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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday and that means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture.

Sarah Palin greets an impersonator.

Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (117)

Double Trouble... (Below threshold)

Double Trouble

"So Whaddya want to do toni... (Below threshold)

"So Whaddya want to do tonight?"
"Same thing we do every night, Try to take over the world."

"Where'd ya get that shade ... (Below threshold)

"Where'd ya get that shade of lipstick?"

Labor division, Palin famil... (Below threshold)

Labor division, Palin family style: Todd does the fishin', Sarah does the fission.


Andrew Sullivan is even now... (Below threshold)

Andrew Sullivan is even now scribbling another whack-job theory on how Trig was born.

Which one has the bigger bo... (Below threshold)

Which one has the bigger boobs?

That's easy: the New York Times.

Charlie Sheen: "Twinning, D... (Below threshold)

Charlie Sheen: "Twinning, Duh!"

This has Anthony Weiner so ... (Below threshold)

This has Anthony Weiner so excited, he's started twittering again.

The entire democrat party j... (Below threshold)

The entire democrat party just crapped themselves.

I think I just saw a femini... (Below threshold)

I think I just saw a feminist's head explode.

"So how'd twinning the GOP ... (Below threshold)

"So how'd twinning the GOP nomination work out fer ya."

The ultimate liberal nightm... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

The ultimate liberal nightmare: She can be in two places at once!

If I was a democrat, I'd be... (Below threshold)

If I was a democrat, I'd be very afraid.

"Tina Fey is goin' down."<b... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

"Tina Fey is goin' down."
"You Betcha."

Dateline Boston: Sarah Pali... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Dateline Boston: Sarah Palin followed in George W. Bush's footsteps by meeting-up with her "celebrity double" while here in Boston. The meeting mirrored former President Bush's performance with a double at a White House Correspondents' dinner.

In other news: President Obama continues with his efforts to meet-up with anything that will make him look competent or presidential in time for the 2012 election cycle.

Two rights don't make a wro... (Below threshold)

Two rights don't make a wrong.

Come on, look at the guy be... (Below threshold)

Come on, look at the guy behind them.

In other news, Romney met w... (Below threshold)

In other news, Romney met with his double...Obama.

I can see your rack from my... (Below threshold)

I can see your rack from my house.

Happy Birthday Todd!... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday Todd!

You know that guy in the ba... (Below threshold)

You know that guy in the background is thinking about a Palin sandwich.

Both Grizzly Mama's agree: ... (Below threshold)

Both Grizzly Mama's agree: Rep. Weiner's a dick!

Listen...I think I just hea... (Below threshold)

Listen...I think I just heard Chris Matthews screaming hysterically.

If Chris Matthew's leg isn'... (Below threshold)

If Chris Matthew's leg isn't tingling over this, you have to wonder if he's gay.

The plan is for one to run ... (Below threshold)

The plan is for one to run as a republican, the other as a democrat. If all goes well, half the press will end up in an asylum.

Democrats unveil a new secr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Democrats unveil a new secret weapon but the genuine article is just too obvious.

Yes, I am Palin future. Com... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yes, I am Palin future. Come with me if you want to live.

First there was Walternate,... (Below threshold)

First there was Walternate, then Fauxlivia now we have Sarahgate. Sarah Palin really is the Fringe candidate.

Palin's V.P. pick shocks me... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Palin's V.P. pick shocks media, nation.

10,000 bucks or I tweet the... (Below threshold)

10,000 bucks or I tweet these to the Enquirer...
Do it you're the bland part for moose stew

Yes, I do Palin comparison.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yes, I do Palin comparison.

This is for those who can't... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

This is for those who can't decide if she ought to be President or Vice President.

...and MSNBC was off the ai... (Below threshold)

...and MSNBC was off the air for nearly 38 hours as producers desperately searched for a still-sane host...

Screw that Wiener guy. I sa... (Below threshold)

Screw that Wiener guy. I say we get these two twitter accounts and see what happens.

Ya think we could work out ... (Below threshold)
just bob:

Ya think we could work out a skit for SNL ?

If I was drunk and seeing h... (Below threshold)

If I was drunk and seeing her double I'd tell the bartender to keep them coming because it sure beats that pink elephant.

The republican ticket for P... (Below threshold)

The republican ticket for President and Vice President is announced.

This is a safety issue. Sho... (Below threshold)

This is a safety issue. Showing this picture will cause libeals heads to explode. Warning! ww

Separated at birth. Noone c... (Below threshold)

Separated at birth. Noone can tell which one is appearing at any particular meeting.

The mass exodus from the jo... (Below threshold)

The mass exodus from the journalism industry, and subsequent implosion of the MSM, began when it became public that there were two Sarah Palins. There will be no story at 11.

