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A Primer on Pakistan

The Diplomad has a new piece up.

While the piece is primarily intended as an examination of how ObL managed to elude detection in Abbotabad for at least six years, it is also a fantastic primer/background piece on the "state" of Pakistan.

Pakistani Perfidy and Western Incompetence in the Hunt for Osama

In the long ago 1980s, I spent several years working on Pakistani issues. I lived for two years in Islamabad and Peshawar, travelled all over the country, including in many areas now off-limits, and spent another two years working Pakistan in Washington and returning frequently there. Those were the Reagan years, and we were working closely (sort of) with the Zia ul-Haq government to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan (more on that below.)

Pakistan is a strange country with a strange history.  It is a rump piece, a backwater of the great Indian Hindu civilization, and is wracked by any number of complexes and pathologies. It is a Muslim state founded by one of the most non-Islamic people ever, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, who only reluctantly came to the conclusion that Pakistan should be created.

Read the Whole Thing, as the saying goes...


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Great piece. I'm glad that ... (Below threshold)

Great piece. I'm glad that Diplomad has rebooted his blog. He was one of my weekly reads some years ago and I was sorry when he quit.

"...primarily intended as a... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"...primarily intended as an examination of how ObL managed to elude detection..."

Saddly, I'm willing to bet ObL only needed to elude detection by us. There is just no way that his presence in Abbotabad was unknown to people there or in Islamabad. The question is by how many, and who? I'll also like a couple of side-dishes of: Was he ever a guest lecturer at the military academy, and Did he visit or accept visits from retired officers living in the area?

Pakistan has apparently bee... (Below threshold)

Pakistan has apparently been playing a double game.

It's also been a client state for many years.






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