as the "combat V" goes Bronze Stars are given with a combat V, otherwise they are essentially Meritorious Service Medals given in a war zone. Kerry did get a Bronze Star with combat V. Adding the "combat V" to the notation about his Silver Star was probably just a clerical error by a Navy Yeoman.

I also think there are a lot of problems with Bush's record. It certainly wasn't distinguished. We never saw his OERs, for example.

Excuse me? "No reason"? S... (Below threshold)

Excuse me? "No reason"? Sorry, but Johnny was in the Reserves. He went to Paris as a civilian to meet with NVA officials.

He got a BCD. Thanks to Carter 'a board of officers' reviewed Kerry's discharge and upgraded it.

My Honorable Discharge says nothing about "upon review by a board of officers" - Kerry's does.

And Johnny boy has yet to release ALL of his military records. Just like that yacht tax he's 'going to pay'.

Wait long enough and people forget.

ChicoDo you still ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Do you still have your OERs? I know I dont have my NCOERs.

Did we see Kerry's OERs?

"Kerry's DD-214 and discharge were then later upgraded to honorable and that might explain why the dates were all messed up."

I think you are right on this but we dont know for certain becuase Kerry never stated it. Why is this important you ask? Because Kerry made his campaign about Vietnam. "I'm John Kerry, reporting for duty". Then by his deeds he was weighed and measured and umm found wanting.

Bush on the other hand didnt make his campaign about his OERs and was the subject of fake documents from Dem Operatives.

"Adding the "combat V" to the notation about his Silver Star was probably just a clerical error by a Navy Yeoman."

Possible. But I tend to doubt it. Why? Because I dont konw about Navy records but I know for the Army ones those were hand typed with some of the stuff being hand written. The V stuff was typed on the 214 that I saw. you dont normally type stuff onto a document when you arent sure because those were a pain to reproduce by hand. And Officer records are generally scrutinzied closer because of the promotion boards they go to. In addition, you get your 214 when you get out and one of the things you do is sign a declaration that the information is correct (at least Army did when I retired). yeah yeah I know most people dont even give it a second glance but again, you know that Silver stars dont get valor devices and you probably didnt see that many silver stars during your time. THe clerks during the Vietnam days saw them a lot more and were much more familiar with the regs surrounding them.

In short, we dont know. it could have been a simple mistake but as with Obama's birth certificate things not all the things add up. Instead of coming clean with details obfuscating things and dragging them out only serve to make you look guilty.

If you remmeber the flap over Kerry throwing ribbons or medals over the wall. I stated then that what Kerry had said about the 2 phrases being interchangeable was in fact correct. When you talk about your class As you talk about your ribbons being on straight even if some of those ribbons represent things like the Silver Star, Bronze star, etc.

woop.poop.... (Below threshold)
Hell's Flight Attendant:



Adios' Eau De Poop!!... (Below threshold)

Adios' Eau De Poop!!

Had to do this.Whe... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Had to do this.

Where is Olaf??

Woop, there it is.

Early on I said Woop was Br... (Below threshold)

Early on I said Woop was BryanD. I still stand by that. Different socks, same drawer.

I don't think he was BryanD... (Below threshold)

I don't think he was BryanD - he was more in the vein of a JFO.

Early on I said Wo... (Below threshold)
Early on I said Woop was BryanD. I still stand by that. Different socks, same drawer.

I disagree. Nothing in Woop's posts gave me the impression that he was living in his own little universe the way BryanD's always did.

Also, the only comments Woop ever posted were substance-free insults and vitriol. BryanD may have been a nutjob, but his posts generally weren't hateful.

.... Poor woop. It must be ... (Below threshold)

.... Poor woop. It must be awful to be filled with so much hatred ....

Ask any "Democrat" -- or better yet just look at their faces.

Unless he's coke and/or marijuana lobotomized himself and can maintain an around-the-clock gormless grin, (EG: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4737318729 ) no "Democrat" has yet figgered how to convince his face he's having a good time. And every one of them has the face he deserves and/or has earned!






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