Pull my finger.... (Below threshold)

Pull my finger.

Yes, I do Palin co... (Below threshold)
Yes, I do Palin comparison.
Groan.... (wish I would've thought of that one Jeff... excellent pun)
"Pull your finger."... (Below threshold)

"Pull your finger."

One will give a press confe... (Below threshold)

One will give a press conference in New Hampshire and one in Iowa at the same time.

As with a xerox, the copy i... (Below threshold)

As with a xerox, the copy is never as brilliant as the original, and the clone turned out to be sort of a dip, by happy chance though the copy still garnered some sympathetic support and pity from all she met. Just another case of Sarah an' dip, pity.

Liberal media: It's an ambu... (Below threshold)

Liberal media: It's an ambush! There's TWO of them!

Thanks Rodney! I knew you w... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Thanks Rodney! I knew you would get it.

I'll be in my bunk.... (Below threshold)

I'll be in my bunk.

Still, they're cousins, <br... (Below threshold)

Still, they're cousins,
Identical cousins and you'll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike —
You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.

Liberal heads explode in 3.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Liberal heads explode in 3...2...1..

"You look fantastic."... (Below threshold)

"You look fantastic."
"Thank you, you're two kind."

WOnder Twin powers activate... (Below threshold)
retired military:

WOnder Twin powers activate

What really scares liberals... (Below threshold)

What really scares liberals.....our perfection of cloning.

Not an entry, but I know ex... (Below threshold)

Not an entry, but I know exactly where that picture was taken. Odd how distinctive a building corner can be...

Tea Party's new theme -- We... (Below threshold)

Tea Party's new theme -- We Are Legion

Aren't you a lil short for ... (Below threshold)

Aren't you a lil short for a Storm Trooper?

Yeah, that's the ticket!</p... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's the ticket!

I can't say with certitude ... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

I can't say with certitude that those are my tits...they might be her tits.

Yes, I have 2 birth certifi... (Below threshold)

Yes, I have 2 birth certificates. Is that a problem?

I have an extra bus if you'... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

I have an extra bus if you'd like to help me run the MSM around the country in a state of utter confusion; I'm talking serious payback here.

Are you my evil twin?... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Are you my evil twin?

Lock, stock, and both barre... (Below threshold)

Lock, stock, and both barrels smokin'

Want to have some fun with ... (Below threshold)
Rich Moore:

Want to have some fun with the LSM? You go that way and I'll go this way!!!!

So does David Letterman mak... (Below threshold)

So does David Letterman make rude comments about your daughter as well?

2 Tina Fey impersonators at... (Below threshold)

2 Tina Fey impersonators at once !!! Wow ...

Karl Rove's time machine su... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove's time machine suddenly developed a glitch.

In a surprising move today ... (Below threshold)

In a surprising move today the Obama administration came out against Human cloning.

Double your pleasure<... (Below threshold)

Double your pleasure

Double your fun

Double the liberal asses you kick just for fun.

Ying and Yang?No..... (Below threshold)

Ying and Yang?


Ying and Yowsa!

DNC: "Oh Shit, they cloned ... (Below threshold)

DNC: "Oh Shit, they cloned her!"

Them hills have eyes... (Below threshold)

Them hills have eyes

The Tea Party's One-Two Pun... (Below threshold)

The Tea Party's One-Two Punch - 'Cuz you know I'd hit that twice!

Hot or Not?... (Below threshold)

Hot or Not?

Old man; Scooby booby Doo!... (Below threshold)

Old man; Scooby booby Doo!

hey Tina, I can see the Wh... (Below threshold)

hey Tina, I can see the Whitehouse from where we're standing!!

Exhausted from ducking hard... (Below threshold)
Woot Woot:

Exhausted from ducking hard questions like "What newspapers do you read?" and "where are you going today?" Non-Presidential candidate and part-time quitter Sarah Palin introduces herself to her new stunt double.

Trained to mimic Palin exactly with such pithy phrases as "How am I supposed to know?" and "Energy? You betcha! Let's get some of that!," Palin's stunt double, hired by Roger Ailes. has the IQ of a goldfish and veracity of a brown bear in heat.

American voters collectively rolled its eyes in disbelief as Tea Partiers across the nation cheered Palin's bold move.

"She's so smart!" says Rodney Graves, part-time partisan hack and full-time egotist. "I can't wait until she's elected President!."

It's working already! Rock... (Below threshold)

It's working already! Rock stupid, wingnut morons like WootWoot are even now exposing their lack of wit, their lack of civility, and their lack of judgement.

I hope he's got a fuse on that orifice he calls a mind!

The left is panicking. They... (Below threshold)

The left is panicking. They didn't know we had a spare...

