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Best 'Weinergate' observation, so far

From Eric Ericson at RedState

When will Anthony Weiner resign out of the shame of showing America his eponymous organ? I won't hold my breath, considering Barney Frank is still there after the whole brothel thing. Frank and Weiner -- they could open some sort of sordid law firm together.

All I have to say about "Weinergate" is this - it's pretty obvious that Anthony Weiner likes attractive young ladies, and without a doubt he thought he was private-messaging that embarrassing pic to a hot-looking female fan.  Instead, he ended up posting the pic to his regular Twitter feed.  You'd have to be a complete fool not to realize that.

The way I see things, the dreaded press conference that will feature Huma Abedin in a powder-blue Chanel suit and Weiner wearing a striped red tie is just around the corner.

(If you need a bit of a primer on "Weinergate," check this out.)
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Comments (8)

He really stepped on it thi... (Below threshold)

He really stepped on it this time.

"The discovery of an attempt to cover up is often regarded as even more reprehensible than the original deeds."

Yep, if the little pecker h... (Below threshold)

Yep, if the little pecker had admitted he stepped on his wiener doing this, it would all be over.

Anyway, NY voters are so stupid, he will be reelected and then elected as mayor of NYC.

New Yorkers deserve a Wiener like Wiener.

I can hardly wait to hear m... (Below threshold)

I can hardly wait to hear more about how this is all a right-wing conspiracy.

Check this out. <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Check this out. Reuters IDs Weiner as a REPUBLICAN.

Un-freaking believable. To be fair, I suppose this was the only reasonable conclusion. If you're not one of the castrati, that leaves Republican, right?

A Frank is made of beef.</p... (Below threshold)

A Frank is made of beef.

A Wiener is made of pork.

There IS a difference

One thing for sure, Frank & Wiener are both dicks.

When he said that he wasn't... (Below threshold)

When he said that he wasn't sure if the photo was of his junk or not, I instantly knew:
1) He owns a pair of grey undies
2) He has taken photos of his junk before.

If someone showed me a photo of junk in grey shorts I would know it wasn't mine because I don't own grey shorts and I have never taken a photo of my junk.

It's just gets better and b... (Below threshold)
Mike Giles:

It's just gets better and better - the Mrs. is Huma Weiner. No doubt she kept her maiden name.

There's something on the we... (Below threshold)

There's something on the weeners computer he doesn't want the FBI to see. That's the only explination for his not calling the cops.






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