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Friday's Vote Of No Consequence

It occurred to me while trading jibes with a troll earlier this week, "Hey, I sure would like some of my wife's home-made spaghetti".  But no one else cares about my food preferences, so I tried to think about what might be interesting, that we have not done for a while.  So, this being Friday and my regular job being really, really, far from interesting to anyone in the general populace, I decided to ask readers to vote on their favorite writers here.  So, let's start with the roster from Wizbang's sidebar:



Jay Tea

Lorie Byrd

Kim Priestap

DJ Drummond

Michael Laprarie

Baron Von Ottomatic

Shawn Mallow


Dan Karipides

Michael Avitablile

Charlie Quidnunc

Steve Schippert


Please vote, if you will, on which of these writers you find tops in the following categories:


[] Most intelligent

[] Most readable

[] Most insightful

[] Most reasonable

[] Most interesting

[] Most fun

[] Any other positive quality you think should be mentioned


There are no prizes or special rules, and as always this offer is void in the state of Montana, because it seems Montana is really keen on voiding this sort of thing.


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Comments (34)

Jay Tea is my favorite writ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea is my favorite writer on this blog. Nothing against the rest of the troup, but he has been my favorite since I started reading here about 6 years ago.

(Note to self: Edit DJ's po... (Below threshold)

(Note to self: Edit DJ's post to remove all names after the first one.)

CRAP! WRONG WINDOW!<p... (Below threshold)


Er... that was supposed to go in the Notepad window I had open on the alternate monitor... pay no attention to comment #2.



Allahpundit!! (oops sorry--... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Allahpundit!! (oops sorry--wrong blog)
Oh, I guess Rick- for most uncompromising, pull no punches category.
I haven't seen Lorie Byrd post here in ages.

Politically correct as it m... (Below threshold)

Politically correct as it might sound, I like the group as a whole. I like having differing voices, different styles and the way each writer takes the daily events and brings them here. It has made for a great place to stop in and catch up on big news, off the wall news, strange and crazy news, as well as uplifting stories.

Wizbang, for me, is what it is because I can count on being brought a group of posts from the political to the mundane with a bit of humor and attitude by a bunch of people I feel a connection with...so thank you all.

All the authors here bring ... (Below threshold)

All the authors here bring vastly different things to the table and that makes this site so attractive. I don't think I have a favorite and couldn't vote for one over the others. Sorry.

To be honest I don't usuall... (Below threshold)
jim m:

To be honest I don't usually look at the author that much I just go straight to the content. I figured that was the point; that it shouldn't matter who was writing that the general level of posts would be the same.

I'd like to second the comm... (Below threshold)

I'd like to second the comments by PBunyan.

I vote for DJ Drummond beca... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I vote for DJ Drummond because he is not a hater. A rare quality for any blogger (right-wing or left-wing).

Most Troll provoking: Rick,... (Below threshold)

Most Troll provoking: Rick, Rodney Graves, Shawn, Jay T

Most intelligent? That one's loaded. Who knows? Barry is supposedly intelligent and look where that's gotten us. Intelligence without a power hungry ego: All of the above & ABO

Most insightfully emphatic: DJ

Most fun, reasonable and interesting: All of the above but especially 'OLAF'!

Well, I have been around th... (Below threshold)

Well, I have been around these parts for years. Some writers I miss, like Paul. IF I HAD TO RANK IT WOULD BE:

JT and most Insightful. His ability to tackle complicated subjects in a reasonable, humorous way is something I look forward to.

Rick would be most readable. Rick gets right to the point and damn the torpedoes. He is kinda new to the fold, but he is prolific in his postings.

DJ is most intelligient. I have to confess that when DJ posts on issues dealing with budgets and business, I have to pause to see if I really want to get into it. But when DJ posts on faith, I love it. It needs to be done more.

Kim is most reasonable and I miss her.

Everyone I listed has portions of all the traits in their postings but I was forced to ascribe certain traits to certain people.

