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Yet more killer tornadoes

This time in the Northeast (surreal video of one of them after the excerpt):

The Rev. Bob Marrone was pained to see the steeple of his 137-year-old church shattered and strewn on the grass in the central Massachusetts town of Monson, yet he knows he's more fortunate than some of his neighbors who lost their homes after tornadoes tore through the state, killing at least four people, damaging buildings, uprooting trees and shattering lives.

"I can see the plywood of roofs, and see houses where most of the house is gone," said Marrone, pastor of The First Church of Monson. "The road that runs up in front of my house ... There's so many trees down, it's completely impassable."

Residents of 19 small communities in central and western Massachusetts were left to deal with widespread damage Thursday, one day after at least two late-afternoon tornadoes shocked emergency officials and residents more accustomed to dealing with snow and bone-chilling cold than funnel clouds spawned by spring storms.


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Comments (4)

Good lord. I live practical... (Below threshold)

Good lord. I live practically on the Connecticut River. Over a hundred miles north of there, but still...


I'm sure that towercam oper... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that towercam operator was safe in a sturdy room way down close to the ground, but even so...

If it'd been me controlling that camera the old motherly advice about clean underwear would have become moot along about 0:51

gee, I thought tornadoes on... (Below threshold)

gee, I thought tornadoes only punished those who didn't believe in glowball warming. Maybe we have some closet deniers up there?

Geeeeeeeezus! Incredible an... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Geeeeeeeezus! Incredible and frightening.






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