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Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin has "proven herself to be profoundly stupid"

Coming our way via IOTW, yet more evidence for Chris Matthews' irrelevance and his hatred for Ms. Palin:

Matthews' arrogance is exceeded here only by Ron Reagan's smugness... and to think that he's nodding his head about someone else's alleged stupidity is simply primo.


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All 6 of his viewers probab... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

All 6 of his viewers probably nodded their heads too.

And there I thought he was ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

And there I thought he was down to his Mom, his Dad, and Michelle Obama...

Nah, it totals up to 6: hi... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Nah, it totals up to 6: his mom and dad, his therapist, Michelle and Barry and Julian Assange.

Actually, Palin's being som... (Below threshold)
James H:

Actually, Palin's being somewhat smart right now. She's shot herself in the foot a few times in the past, but she's doing well to let the current crop of Republican might-runs and also-runs trip and fall on the national stage while she keeps her powder dry.

It's not a bad strategy ... for now.

Well, she has proven hersel... (Below threshold)
Canuck Chuck:

Well, she has proven herself to be profoundly stupid. Should nobody point out that fact? It's like Gingrich's blunder. Should we not point out that Newt Gingrich is a lying piece of crap?

Ah yes, the same tingles Ma... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, the same tingles Matthews who told his viewers that the Panama Canal was in Egypt this past January.

Matthews I love you.... (Below threshold)

Matthews I love you.
You pinned it straight on. They dumb bitch is all the stupid American people need. You guys are getting fucking stupider by the fucking year. Don't have your fucking leader this stupid too. It's fucking embarrassing.

Fucking white trash.

"They dumb bitch is all the... (Below threshold)
Sarah the Impaler:

"They dumb bitch is all the stupid American people need."

Speaking of trash...Would someone please take out the steaming pile of #7..


I suspect Palin is about as... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I suspect Palin is about as intelligent as Obama. Neither is a towering intellect, neither is stupid. Both just a bit above average. Only one of them thinks Austrians speak Austrian, however, or finds "corpsman" to be a daunting vocabulary item.

And trolls, please don't give me the Harvard Law crap. That was obviously a put-up job. Evidence:

1. Graduating "magna" but touchy about transcripts. Does not compute, I'm afraid. If you legitimately performed well enough to merit "magna" honors (i.e., no AA tailwind, no padding your curriculum with seminars and other puff courses), then your transcript must necessarily be nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Laurence Tribe on election eve characterized Obama as one of the brightest students he'd ever had in 40 years at HLS. Strange, he didn't gush about Obama back then, and let him go off to fix parking tickets in Chicago when a phone call from Tribe would have gotten Obama a prestitigious clerkship, perhaps even at SCOTUS.

Conclusion: Tribe, and by extension HLS faculty generally, would probably say and do anything to advance Obama, and therefore should not be taken at face value.

#7, thank you for your clos... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

#7, thank you for your closely reasoned analysis.

Irony thy name is #7...... (Below threshold)

Irony thy name is #7...

Speaking of stupid, here's ... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Speaking of stupid, here's a beaut "the smartest president evah" produced last night:
“Internationally, we’ve gone through a Teutonic shift in the Middle East that could have enormous ramifications for years to come” .
(The correct word is "tectonic")
Evidently ,Rommel and his Afrika Korps must have sneaked back in while we weren't looking.
Don't look for this in a long series of goofy O gaffes to be looped endlessly in the MSM a la GWB.

Chris Matthews' opinions on... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Chris Matthews' opinions on anyone or anything are as useful as belly-button lint and as profound as saying that water is wet.

“Internationally, we’ve gon... (Below threshold)

“Internationally, we’ve gone through a Teutonic shift in the Middle East that could have enormous ramifications for years to come"

Through? Could? What a simp.

Well, now that we know Barry was not an English or constitutional scholar. What exactly did affirmative action teach him? Oh that's right, how to look sharp while being a complete and utter fool on the World stage.

a "Teutonic shift in the Mi... (Below threshold)

a "Teutonic shift in the Middle East"???????

Thanks LeBron.
Now that I've stopped laughing, I'll file that away with all the other screw-ups Obama has made.

Still, as Jay pointed out above, to read corpsman as corpse-man is really rather special.

Matthews needs onl... (Below threshold)

Matthews needs only to look in his mirror to define "profound stupidity".

Clean up on aisle seven. Th... (Below threshold)

Clean up on aisle seven. Thor?

I admire Palin for her not hiding from the left wingnuts. They attack and she goes forward. She has a resume that is by far thicker then Obama's. What does Obamalama bring to the table? He speaks/reads well. That.Is.It.

Chris Matthews has been spitting on people for years. He was the cabin boy for Tip O'Neil. A dyed in the wool liberal that does not see anything that shouldn't be taxed. Palin won't go on his show. That is why he doesn't like her. His ratings would go up. ww

Barry speaks about as well ... (Below threshold)

Barry speaks about as well as one can with a VAT. (VOICE AUTOMATED TELEPROMPTER), although we will have to acknowledge that whomever typed in 'teutonic' and '57 states', 'corpseman' is probably another college educated idiot.

This drooling spitting moron should be put down!

“Internationally, we’ve ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

“Internationally, we’ve gone through a Teutonic shift in the Middle East that could have enormous ramifications for years to come” .

It lost something in the translation from Austrian, a tectonic language.

i'm still waiting for the e... (Below threshold)

i'm still waiting for the evidence that palin is stupid....for a while there it was her quote about food prices going up...oh wait...then it is her constant urges to "drill baby, drill!"...oh, hmm....can't be that one either....

#7 - "Don't have y... (Below threshold)

#7 -

"Don't have your fucking leader this stupid too."

Well that sums it up.

Good grief!!

That it was Chris Matthe... (Below threshold)

That it was Chris Matthews that said it actually makes this an endorsement.

Big Mo @ 13,Matthe... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Big Mo @ 13,

Matthews serves well as a reliable contra-indicator.

Wild Willie @ 17 wrote:

She [Palin] has a resume that is by far thicker then Obama's.

That qualifies as faint praise...

No one who voted for Obama ... (Below threshold)

No one who voted for Obama has any standing to criticize any other candidate's intelligence. Those who call him "brilliant" do nothing more than call their own intellect into question. After observing him for several years now, I am still waiting for his first display of anything above low-average brainpower.

Does anyone REALLY take Tin... (Below threshold)

Does anyone REALLY take Tingles seriously?

Is this albino still at it?... (Below threshold)

Is this albino still at it? When someone "hates" her as he does, I think there is more to it than just hating her???!!!!

Okay, I'm torn. On one hand... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Okay, I'm torn. On one hand, my impression of Governor Palin is that she is not in fact profoundly stupid. On the other hand, my impression of Chris Matthews is that he's intimately familiar with profound stupidity. You see my problem, don't you?






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