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In honor of Armed Forces Day

The Warrior Song... get some:


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Comments (9)

This will send Chico, hyper... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

This will send Chico, hyperbolist,jim x, Bruce Henry, Crickmore, et. al. to the fainting couch.

Too bad you never served, R... (Below threshold)

Too bad you never served, Rick. That way, you wouldn't have to draw yourself in a tank.

Chico served, he just fell ... (Below threshold)

Chico served, he just fell on his head one too many times.

Hey, Chico was in the Navy.... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Hey, Chico was in the Navy.

Oh, wait, he was just a member of the Village People.

Chico, shut up, ... (Below threshold)

Chico, shut up, sit down, and pay respect to your betters.

Have to say once more, I wore the uniform with PRIDE, yet when i see these young men and women serving today it humbles me. It would be an immeasurable honor to wear it again with them.

Gol-dang does that song mak... (Below threshold)

Gol-dang does that song make me want to break stuff!! I served 8 years in the Air Force but I was never anywhere near as bad-ass as our boys in that video. God Bless the boys out on the pointy end.

"Too bad you never served, ... (Below threshold)

"Too bad you never served, Rick."

Why Chico, it's an educated guess based upon this and some of your posts on other military-related threads, but I get the sense that you don't believe - based upon him not having served - that Obama deserves to be Commander-In-Chief. Hmmmmmmm, interesting.

That's the original Warrior... (Below threshold)

That's the original Warrior's Song. There's also a version done special for the Marine Corps: the Warrior's Song: Hard Corps.

There are Marines ... and there's everybody else.

Oo-rah, Wolfwalker. The Mar... (Below threshold)

Oo-rah, Wolfwalker. The Marines were all-volunteer when the Army was still depending on the draft.






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