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"Obama marinates in the foul identity politics that are the bread and butter of modern progressives"

I'm a huge fan of Ronald Maxwell's movie Gettysburg, an adaptation of Michael Shaara's novel The Killer Angels and so when I came across Robert Avrech's post highlighting General John Buford, I perked up:

John_Buford.jpgBuford led from the front and read the battlefield [at Gettysburg] with almost supernatural clarity. Coupled with the incredible bravery of the dismounted cavalry of his First Corps, Buford selected the ground and then exploited every fold and ridge--the defense of Little Round Top, the Union flank, was much like the Israeli tank defense of the Golan Heights in '73--leading to a costly victory.

Such genius is rare, but in the life of a nation, necessary.

Good stuff... but then Robert transitions to today and with that transition, gets even better:

Heads of state must also know how to read the ground; they must understand every nuance of the international landscape and move with wisdom and bravery in the national interest.

Last week, explaining Barack Obama's collapsing foreign policy, The New Yorker quoted a White House claim that Obama is, "Leading from behind."

A deeply Orwellian turn of phrase.

And in truth, the writer Ryan Lizza paints a devastating portrait of a chaotic and incomptent POTUS.

This from the New Yorker, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought.

By undermining America's allies, England, France, Israel, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc., and trying to get all Kumbaya with totalitarian monsters like Syria and Iran, Obama has convinced foreign powers that America is an unreliable if not treacherous ally.

One other note about the great John Buford. He was born in Kentucky but raised in Illinois. His father was a slave-owner, a prominent Democrat who was a bitter opponent of Abraham Lincoln.

Buford had every reason to join the Southern cause. But John Buford's moral compass was exquisitely calibrated and he committed himself to the Union, thereby transcending the broken morality of his upbringing.

Barack Obama does not lead from the front.

His moral compass seems, at best, unsteady.

And instead of transcending his radical roots including 20-years as a faithful member of Jeremiah Wright's Jew and America hating church, Obama marinates in the foul identity politics that are the bread and butter of modern progressives.

Certainly, Mr. Obama cannot read the battlefield.

Or worse, he reads the battlefield as one who looks to ensure that the side from which he purports to do battle is diminished so that in the end, his personal agenda instead achieves victory.

Obama is the anti-Buford and whereas America gained by Buford's leadership, America is poised to lose and lose much by Obama's.

2012 cannot get here soon enough.


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I beg to differ. Barry has... (Below threshold)

I beg to differ. Barry has a 'moral compass'. It always points to Barry.

Mitch Daniels is Buford.</p... (Below threshold)

Mitch Daniels is Buford.

We have constantly heard th... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

We have constantly heard that Obama is exceptionally intelligent. I have never seen any indication of that. In fact, he seems quite ordinary. In that vein, it is hard, if not impossible, to see Obama as Machiavellian. Events overtake Obama. He is constantly being caught flatfooted. When he tries to take charge, he fails.

This is all so reminiscent of Carter. Carter is still running around the world, failing but thinking he is making some kind of difference. As Glenn Reynolds puts it, "Carter like" is the best case for Obama. We will probably end up with worse.

Have I mentioned my dislike... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

Have I mentioned my dislike for military political analogies?

Politics favors compromise and consensus, and rewards delaying decisions and stating positions for as long as possible.

Military operations favor decisive action and bold strokes. A poor choice made early is more likely to prosper than the perfect decision made too late.

Worse, politicians tend to make terrible generals and vice versa.

Past actions are a good ind... (Below threshold)

Past actions are a good indicator of future performance.

"PRESENT!" Is not a decision, it's political ass covering.

Barry prefers to 'lead from the rear' for good reason. It's safer politically, and when the rout comes, you'll be out in front.

GarandFan,Just thi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


Just think of him [0bama] as a piss poor "hindmost" [Pierson's Puppeteer from Niven's "Ringworld"].

Worse, politicians tend ... (Below threshold)

Worse, politicians tend to make terrible generals and vice versa.

Eisenhower was a great general and president.

And Rick's rant of the day looks pretty foolish now.
Obama may be mediocre, but he's a hell of a lot better than Bush, who caused chaos while prancing around in a flight suit.

Heh. chicka took the bait.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

Heh. chicka took the bait.

As Generals go Eisenhower was a politician. He was the arbiter and referee of the Allied Powers vice an actual operational commander. A good man, and very effective in the role he filled, but still more of a politician and diplomat than an operational commander.

As regards Bush vs 0bama, Bush established the policies, the tools, and the strategic direction which 0bama promised to depart from, but never got around to actually doing. 0bama called this shot, and it worked out. That makes him 1-0-0 with 2 undecided.

ChicoStop with the... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Stop with the leftwing talking points. Geez. Come up with some original thought.

"As Generals go Eisenhower ... (Below threshold)

"As Generals go Eisenhower was a politician. He was the arbiter and referee of the Allied Powers vice an actual operational commander. A good man,"

Eisenhower deliberately starved to death a million German POWs and millions of German civilians under his military government. He was most certainly not a "good man", unless one contends these prostrate and defenseless Germans 'had it coming'.

axel,I'd ask for c... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


I'd ask for cites, but I rather doubt you have any and I'm even less sure they'd bolster your position or change my opinion of General Eisenhower.






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