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Joplin, MO: "75% of the town is virtually gone"


(Photo from WeatherChannel.com)

No more need be said.

Prayers and charity are most critical, right now.


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Let's see. I wonder if MO w... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Let's see. I wonder if MO went for Obamalala in the election? It will make a difference as to whether they will get federal assistance. Just ask Texas.

At least FEMA has all their... (Below threshold)

At least FEMA has all their gear up and running and after the little practice runs they had here maybe this time they'll have learned from their mistakes.

I feel terribly sorry for the people there because I know EXACTLY what they are going through right this second.

No home, no power, no transportation, nothing but what they were wearing at the time, but they lived and that's something they can thank God for.

In about a week things will have started to return towards 'normalcy' as the dead are buried and the cleanup proceeds but nothing will ever really be the same.

From what I saw it looks like an F4 went through. Early video does not show the ground scouring as seen in the Tuscaloosa and Hackleburg/Phil Campbell F5's that literally striped foundations and all traces of habitation from the paths they took.

It still sucks, all the way around.

RLD, fwiw there were severa... (Below threshold)

RLD, fwiw there were several counties here in North Alabama that were NOT initially included in the Federal Disaster Aid coverage even though they were as devastated as those in the west and to the south of us were.

The governor heard more than a few words of encouragement to rectify the situation, and no, none of the counties went for the (P)resident and that was mentioned.

But, Gmac we need to forgiv... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

But, Gmac we need to forgive $2 billion in debt that Egypt owes the US. I mean there are priorities.

The priority is drinking be... (Below threshold)

The priority is drinking beer and getting in touch with his Irish roots.

FEMA is inept and slow. Th... (Below threshold)

FEMA is inept and slow. The people here in Alabama, with help from good people of other States, did the heavy lifting and gave unbelievable amounts of supplies. Journalists reported on some looting and scams but the generosity and care was amazing. I believe this will be the case in Missouri also. I pray GOD will comfort and help them in the coming days.






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