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Charles Johnson Suicide Watch II - Weiner Holding a Presser - Stepping down? Update: Report, won't resign - Brietbart takes questions at Weiner presser! Weiner Admits All... NOT Resigning!

It looks like Congressman Weiner has a little something he'd like to get off his chest.


After more incriminating pictures started hitting the net and multiple women said they had lewd sext messages from him, @LisaDCNN  tweets: "NEW - WEINER: Cong. Weiner to hold newser at 4p ET in NYC."

Speculation on the net is that he's stepping down. I personally hope he sticks around a few more days, I'm really enjoying watching Charles Johnson make a bigger fool of himself every day.

Update: Boy, ya gotta give it to liberals, they are a shameless lot. Barbara Walters says the crotch shot was a gift for his wife.

Update 2: Jake Tapper for the win.

Update 3: NY1 says he ain't resigning. Can a sitting Congressman, make false reports of a felony and open himself for blackmail and still survive? If so, only a Democrat.

Update 4: SWEET! Andrew Brietbart just took the stage at Weiner's Press Conference! No joke, stream CNN. (perhaps CNN mislabel the stream?) Confirmed, Andrew Breitbart is at the Wiener presser taking questions. He also challenged all the media to name one time he lied... High drama indeed, (check the stream)

4:21 ET So now we're just sitting waiting for Weiner to take the stage at his own presser.

"I've made terrible mistakes" Fesses up. Hacked story all a hoax

Charles Johnson dies a little inside.

ADMITS six internet affairs over 3 years. Loser

NOT RESIGNING. What a  wuss. Says he's worried about his wife and his next election. Liberals sure pick great heroes.

Hey, he manned up and apologized to Brietbart. Guess he gets one man point back... which ain't much considering he flushed the rest.

Shhh... listen... that sound you hear is Charles Johnson's heart breaking. 
When asked if he had 'phone sex' he refuses to answer and says he 'refused to refute anyone.' -- ALL the rumors must be true.

NICE! Says he believes they are all adults but doesn't know their ages for sure. I can't wait for the liberals rushing to defend him.

I'm bumping this because of the live nature of it.

Best Question at a new conference evah....

As Weiner leaves the podium some guy shouts LOUDLY "Were you fully erect?"

No joke, here the video, you could here is PERFECTLY on the CNN feed.

That's all folks.

I had intended this to be my last post on the topic but I gotta post Britebart when it hits youtube.


BTW- I'm not going to make another post, but today is D-Day of course and we should all take a moment to think of the sacrifices so many made for our freedoms. Here's some color shots from Life Mag. Take a few moments to remember. -Paul 


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Comments (44)

Wonder why he has a grimmac... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Wonder why he has a grimmace on his face?

Yeah, that whole innocent-u... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that whole innocent-until-proven-guilty thing is so shameless...

HEH - Add Jim Beach to the ... (Below threshold)

HEH - Add Jim Beach to the list of poor liberals who are about to see their world crumble down. I love it.

It's been rather fun, watch... (Below threshold)

It's been rather fun, watching Weiner step on his wiener.

I sure hope he stays. This ... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

I sure hope he stays. This is much better than a summer blockbuster movie. It's a comedy and a suspense show at the same time. What's he going to say or do next? And when? It's been totally unpredictable so far...and totally entertaining.

I can't see why he would re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I can't see why he would resign since dems are basically shameless.

And as for Jimx's BS comment about 'innocent ntil proven guilty", this blog does not constitute a court of law or a jury. The notion of innocent until proven guilty applies in our court system. There is no law requiring that every citizen be required to consider Weiner innocent until he has been charged in a court of law. Furthermore, no one is claiming that he broke the law, only that he has behaved like a sleazebag.

I find it ironic that the left is so quick to defame conservatives, but as soon as one of their own is caught up in a scandal they jump to try to stifle all discussion by saying that until he is convicted in a court of law we have no business discussing it at all.

Sorry, Jim x, we still have the freedom to think what we want and say what we want. I know that you and your leftist friends will try to remove that freedom as soon as you can.

Guilty as sin........ (Below threshold)

Guilty as sin.....

Free as boxer briefs can be..

News flash for JimX the wei... (Below threshold)

News flash for JimX the weiner admits to sending the pic and sext with 6 women. How about that he was guilty after all, what a surpise huh Jim?

