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White House exhibiting "control freak instincts"

Some find this suprising apparently:

The White House that fancies itself as the most transparent in history is not without its control-freak instincts when it comes to media access.

It seems that Team Obama was none too pleased that veteran Chronicle political reporter Carla Marinucci posted a 40-second video of a group of supporters-turned-protesters serenading the president a cappella - "We paid our dues ... where's our change" - at a recent fundraising breakfast at San Francisco's St. Regis Hotel. The protesters' objection: the treatment of Wikileaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning.

The White House threatened that Marinucci would no longer be allowed to serve as a pool reporter during future Obama swings west. Marinucci's apparent offense was shooting video during an event that was closed to broadcast journalism.

Last we checked, this was the 21st century, and Obama was the politician with the comfortable mastery of social networking - at least when it serves his purposes, as in having a cozy town hall at Facebook or soliciting donations for what is expected to be a $1 billion re-election campaign.

The White House appeared to be backing off from its banishment of Marinucci late Thursday. Still, the fact that television and radio reporters are not allowed into most fund-raising events is unacceptable. We also find ourselves disturbed that some print journalists would go along with the administration's attempt to pull an audio and video curtain at fund-raising events.

You catch that last sentence? The San Francisco Chronicle is distrubed that some in the media are Obama shills and that they'd go along with filtering the news.

Imagine that.


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Comments (16)

Oh My! The first Black Nixo... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Oh My! The first Black Nixon? Does he keep an enemies list too?

@Don L - re: BHO enemies li... (Below threshold)

@Don L - re: BHO enemies list - I'm betting on it.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

The key to this is the very... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The key to this is the very exposure of the prostitution of the very media that was given special constitutional protection to prevent this dictatorial nonsense -instead they've become the man's goon squads with Blackberrys as weapons against America.

At least most professions will come to the defense of another when it is little more than an attack upon them and their profession as well as the nation. Hookers have just been elevated above another of the "soul sales professions."

Obviously The San Francisco... (Below threshold)

Obviously The San Francisco Chronicle is RACIST!

So the 'intellectual elite' of the West Coast press are surprised that Team Obama believes in retribution when reporters don't simply regurgitate the party line?

We should rid ourselves o... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

We should rid ourselves of the notion that the MSM is a distinct, separate entity that just happens to favor one political side over the other and will eventually 'wise up' and succumb to their better, noble instincts and high journalistic ethics.
The MSM is overwhelmingly populated by dedicated, kool-aid drinking lefties-they are the same people who took over the Madison capitol,dominate DU comment threads,attend Colbert-Stewart rallies and Twitter ugly hate filled insults at conservatives and Republicans.
Just look at the "Journolist" affair of last year.
They ARE Obama and are simply an extension of him and are another facet the leftoid hive.
Look how easily mainline "journalists" slip in and out of this and other Dem hierarchy.
Forget the idea of them abandoning Obama and his leftist regime. Ain't gonna happen.

With no substance behind th... (Below threshold)

With no substance behind the presidency, the image must be maintained at all costs, namely that everyone loves Obama and there's never any dissent at his fundraisers.

And yet Obama recently received an award for transparency in his administration, and that, at a closed door event that barred the media.

It's amazing, really, that he treats the MSM like dogs and they still sing his praises.

History will not be kind to... (Below threshold)

History will not be kind to Barry Hussein Soetoro Obamadinijad or his hypocrite angry anti-American spouse Moochelle.


The media got to walk a nar... (Below threshold)

The media got to walk a narrow line just now.
IF they do not make some overt attacks on BHO locking them out they know they will not be able to complain when they get locked out of the Republican fund raisers.

Also many are asking why the Media did not take a more aggressive stance on the BC thing years ago.

Barack Obama hammers home t... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama hammers home the "Re-distribution-of-Wealth" system he so admires in his request to bring his socialist ideology to America. "
This is a sick, unsustainable system, which President Obama is doing everything he can to make even worse."


Which budget would you prefer to cut? http://therealrevo.com/blog/?p=44118 & http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/site/comments/some-questions-about-the-obama-birth-certificate/

With that said above, "PLEASE AMERICA, watch the other hand of Barack Obama while all of this is being played out. If you, believe that The President has your back side covered and is a true American hero that has your best interests at heart, do NOT pay any attention to the article that is below.


Democrats do not resent "th... (Below threshold)

Democrats do not resent "the so-called rich people" on be-half of the poor. They resent the rich people on be-half of the government!

Notice that this president ... (Below threshold)

Notice that this president is acting more and more like the dictator the left accused the last president of being.

Hell, that's nothing. Obam... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Hell, that's nothing. Obama literally could start waterboarding journalists in broad daylight and in Nov. 2012 they'd still vote to reelect him by nearly a 100-0 margin.

What happens when a control... (Below threshold)

What happens when a control freak loses control?

Fatal attraction comes to mind.

Bronstein only complains wh... (Below threshold)

Bronstein only complains when his ox is gored.

Jay Carney and the White Ho... (Below threshold)

Jay Carney and the White House press office better get used to this kind of reporting. New media, new rules.

"Fatal attraction comes to ... (Below threshold)

"Fatal attraction comes to mind."

And he's got nukes. Oh, joy.






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