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Krauthammer: Gingrich is "contradictory and incoherent"

He goes on to state that Gingrich is done and that he won't recover, all after Gingrich's disastrous comments on NBC's Meet the Press this weekend:

The following, found over at FreeRepublic, seems to sum things up nicely:



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Newt never had a chance to ... (Below threshold)

Newt never had a chance to begin with. Not among Republicans, and certainly not with the press, which turned Newt into the second coming of Satan in 1995 - 1996.

Newt is a "professor", a man with a lot of book learning and classroom skills but who sucked at leadership and politics. We already have one of those in the White House right now. We don't need another.

I don´t know why you filed ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I don´t know why you filed this under the Tag asshat. Newt is not running for the Dem's nomination, is he?

I'll admit, I'd vote for th... (Below threshold)

I'll admit, I'd vote for the man if he were running against Obama. How could he be worse?

But in the primaries? Hell, no. He's had his day in the political spotlight, and that he's trying to come back for another round after all this time doesn't say good things about his sense or sensibility. It's not his 'turn' to run for President, he's not entitled to try if he doesn't get support and he's not really bringing anything new to the table.

Push the FairTax, Newt, and then MAYBE we'll talk. Till then? Find someplace else to hang out.

No Steve, he's not, but he'... (Below threshold)

No Steve, he's not, but he'd be just as despised if he had.

He's a spineless idiot who's opinions depend on the breeze and he has to much animosity from voters he betrayed back in the 90's. His 15 min are up and his expiration date is long past due.

Okay, I have a confession t... (Below threshold)

Okay, I have a confession to make. I thought Steve's comment was actually pretty funny.

For Dems, Republican candid... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

For Dems, Republican candidates are crashing too soon, first the Donald ducks, now Newt implodes in the starting gate, whose next?

I disagree somewhat Steve. ... (Below threshold)

I disagree somewhat Steve. If you mention Trump and Newt specifically, I am not sure - no matter what anyone says - that these guys are/were not serious candidates in the minds of many Republicans. I believe it is in the best interests for Republicans to not commit to someone too early. If there is no one person for the Democrats to tear apart then the conversation remains focused on policy/economy and I think that is where the Democrats are very vulnerable. I like the fact that the political conversation stays focused on the economy, debt, healthcare and not a specific Republican candidate that they can dig made up dirt on.

Keep the spotlight on Obama... (Below threshold)

Keep the spotlight on Obama's disasterous policies and lack of leadership. Every GOP candidate or possible candidate should hammer him with the facts about the poor economy, rising prices, government power grabbing, and outright incompetence this admnistration has shown. Don't let personalities dominate the story. This is what the MSM wants to do.

Unfortunately, Newt caught 'McCain's Disease' where the patient becomes obsessed with being 'loved' by the MSM and DC cocktail circuit that they become RINOs. They are so hungry for attention that they'll say anything that will get them an invitation to appear on TV; forgetting the principles which they once promised to champion.

McCain was the MSMs favorite Republican until he got the GOP nomination. Then the gloves came off and the knives were drawn. Newt caught this disease and has been content to leave it untreated.

The upside to this is (as S... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The upside to this is (as Steve points out) that Newt has disqualified himself so promptly. With his candidacy only official for a day he spectacularly imploded in a futile attempt to receive the adulation of the worthless media.

The downside is almost all near term. The dems will jump on his statement to criticize the Ryan budget, but how much credibility do they have in citing the words of a man they have spent 2 decades in discrediting?

I one fell swoop Newt has achieved the status of whack job candidate. Like an Allan Keyes or a John Kucinich he will get media attention for the stupid things he says but the public will never take him seriously again.

crampless @ 2,Whil... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

crampless @ 2,

While it is true that the vast majority of asshats are democrats, there are some RINO and Republican asshats as well, they're just less commonly seen.


crampless @ 6 writes:... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

crampless @ 6 writes:

For Dems, Republican candidates are crashing too soon, first the Donald ducks, now Newt implodes in the starting gate, whose next?