Overall, if you use the troll rating system, it is pretty much in line with my ranking. If you piss off most the trolls, I know you are right.

A side note. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate this blog. I look forward to checking in a few times a day. When I see a certain event happening in the news, I cannot wait to see which one of my "guys" posts on this. And then there are times when two or three writers do a piece on the same subject with a different look. Priceless. Keep it up. You have all a great memorial day weekend and please remember the troops. Both alive and those that have passed in service to our great country. ww

When I first saw the title,... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

When I first saw the title, I thought it said Friday's Vote of No Confidence...which made me think of The Won.

I usually not that good at ... (Below threshold)

I usually not that good at names and usually am more concern with the material than who writes it. So I hope I don’t get things mix up.

I like DJ since he usually writes well thought out pieces and is thoughtful in his replies.

Jay tea is the most active and I do see him on other site. Is thoughtful and often throws in his personal perspectives\opinions on things but in a good way for the most part. He does a fair job separating the two.

Rick has some good post but gets very sensitive and emotional at times. He tends to be a very emotionally reactionary in replying to others. Not that I don’t often agree with his conclusions but he has that "how dear you question my authority" attitude. Sometimes it is not where you end up but how you got there that counts.

Lorie isn’t bad but like someone already said, we haven’t seen much from her lately.

For the most part I like reading Whizbang blog and tend to agree with the main Posters for the most part even when I don’t put my two cents in. I do borrow some of its material when posting on other sites. So keep up the good work.

I'm abstaining. It would b... (Below threshold)

I'm abstaining. It would be a conflict of interest because I have a crush on one of the writers.

It's JT, isn't it Oyster? T... (Below threshold)

It's JT, isn't it Oyster? The sex god. ww

Jay Tea, hands down, makes ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, hands down, makes this sight fun and informative.

Drummond, probably the most intelligent and love it when he touches on faith.

Shawn, for being completely fearless. His bazooka styled rebuttals are hilarious.

PBunyan: You sound like a P... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

PBunyan: You sound like a PC liberal. Man up and pick one, ya wuss! (Relax. I'm kidding....)

In order:
Jay Tea (Were you ever named Editor-in-Chief? If not, a crime's being committed.)
DJ Drummond (Wish you wrote more often.)
Baron O. (Ditto.)
Shawn M. (Double ditto.)
Michael L. (Good business insights.)

(Geez, I just thought of something: I've been coming here 7 years here now. I need to get a life! LOL...again, I kid.)

Peter, I was "Main Page Edi... (Below threshold)

Peter, I was "Main Page Editor" before my sabbatical, at which point Maggie took it over. It was never offered to me upon my return, and quite frankly I don't miss it in the least. It's kind of nice to only worry about policing my own articles, and let Maggie handle the headaches. I got into this to be a writer, and that's what I do now.

And if anyone thinks I'm going to answer any of these myself... you're nuts.


There is only one answer fo... (Below threshold)

There is only one answer for each question: Jay Tea. He IS the most superlative of not only this blog, not just all blogs, but of the universe. He is so far beyond awesome, he can't even see awesome from where he's standing.


Mister X

Is there a reason why Rodne... (Below threshold)
Art W:

Is there a reason why Rodney Graves isn't on the ballot?

Although Rodney and I disagree on many things, his civility in the face of disagreement is head and shoulders above the rhetoric I've found elsewhere on this site.

I'm abstaining too. When I ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I'm abstaining too. When I see a post on a topic of interest, I jump in. I find many of the writers sporadically interesting and insightful. It has more to do with the topic than the writer most of the time.

Wow...didn't take long to d... (Below threshold)

Wow...didn't take long to derail the blog.
Jay, there is another reason for the delay, harassments law suits can continue for 2 years after leaving office. End of July will be 2 years expect it at the end of the month.

Baron von Ottomatic gets my... (Below threshold)
Natty Dark:

Baron von Ottomatic gets my vote for all categories, just out of straight bias - I am addicted to sarcasm!

