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Just about sums up my last few days.


Got caught by a cold, and it's beating me up.  Had to work anyway, because it's month-end and we have our annual Internal Audit starting up as well. 


Despite feeling like crap, had to do the usual errands this weekend, which meant less sleep than I needed/wanted.  This included staring down a grocery store manager like I was one of the Gotti family (long story involving a floor manager first refusing to sell shrimp at the advertised price, then yelling at my wife, which in turn led to me calling up everyone short of God, which was resolved by the fact that the episode - us asking calm questions about their ad, the manager yelling at my wife and stomping off - was caught on video and the district manager having the guts to say so, so we got an apology and a promise to come get our shrimp at the promised price); the manager had an employee handle the transaction while avoiding me like I wanted to rip him a new one.  Normally I'm about as intimidating as any other accountant, but being defensive about my wife and feeling like crap probably made me look tougher than I really am.  Had to work yesterday, despite being a company holiday and my birthday, because only I had clearance to do international releases, or at least I was the only person willing to come in and take care of that.  And today a woman was chatting on her cell phone as she drove full speed into the back of my wife's car - I think I mentioned I don't like people being rude to my wife, and this charming individual refused to stick around, and so we only got partial information ... and Houston PD has a policy now that says if no one is injured, they won't bother showing up.  Niiiiiiiiiiiiccce. 


So, I feel like crap, I'm in a crappy mood, and my work computer is crapping out - crashed the database three times already.  No point here except the need to vent, and the sense that we all have days like this, where everything goes to crap.


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DJ, be of good cheer. A ble... (Below threshold)

DJ, be of good cheer. A blessing is coming your way. When the devil goes all out at you, that is a good sign. ww

"Houston PD has a policy no... (Below threshold)
Michael Laprarie Author Profile Page:

"Houston PD has a policy now that says if no one is injured, they won't bother showing up"


As for the crappy day. Tak... (Below threshold)

As for the crappy day. Take 2 shots of Bushmills. Won't change the day, but will definitely render you somewhat numb to it! :)

Much the same here in CA, b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Much the same here in CA, but failing to leave your information makes it a Hit and Run, an automatic felony here.

You have my prayers and bes... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

You have my prayers and best wishes, DJ. I've been very ill with pneumonia for about 5 weeks, and it's been a little tough working 14-15 days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with all that going on and doing my Wizbang Pop duties as well. When you don't feel great it's tougher to manage the normal workload. But try to get a little more rest, get plenty of ginger and vitamin c products, and stay warm until you feel a little better. God bless you.

WOW.that's a LOT of CRAP!!<... (Below threshold)

WOW.that's a LOT of CRAP!!

well............at least...
HAPPY? BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Houston PD has a policy ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Houston PD has a policy now that says if no one is injured, they won't bother showing up.

Yup, that's crap.

And I second GaradFan's prescription.

I well know what it is like... (Below threshold)

I well know what it is like to post just for the sake of venting.

Sometimes, you have to.

If it keeps you from going Postal, GOOD!!!

Posting, to avoid goi... (Below threshold)

Posting, to avoid going Postal.

That could work as a post title. All it needs are the rest of the words.

If anyone wants to run with it, be my guest, :-)

Wow - what if the CAR is in... (Below threshold)

Wow - what if the CAR is injured???
Sorry about your awesomely bad day. I'm old enough to know that life does get better! I've endured some pretty bad stuff but always believed that God loved me and He would help me through, if I held on to His promises.
"God changes our impossible to Himpossible."






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