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Hope and change in Canada

Surprising election results to the north... might this be an omen of things to come here at home:

Canada's Conservatives stormed to a decisive victory in Monday's federal election, winning 54 percent of the seats in Parliament and securing a stable four-year term in power after vowing to focus on the economy.

The Conservatives grabbed 167 seats in Canada's Parliament, well above the 155 they needed to transform their minority government into a majority, according to provisional results. They won about 40 percent of the vote, beating expectations.

The victory, a relief for Canadian financial markets, left support for the separatist Bloc Quebecois in tatters and the party's leader without a seat. Bloc Quebecois advocates independence for the province of Quebec.

The Liberals, who have ruled Canada for more years than any other party, were reduced to a dismal third place showing with their worst ever seat haul.

"What a great night. ... Canadians can now turn the page on the uncertainties and the repeat elections of the past seven years and focus on building a great future," Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper told a victory rally in Calgary, Alberta early on Tuesday morning.

Great night indeed.


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Comments (21)

Hyper is having a collectiv... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hyper is having a collective shit fit right about now.


Not to worry, there's still... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, there's still places where Hyper's ideology rules-- Cuba, & North Korea come to mind, but Brazil is also headed that way so if Canada becomes to conservative, Hyper can aways move to one of those other bastions of leftism.

Hyper, you are now in the m... (Below threshold)

Hyper, you are now in the minority. ww

Hope and change hyper can b... (Below threshold)

Hope and change hyper can believe in!!

Hyper is truly a token now.... (Below threshold)

Hyper is truly a token now.
Conservatives are tired of the 'ruling class liberals' and are now going to govern with a conservative mandate.

I'm an American with Canadi... (Below threshold)

I'm an American with Canadian resident status who divides his time between one of Canada's maritime Provinces and Malaysia. I happen to be in Canada now and am having a bit of fun today. There are 2 communities on this island - one being very conservative, and the other is not so much. I took lunch today at the local diner and thought I was going to have to dodge food, fists, or feet at one point. It's easy to spot a conservative at lunch: He's the guy that has to get back to work after a quick bite. The others have a little more time on their hands.

Well yes, it's good and bad... (Below threshold)

Well yes, it's good and bad news. Yes, the Conservatives won a majority, and the Liberals were decimated, but the Official Opposition, the party with the second most seats, is now the New Democrat Party. the NDP are basically a socialist party and so even further left of the Liberals. That will have an effect on our Parliament.

The Canadian results mirror... (Below threshold)

The Canadian results mirror what happened in US House races last year. Unfortunately, for the next election, we will be back to the top-heavy politics of a Presidential election year. Americans are concerned about the deficit but the Republicans still don't have a candidate that can forcefully drive the message home. Hollywood is still looking for a new Cary Grant and the GOP is still looking for a new Reagan.

Obama may have lost much of his pre-election luster but he maintains a lot of personal popularity despite his policy failures, the sagging economy, high unemployment, soaring gas prices, the falling dollar/inflation, Libya, etc. (He will get credit for killing OBL, which is a lot better than AG Holder trying Terrorist #1 in a civilian court in New York.) With an anticipated $1 billion war chest, he still has a good chance of being reelected and, as in 2008, bringing a lot of elected Democrats to DC.

Admit it hyper, the left is... (Below threshold)

Admit it hyper, the left is in deep doggie doo doo there and here.

The only time Barry shows any promise is when he follows the Texas Cowboy's policies..

Ha hahaahahahaha

Liberals appear to be in de... (Below threshold)

Liberals appear to be in decline just about everywhere.

Guess the magic just wore off. Long on sales, short on delivery.

Without the constrai... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Without the constraint of minority governement it will be bit like seeing the tea party in power, full throttle conservatism, but with a single payer universal health insurance plan remaining in place. That should survive.

Arrogant and secretive Harper reminds me of 'Lyin Brian' Mulroney and the same fate may await him at the next polls in four years, when Mulroney was devastated after squandering a majority government.

Stupid only can last for so... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Stupid only can last for so long. Just ask Jimmy Carter, Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt and Nancy Pelosi.

Unfortunately, however, stupid has a way of boomeranging.

Mr. Crickmore,"Arr... (Below threshold)

Mr. Crickmore,

"Arrogant and secretive Harper reminds me of 'Lyin Brian' Mulroney and the same fate may await him at the next polls in four years, when Mulroney was devastated after squandering a majority government."

Mr. Mulroney was bounced for being "non-conservative." Don't you remember the bumper stickers with the middle finger raised and the saying "Tax this Brian" underneath?

Yes, the the installation ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, the the installation of the GST 7% sales tax on everything that moved, destroyed Mulroney who left just before his successor Kim Campbell was slaughtered, winning only 12 seats in the entire country.

I am not so close to the Canadian scene, but I remeber Harper made his name when he tried to enshrine property rights into the Canadian constitution. With a majority government, and few big names in the cabinet he has almost absolute power, plus he will continue to pack the senate, with Conservatives ( he already has a majority there I believe) Power corrupts and aboslute power corrupts absolutely. We shall see!

"With a majority government... (Below threshold)

"With a majority government, and few big names in the cabinet he has almost absolute power..." Sounds like those Canadians have a real need for a Bill of Rights. But they've literally surrendered the absolute power of life and death to the government [health] bureaucracy. So I guess a little more "absolute power" wielded by a democratically elected government shouldn't be a big deal. ...We may not have the hyperbolist, but we clearly have a whole heapin' helpin' of hyperbole.

@boqueronman We have... (Below threshold)

We have the equivalent of the bill of rights already. It's called the charter of rights and freedoms.

I just looked up that chart... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

I just looked up that charter. . .and based on the 'Notwithstanding" clause, it looks like "The government is forbidden to do these things unless they REALLY want to and you have these rights unless we think we have a good reason to take them away from you"

Harper has absolute power n... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Harper has absolute power now, and for next four years, in the sense, he can pass whatever he thinks is in the public interest, without worrying about any parliamentary opposition or compromise. The new official opposition, the shrill NDP, the social democracts or democract socialist's only leverage is to raise public opinion in question period or in the committees, plus they have some procedures they can use to delay, but that is about all. Yes, this is what the plurality- is that the right word- 40% of Canadian people voted and wanted, a strong government or a strongman, so they deserve it.

Poor ol' "Steve Crickmore's... (Below threshold)

Poor ol' "Steve Crickmore's" off his Zoloft again.

Must be a dreadful life, eaten away by morbid envy and projecting hatred and rage and depression and negativity decades into the future?

To cheer himself up.


Steve you just described Ob... (Below threshold)

Steve you just described Obama's first two years here and with such a negative tone.

How DARE they threaten to r... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

How DARE they threaten to respect individual rights over the collective!!!






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