Enjoy the whole crew but mu... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Enjoy the whole crew but must vote for Jay Tea as 'MOST GUTSY' ... sharing snippets of his personal life with all his purported "weaknesses" laid bare for all to freely comment upon - GUTSY.

@ JT - we need a maternity -itch update please. Asked to change any diapers yet? Or is "blessed" event still pending?

Michael Lapraie thoughtfull... (Below threshold)

Michael Lapraie thoughtfully covers economics, which drives most things but is not written about much here.

DJ is pretty funny.

I find Rick's failure to engage in comments strange, he just drops his loads then scrams.

JT is OK for a Romney supporter. He gets marked down because he can't make a point in under 2000 words and a meandering walk through several other subjects, then faults others for being off topic (as if we could figure out what the topic was). Plus he edits dissenting comments and threatens banning you when you disagree, can't take a hit.

Rodney gets marked way down because he deletes dissenting comments, making his comment threads read like the tribute book for Dear Leader at Kim Il Sung's tomb. "You are the bestest, Rodneyyyyy"

The rest don't write that much, let's just say they are just shy of Birther territory.

Chico continues to demonstr... (Below threshold)

Chico continues to demonstrate why his "trial separation" from reality will almost certainly end in divorce. In this past week, I wrote a piece of less than ten words AND said I was currently favoring Cain, but not supporting or endorsing anyone at this point.


JT, I said you were OK, why... (Below threshold)

JT, I said you were OK, why complain?

Cain has as much chance as Chico of getting the GOP nomination. Half of the GOP primary voters will think he's the Cain who killed his brother or confuse him with McCain.

So you will be on Elm Street in January holding a Mitt sign.

Wow. Chico. Talking about h... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Wow. Chico. Talking about himself in the third person. That's not weird at all.

DJ is a very intelligent an... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

DJ is a very intelligent and skilled writer. Unquestionably, the best writer here. And Michael is a "motorhead" guy, like myself, which i like. He also writes some very fine pieces. And Jay always manages to be a little funny in his pieces, which I also enjoy. I don't have to always agree with a piece to respect other fellow writers here.

But, I'm the most lucky guy here at Kevin's Wizbang network. I get to write about undressed celebrity babes. That's the best job at Wizbang. I love my Wizbang Pop gig!

JT, I said you were OK, ... (Below threshold)

JT, I said you were OK, why complain?

Well, I guess, in a way, backhanded compliments from a delusional fuckhead like you could be considered an actual compliment... but I don't like to twist my brain that much.

I am fairly confident that in January, I will NOT be supporting Romney. It would be way, way too early in the process for me to "settle" for a candidate, and that is pretty much the only way I'd be for Romney.

And I won't be holding any signs for anyone, especially not on Elm Street. That's almost 100 miles from home.

So find a new delusion to write about, twit. You've worn out this one's entertainment value.

Actually, it never had any...


Even in voting, little tina... (Below threshold)

Even in voting, little tina s makes a fool of herself.And she thinks others are haters, snort.

Favorite commenter: Willie. I always read his comments.

Wow. Chico. Talking abou... (Below threshold)
Bob Dole:

Wow. Chico. Talking about himself in the third person. That's not weird at all.

No, it's not. Bob Dole does it all the time.

@JayIt's kind o... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


It's kind of nice to only worry about policing my own articles, and let Maggie handle the headaches.

As an editor* and writer myself, I can relate and appreciate your position on this. But you're still the head honcho, IMO.

You're a damn fine writer and compelling thinker. I wish I had half the talent you do.

*Considering it's in marketing/advertising, I think this portion of my title is a rather loosely applied.

@JayIt's kind o... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


It's kind of nice to only worry about policing my own articles, and let Maggie handle the headaches.

As an editor* and writer myself, I can relate and appreciate your position on this. But you're still the head honcho, IMO.

You're a damn fine writer and compelling thinker. I wish I had half the talent you do.

*Considering it's in marketing/advertising, I think this portion of my title is rather loosely applied.






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