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Lawrence O'Donnell removes all doubt as to being an asshat

And Condi Rice proves that the man is a complete buffoon.  What follows is long but illustrative.  Hats off to Ms. Rice for her patience with the idiot.  It must take a tremendous amount of control not to simply draw back and punch O'Donnell right square in the mouth:


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Comments (31)

There was doubt?... (Below threshold)

There was doubt?

If it was a fight the ref w... (Below threshold)

If it was a fight the ref woulda stopped it.

Hillarity is that AFTER Condi KO's the asshat, The Contessa steps in and lifts O'Donnell's hand in victory!

But But Odonnell had her on... (Below threshold)

But But Odonnell had her on the ropes. She was flailing. She had no clue. She worked for EEEEEEBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL Bush. The Mcchimpy Moron who fooled us all for 8 years.

O'D fancies himself the new... (Below threshold)

O'D fancies himself the new Olbermann.

And just as relevant.

ChicoNote Lawrence... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Note Lawrence Odonnel doubleguessing, lying about, Iraq when he did not have military experience, or the nescessary security clearances to evaluate or even look at the same information that Bush and his administration had. So where is your beating down of his statements like you tried to beat down Jay Tea's in the previous thread about Pakistan.

Um... rm? That wasn't Chico... (Below threshold)

Um... rm? That wasn't Chico, but Chicolite. Not the same, honest.


Yeah Jay Tea. I posted usi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Yeah Jay Tea. I posted using Chicolite. I was just beating Chico the to the punch. Sorry if that was confusing or against the rules.

Frowned upon, rm. Especiall... (Below threshold)

Frowned upon, rm. Especially when you respond to yourself.

You earned an Official Jay Tea Reprimand:

Dont' be doin' dat.


Especially when you resp... (Below threshold)

Especially when you respond to yourself.

That's not good form?

Oh, rats!!! :(

Hahahahahaha...O'D... (Below threshold)


O'D gets his ass handed to him, politely even although I wouldn't have blamed her for making him remove her shoe from his ass surgically.

Even reading from carefully prepared crib sheets he got shellacked because he's a clueless halfwit that can't deal with facts and trying to misrepresent actual events with someone who was there.

Jay teaPoint of cl... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay tea

Point of clarification

My post (as RM) was directed towards Chico from the thread that entitled Amatuer hour which for chico is amazing apt.

That post was not meant to be a response to myself as Chicolite.

An understandable mistake. I shall consider myself reprimanded and in the future will (RM) in the body of any more chicolite posts.

good enough?


"Especially when you respond to yourself."

Point of order Jay Tea, when talking with CHico you have to respond to yourself if you expect any logicial discussion in the conversation at all.

She handled this jackass br... (Below threshold)

She handled this jackass brilliantly, and chastised him quite gently for his appalling manners. In much the same way, she would (and should) handle Bill O'Reilly who is equally absorbed by the points he wants to make and the questions he wants to ask!

In other news Larry ODonnel... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In other news Larry ODonnel is working part time (probably due to his ratings)


O' Donnell plays the Woop c... (Below threshold)

O' Donnell plays the Woop card as dumb as Woop himself!

ODonnell is a racist and he... (Below threshold)

ODonnell is a racist and he hates women.

Are we sure he's a librul?

It's like a leftist channel... (Below threshold)

It's like a leftist channeled Bill o'Reilly.

"Hats off to Ms. Rice fo... (Below threshold)

"Hats off to Ms. Rice for her patience with the idiot."

That's why I could never have a job like that. I would have answered most of those questions by simply saying, "Fuck you."

That's why I rarely bother responding to the leftist O'Donnell clones who comment on this blog anymore. It's just a waste of time and bandwith.

As the saying goes: You can lead a leftist to the truth, but you can't make him think.

What I don't understand is ... (Below threshold)

What I don't understand is why almost everyone in the media is a liberal? Is it a job requirement? Do they actually believe that massive government and a huge welfare state, no personal responsibility and repressive government intrusion actually make for a better society?

Hey, you linked to the wron... (Below threshold)

Hey, you linked to the wrong video. This is the one where the blood vessels burst in Rice's tiny brain. O'Donnell was the cool one.

"Was this the stupidest statement you ever made or was it the stupidest statement ANYONE ever made."


This is the one where th... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

This is the one where the blood vessels burst in Rice's tiny brain

Interesting, troll... so, you think Condoleezza Rice is stupid? I'm not asking whether you agree with her or any of her policies, I'm asking if you think she has a "tiny brain."

O'Donnell was the cool one.

Keep sucking down that Kool-Aid, leftist drone. You can hardly taste the strychnine.

LMAO... at you.

TomToday is a for racist pu... (Below threshold)

TomToday is a for racist putz.

Her IQ has to be double Bar... (Below threshold)

Her IQ has to be double Barry's..

I wonder if She would get 99% of the Black v...er.. I mean Afro-American vote if She ran for the Presidency? Or would She be 'Clarenced' for Her efforts?

I got 2 minutes and 51 seco... (Below threshold)

I got 2 minutes and 51 seconds into it and couldn't take O'Donnel's pompous asshattery for one more second.

Sorry, Rick. No can watch no more. I don't have to watch some guy whose birth certificate is an apology from a condom factory further prove what a slow witted, self-aggrandizing tool he is when I already know that.

It takes a lot of balls for... (Below threshold)

It takes a lot of balls for a liberal to question the Iraq war coalition given the current state of obama's Libyan coalition.

Either that or he just doesn't know what the hell hes talking about.

Kudos to Condi for her hand... (Below threshold)

Kudos to Condi for her handling this guy. To call him an asshat is an understatement!

.... Hats off to Doctor Ric... (Below threshold)

.... Hats off to Doctor Rice for her ... tremendous amount of control in not simply drawing back and punching Herr O'Goebbels smack in his chops ...!

Wat to go Doctor Rice!

Of course I like the fact t... (Below threshold)

Of course I like the fact that Libya i still not free.
Egypt is looking less Democratic.
The Arab Spring is more like Spring time for Hitler a farce.

This the liberal mind at work. Your a Black Women there fore if your smart you would be a Democrat. Since your a Republican you must be stupid. Wait your not agree with my talking points. No I am white I am smarter than you. You only got to where you are by affirmative action, you know your guilty admit it! Admit your wrong. Why are you using logic and facts? Admit your wrong dammit!

Condi smacked the crap out ... (Below threshold)

Condi smacked the crap out of this Obama tool. I kept watching hoping she would literally smack him but to my dismay she continued to be a perfect intelligent lady. Too bad the idiot she was sitting with couldn't manage to be a gentleman.

Are Rosie and Larry related... (Below threshold)

Are Rosie and Larry related?

The frustrating thing is, e... (Below threshold)

The frustrating thing is, even after Dr. Rice recites fact after fact after fact, O'Donnell and his tens of viewers will still ignore the FACTS.

To his point that Iraq and Libya are different engagements, true. The fact is Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, while Khadaffi is. One method achieved its goal, the other has not.

Dr. Rice personifies the ci... (Below threshold)

Dr. Rice personifies the civility and manners extended throughout the Bush years. To bad, so sad liberals have no idea what manners include nor have the ability to extend respect to those with whom they choose to converse. Which is quite possibly why there is no such thing as an honest conversation with a liberal.






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