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Audio/video of Joplin tornado hitting convenience store

I heard this on Neil Boortz' show on the way to lunch moments ago, an audio Neil described as the most compelling thing he's ever heard. It is certainly the most frightening audio I can remember hearing:


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What I find impressive is t... (Below threshold)

What I find impressive is the lack of panic and the general level of civility they all maintain during the whole ordeal. They were really calm and collected considering there were no lights and in what I would consider not such a great building to ride out a tornado. mpw

We've got a several soldier... (Below threshold)

We've got a several soldiers from my reserve unit that live in that area. We are still waiting for word on a couple of them.

Was everybody physically ok... (Below threshold)

Was everybody physically ok after?

...I meant everyone in the ... (Below threshold)

...I meant everyone in the video. Obviously there has been terrible loss of life in the larger area.

This is one of the worst tornado seasons I've ever heard about. Geez.

I know the president is enj... (Below threshold)

I know the president is enjoying his Guinness, so that's good.






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