Rep. Anthony Weiner's fathe... (Below threshold)

Rep. Anthony Weiner's father, "Stubby" (pictured center), decides he will begin following Governor Palin on Twitter.

Old bald guy behind them: I... (Below threshold)

Old bald guy behind them: I have not seen a pair of Hinnies like that since Berlin in '45.

Chicks made sick by Weiner'... (Below threshold)

Chicks made sick by Weiner's dic-pics.

Ummm ummm ummm!... (Below threshold)

Ummm ummm ummm!

woop woop @ 76<br ... (Below threshold)

woop woop @ 76

The jealousy is dripping in your post ART W, you spiteful little troll.

Making liberal heads explod... (Below threshold)
PA Patriot:

Making liberal heads explode twice as fast.

Gerry Rivers Last Words: "O... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Gerry Rivers Last Words: "Oh my God, it's a trap. There's TWO of them..."

I've got the DeLorien parke... (Below threshold)

I've got the DeLorien parked out in back, just in case you want to check out the Palin Presidential Library.

For the people that do not ... (Below threshold)

For the people that do not know.


Palin "Let's play democrat... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Palin "Let's play democrat"

Double "Okay, Is that your Weiner are are you glad to see me?"

Now when I think of "DOUBLE... (Below threshold)

Now when I think of "DOUBLE DIP" it does not mean recession.

Now when I think of "DOUBLE... (Below threshold)

Now when I think of "DOUBLE DIP" it does not mean recession.

Good luck to the MSM papara... (Below threshold)

Good luck to the MSM paparazzi trying to stalk her, now.

A virtual no-lose propositi... (Below threshold)

A virtual no-lose proposition -- either one would be better than Obama.

After time travel is invent... (Below threshold)

After time travel is invented, President Palin comes back from the future with an important warning to prevent George Soros from downloading his brain into an indestructible killer cyborg that threatens to conquer the world. Gives Todd Palin newly invented raygun to protect Sarah just in case.laser

Double the pleasure, double... (Below threshold)

Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Nice bust....oops, I mean b... (Below threshold)
Dave G.:

Nice bust....oops, I mean bus.

It's the genuine twin</b... (Below threshold)

It's the genuine twinkle in her eyes that makes folks want to be near to her, uh, I mean them.

Cutest Doppelganger ever!</... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Cutest Doppelganger ever!

"So...I have Todd til midni... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"So...I have Todd til midnight, then you relieve me!.."

"Did you get Weiner's tweet... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"Did you get Weiner's tweet TOO!"

(Old guy in the middle): "G... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

(Old guy in the middle): "Guess I died and
went to heaven!"

"Got milk?!"... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"Got milk?!"

"The REAL Sarah is wearing ... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"The REAL Sarah is wearing the authentic
natural Saskatchewan seal-skin bindings...."

"Super" Dave Osborne

"I generally carve out the ... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"I generally carve out the back-strap and
some rump roasts....and send the asshole to the Alaskan Democrat Party."

"Okay...on three...'Eeny, M... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"Okay...on three...'Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo,
catch Obama by the toe'!"

See, it's my clone that the... (Below threshold)

See, it's my clone that the press keeps asking those hard history questions to...everyone knows clones aren't as intelligent as the original...everyone knows Paul Revere warned...dem French guys down da road dat da British were coming. Everyone knows that...right?

Okay, so maybe I'm not that... (Below threshold)

Okay, so maybe I'm not that good at history, but with this rack, I don't need to be.

Are they silicone or saline... (Below threshold)
Borg Nine:

Are they silicone or saline?

Really, you're a graduate o... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Really, you're a graduate of Harvard Law? How would you like to do my next interview with Katie Couric if I decide to run?

Liberals everywhere are scr... (Below threshold)

Liberals everywhere are screaming for a halt to all stem-cell research, after a recent scientific breakthrough makes cloning Palin's adult stem-cells a reality.

"For the people that do not... (Below threshold)

"For the people that do not know.


87. Posted by JDL | June 3, 2011 3:45 PM "

Good catch.

What a set!... (Below threshold)
Coast Watcher:

What a set!

Two words: Yum Yum.... (Below threshold)

Two words: Yum Yum.

Okay, you go in tour bus #1... (Below threshold)

Okay, you go in tour bus #1 and I'll go in tour bus #2 and whoever loses the press core wins!

"I'm just beside myself wit... (Below threshold)

"I'm just beside myself with joy at this meeting!"

Live from New Hampshire. I... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Live from New Hampshire. It's Saturday Night Liiiiiiiiive!!!!

Palin/Palin 2012! Libtards... (Below threshold)

Palin/Palin 2012! Libtards nightmare squared.

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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