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Messing With Texas

It appears that Texas is at the top of President Obama's list -- and not the good one.

In just the past month or so, he's refused to declare disasters from their wildfires, slighted their political history, come to the state for a fundraiser where he told them they had no illegal alien problem, and then his ATF started its own little wildfire.

I've known a few Texans. One of 'em blogs here. I have two other blog-buddies from Texas. My best friend married a Texas gal.

And I gotta tell ya -- going out of your way to piss of Texas (or, at least, let it look a hell of a lot like you're going out of your way to piss off Texas) is NOT a good idea.

'Cuz if you're going to put The Windy City's way of doing things against the Lone Star State's, I know where I'll put my money.

Think about it for a moment. The city of Al Capone vs. the state of Bonnie & Clyde. The city of Rod Blagojevich vs. the state of Lyndon B. Johnson. The city of Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. the state of Kay Bailey Hutchison Ann Richards.

And then there are those Texans for whom there simply is no Chicago equivalent: Audie Murphy, Chester W. Nimitz, and Red Adair.

This has Epic Fail written all over it, Mr. President. End this fight before Texas decides to go all Walker, Texas Ranger on your ass.

Update: Female politician corrected, three "incomparables" added just because James H. challenged me.


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Think about it for... (Below threshold)
James H:
Think about it for a moment. The city of Al Capone vs. the state of Bonnie & Clyde. The city of Rod Blagojevich vs. the state of Lyndon B. Johnson. The city of Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. the state of Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Al Capone vs. Bonnie and Clyde: Al Capone ran a major criminal empire. Bonnie and Clyde were freelancers who ran a bank-robbery gang. Advantage: Capone.

Rod Blagojevich v. Lyndon Johnson Corrupt governor of Illinois vs. highly effective senator who eventually became president and was responsible for the Great Society and the Civil Rights Act. Advantage: Johnson.

Hillary Clinton vs. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Washington insider who became secretary of state vs. Washington insider who failed a gubernatorial bid. Advantage: Clinton.

James, Capone died in priso... (Below threshold)

James, Capone died in prison. Bonnie & Clyde went down fighting.

And dammit, I meant to say Ann Richards...


Well, yes, Capone died in p... (Below threshold)
James H:

Well, yes, Capone died in prison and Bonnie and Clyde "went down fighting." But B&C were dumb, predictable freelancers. Capone was a savvy, ruthless politician. Again ... advantage, Capone.

James, I held two Texans ba... (Below threshold)

James, I held two Texans back, simply because I couldn't find a Chicagoan who even came close to sheer awesomeness:

Red Adair.


Er... Red Adair and Chester... (Below threshold)

Er... Red Adair and Chester Nimitz.


Ann Richards ... hounded ou... (Below threshold)
James H:

Ann Richards ... hounded out of office by Kennebunkport DNA.

I'll see your Red Adair and... (Below threshold)
James H:

I'll see your Red Adair and Chester Nimitz, and raise you Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, the Chicago School of economics, John Dillinger, Eliot Ness, and my ultimate trump card, Hugh Hefner.

Well, before JT's poor choi... (Below threshold)

Well, before JT's poor choice of metaphors and James H's attempt to derail go any further...

The (P)resident has seen fit to kick sand in the face of a state that is capable of succeeding from the country and making it stick.

Hugh Hefner? Please. I'll g... (Below threshold)

Hugh Hefner? Please. I'll go for the orignal Double H, Howard Hughes. Plus Ross Perot, Mary Kay Ash, and T. Boone Pickens. For criminals, add in John Wesley Hardin and Lee Harvey Oswald -- you wanna argue any of your criminals had more effect on history?

Entertainers? ZZ Top, Buddy Holly, Janis AND Scott Joplin, as well as Jayne Mansfield and Jayne Mansfield.

And take your hat off for Mr. Gene Roddenberry, James. Proud son of El Paso.

But back to the point... it's clear why Obama's dissing Texas. But it's a really dumb move.


The point is that obama is ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The point is that obama is from Chicago and Chicago really is such a place that if you had the opportunity to make a political appointment it really is unthinkable that you would make the choice based on what is best for the city. Instead, the Chicago way is to make the appointment based on what will be personally most advantageous financially. Hence why Blago is recorded saying that the Senate seat is "F-ing gold!"

obama does nothing for Texas because there is simply nothing in it personally for him to do so. He won't get their electoral college votes. Their congressional delegation is mostly GOP. If he declared a disaster area what benefit will accrue to him? Nothing. Nor can Texas do anything more to hurt him since the congressional delegations are set and his electoral calculations are done without them.

obama allows Texas to burn because there is no profit in aiding Texas and there is no danger of further harm from them.

If you wanted evidence that obama wants to be a third world dictator this is it. He doesn't govern for he benefit of the whole nation he governs for he benefit of himself and the only way for anyone else to benefit is to support him in a way that he decides is meaningful.