With any luck there will be no "Republican Frontrunner" for months yet, which will frustrate donkeys in their attempts to run the Ailinsky play book, just as the donkeys have found the Tea Party difficult to deal with using Ailinsky's rules.

Watching Newt run for presi... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Watching Newt run for president is like watching a washed-up club fighter step into the ring with a young contender.

If we conservatives wanted ... (Below threshold)

If we conservatives wanted someone who knew how to get things done, knew the historical perspective, and how to go about moving a bill through all the traps inherently built into the legislative process, Newt would be the guy, hands down. But we don't want that anymore. We want change. We want fairness. We want leadership. We want to stop the blatant bullshhit. ww

Asshat is the right file fo... (Below threshold)

Asshat is the right file for Newt! I'd have never voted for that guy.. evah air of old school corrupt republican all over him.

For Dems, Republic... (Below threshold)
Brett :
For Dems, Republican candidates are crashing too soon, first the Donald ducks, now Newt implodes in the starting gate, whose next?

These guys were never going to be the nominees. The press likes to choose their opposition early and incompetently. That's how we wound up with McCain.

Liberals still seem to see this as Dem/Rep issue. It is not. It's a conservative VS liberal. The real battle is to ensure a conservative Republican nominee - and that's the last thing that the Democrats, Obama, or their lackeys in the press want, because they know they can't beat that.

I will not support McLame l... (Below threshold)

I will not support McLame like candidates.

Newt is a "profess... (Below threshold)
Newt is a "professor", a man with a lot of book learning and classroom skills but who sucked at leadership and politics

This isn't completely accurate. It was Gingrich who was primarily responsible for taking out Jim Wright, the corrupt Democrat Speaker of the House, whom everyone else thought too powerful and too well-entrenched to be moved. This, of course, paved the way for the GOP takeover of the House in 1994.

After that, though, Gingrich more or less sucked donkey wangs.

Clearly, anyone with a puls... (Below threshold)

Clearly, anyone with a pulse can "run" for a national office. Harold Stassen, anyone? Look at "Gaffe-o-matic" Joe Biden. Krauthammer is correct that Gingrich has never been and will never be a serious candidate for a major party nomination. The real unpardonable offense committed by Gingrich was to savage his own party with words like "radical," "right-wing," and "social engineering." I am surprised he didn't just take one small additional step and include the word "fascist" or "Nazi." Yes, the DNC is LOL. The Democrat campaign adverts are literally writing themselves as we speak. What a tool!

The real unpardona... (Below threshold)
The real unpardonable offense committed by Gingrich was to savage his own party with words like "radical," "right-wing," and "social engineering."

Precisely. Although the "radical" tag is not inappropriate - what is required is indeed a radical change to the way the government is run relative to today (and really, to one degree or another, has run since 1932). Newt is a product of the system, he can't help it, but he also isn't going to be the right guy to fix it, either.

As I remarked to a friend t... (Below threshold)

As I remarked to a friend the other day, the only people who took Trump (and Newt) as serious candidates were the same ones who took Obama as a serious candidate.

BTW, Crickmore's comment up at the top was pretty funny.

Candidates crashing early? ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Candidates crashing early? It's called narrowing the field. I'm glad to see it happen. Maybe next, Ron Paul will emit a Dean Scream. ®

Jeff @ 21,I must b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Jeff @ 21,

I must beg to differ.

A "Dean Scream®" from luaP noR could be construed as a move towards the middle and sanity...

Yep, just like McCain, Ging... (Below threshold)

Yep, just like McCain, Gingrich is in a bad position. Ryan's plan is absolutely insane and toxic in a general election, but the base appears to love it. So he supports the Ryan plan and he loses the moderates; then he backs off the Ryan plan and loses the Tea Party and most of the rest of the GOP. And then no one likes him - which is really how it was to begin with.

McCain was actually better; he had integrity at one point. It's a shame he sacrificed it towards the end of his life for one more failed shot at the brass ring. Otherwise he would go out and be remembered glowingly, like a Goldwater.

No such hope for Gingrich, even if Newt didn't flop all over the place.






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