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Meme Busters

Or "Talking back to the proponents of that which just ain't so."

We get a lot of credulous (and tedious) trolls here at Wizbang. As a relief from their insistence on that which just ain't so, I present Bill Whittle, who has set out to slay some memes.

Get your eye back on the ball, Mr. President. The War on Terror is far from over.


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Too bad you couldn't strap ... (Below threshold)

Too bad you couldn't strap every "progressive" in a chair and have them watch this on wide-screen TV.

It would be like 11 minutes of WATERBOARDING! Without the water and without the board!

GarandFan,Careful ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


Careful there, our leftards will accuse you of advocating TORTURE if you keep that up...

This you will not believe..... (Below threshold)

This you will not believe...........







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