Well, before JT's ... (Below threshold)
James H:
Well, before JT's poor choice of metaphors and James H's attempt to derail go any further...

Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm just having a little fun with Jay Tea.

you wanna argue an... (Below threshold)
James H:
you wanna argue any of your criminals had more effect on history?

John Wayne Gayce. Ted Kaczynski.

"Don't mess with Texas" is ... (Below threshold)

"Don't mess with Texas" is not just a slogan of the highway department, it's an attitude. And when was the last time that Chicago as an independent country defeated an entire invading country in a war? Oh right, not enough cojones in Chicago to be your own country first. Forget LBJ, and let's talk President/Governor/Senator of Texas Sam Houston.

"End this fight before Texa... (Below threshold)

"End this fight before Texas decides to go all Walker, Texas Ranger on your ass."

What an exciting idea! We can only wish.

Gmac, one of James' joys in... (Below threshold)

Gmac, one of James' joys in life is poking me here. And, to be perfectly honest, seeing just what I can sneak past him is one of mine. He tends to keep me honest and make me better.

For example, I can't believe I confused Ann Richards and Kay Bailey Hutchison, dammit...


Barry's just driving more n... (Below threshold)

Barry's just driving more nails into his race baiting 2012 coffin.

Bleating about disaster dec... (Below threshold)

Bleating about disaster declarations is just begging for federal money. Isn't that part of the problem, according to Perry and Cornyn?

Cut federal spending!!! Except on me!!

Actually the disaster fund ... (Below threshold)

Actually the disaster fund is a coopted program that states pay into. Idiot.

The Great State of Texas has more self pride then any state especially those in the North. We have A&M, UT, Rice, Houston Baptist, Methodist and Baylor schools.

We have Galveston that was such a huge part of the great immigration of the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Hands down Texas is much greater than Chicago. ww

Chica,A disaster d... (Below threshold)
jim m:


A disaster declaration just opens the door to low interest loans, it is not a direct Federal handout. It's not begging for Federal money.

The reality is that obama wants the Texas economy to take a hit. Texas' policies (the state's policies not just Perry's) on taxation, unions, job growth etc., are in direct opposition to obama's.

What with California going to Texas to try to figure out why California companies are relocating to Texas, obama needs to have the Texas economy damaged. California is the template for what obama wants the nation to be: Stifling regulation, zero private sector growth, enormous public sector growth, all powerful public unions with unsustainable pension plans paid for by an oppressed public.

Texas doesn't just vote against obama, it demonstrates the failure of his ideas. He needs Texas to be hurt. He will do whatever he can to see that happen.

JT:Capone... (Below threshold)


Capone died in prison. Bonnie & Clyde went down fighting.

Um Jay, might want to change that a bit. Al Capone died at his Florida home from complications due to Syphilis and Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by the Texas Rangers in Oklahoma. Bonnie and Clyde did even get off a shot.

Sorry James [email protected]#7,Mike Jordo... (Below threshold)

Sorry James [email protected]#7,Mike Jordon was born and raised in North Carolina,NOT chitcago!

OK, how about this:<p... (Below threshold)

OK, how about this:

Chicago took out Al Capone with an accountant. Texas took out Bonnie and Clyde by turning them into Swiss cheese.

How's that?


Actually, Bonnie and Clyde ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed in Louisiana? Texas does proudly support the death penalty for murderers. Like Ron White says: "If you murder someone in the state of Texas, we'll murder you back." ww

JT Sorry to tell you... (Below threshold)

Sorry to tell you but Al Capone did not die in prision. He contacfted VD before going to prison. While in prison the disease became pathologic. Capone was released after serving all his time. He died in his home in Florida at the age of 48.his handelers would take him out to his swimming pool and give him a fishing rod...he thoufht he was deep sea fishing.

"Don't get your knickers in... (Below threshold)

"Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm just having a little fun with Jay Tea. 11. Posted by James H"

I'm not, you though attempted a thread derail with your grade school 'nyah nyah, I'm better than you' BS all the while ignoring that the socialist in the WH is refusing to grant status to a state that is requesting disaster relief.

Yeah, he's a damn yankee and a one term blunder but turning a blind eye to his actions is like watching Nero fiddle while Rome burns, it just ain't right. He's a divider, not a uniter, and that's the problem. He's only the (P)resident of some people, the others he just ignores or outright shoves his middle finger in their face.

Just wondering...Did... (Below threshold)

Just wondering...
Did G.W. Bush ever turn down a disaster declaration request from a state he didn't carry?

.... James, Capone died in ... (Below threshold)

.... James, Capone died in prison ....

Mr Capone died in Florida.

(And Booze Buster, Elliot Ness, died from Alcoholism)






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