Yeah, that whole innocen... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Yeah, that whole innocent-until-proven-guilty thing is so shameless...

That's a COURT, moron. Weiner isn't under arrest and isn't going to be because tweeting pics in your undies isn't a violation of the law. It's intensely stupid, but it's not illegal.

It does, however, show an intense lack of judgment and a serious lack of working brain cells. Weiner isn't an eighteen-year-old frat boy sending off pics of his junk. He's a grown man and someone who holds high office. He's been married less than a year. Wasn't the ass-clown aware that these pics could wreck his career if they got out? Was it worth the risk?

And whether you like it or not, Jimmy, we have a right to form our own opinions. We have a right to make fun of politicians as we like, and Congressman Tighty-Whitey has certainly opened himself up to it. Ridicule of politicians is an American tradition, and your side certain doesn't hold back... why should we?

So Jim, you passive-aggressive little pissant, as I've said before, stop whining. It's unpleasant. We're going to continue making fun of Weiner until it becomes boring, so deal with it.

or as Nelson says.... Ha Ha... (Below threshold)

or as Nelson says.... Ha Ha

Charles Johnson: "If Weiner... (Below threshold)

Charles Johnson: "If Weiner admits to sending the pictures in question...I’m never going to apologize."

Congressman Weiner: "I am sorry." "I take responsibility" "I apologize to Andrew Breitbart."

This scumbag has more class than the Green Football!

But he skipped his protege'... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

But he skipped his protege's public support statement by his wife and all supporters... He failed to live up to the "Full Clinton" model...

If it was a Republican the ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If it was a Republican the left would be calling for a resignation, but now they are like Jimx telling the rest of us that until he is convicted in a court that we should all shut up.

I expect the narrative to shift, now that he has admitted his part, to impugning the integrity of the girls involved and calling the sluts.

I am just glad to see that his wife had the self respect to make the dirtbag face the cameras himself.

Oh, by the way, Jim, he jus... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Oh, by the way, Jim, he just 'fessed up. He even apologized to Andrew Breitbart. Last week, you were claiming the photos were faked... guess what, they weren't.

Time for you to move on to Standard Leftist Argument #2: "Everyone does it."

The sphincter will not resi... (Below threshold)

The sphincter will not resign. He will remain a pathetic pervert representing all the pathetic voters of Brooklyn and Queens which by extension makes them pathetic perverts too.

"I've made terrible mistake... (Below threshold)

"I've made terrible mistakes"


Heh, so, Clinton Scandal Ex... (Below threshold)

Heh, so, Clinton Scandal Excuse #1 didn't work, "I didn't do it!" or in Clinton's case, "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski."

Now that the lie has been exposed, we move on the Clinton Scandal Excuse #2 it's time to move on.

That's right folks. Be ready for it tomorrow, all over the media.

The Congressman has admitted to his mistakes, now it's time to move on.

And all questions and questioners will be treated like bullies, "The Congressman has apologized! It's time to move on!"

They may even make a website, moveon.org, to get people to move on.

Well, alright. You guys wer... (Below threshold)

Well, alright. You guys were right to suspect him of sending this pic, and probably also of cheating. And, it appears I was wrong to expect otherwise.

FYI, re: my "innocent until proven guilty" - that was specifically why Barbara Walters had that sort of response.

So why should anyone EVER b... (Below threshold)

So why should anyone EVER believe a word out of this scumbag's mouth ever again?

OK, why did anyone believe a word out of this scumbag's mouth to begin with?

Still, he has the magic (D) after his name...so we had no right to expect integrity and morality from this putz.

Paul, thanks for the Time p... (Below threshold)

Paul, thanks for the Time photos.

Everytime from now on when I see Weiner on the tube screeching with spit flying and eyes bulging that the Repubs are EVIL and want to kill the weak and helpless.....well, I'll just bust out laughing.

Some respect for jim x for ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Some respect for jim x for his comment at #18, meant to give it a plus and accidentally hit the minus.

Kudos to Jim X for a displa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Kudos to Jim X for a display of intellectual honesty.

Resume enhancer. W... (Below threshold)

Resume enhancer.

What are the odds Barry puts him on the ticket in '12?

What are the odds Barry ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What are the odds Barry puts him on the ticket in '12?

I hear there's an opening for a new "Safe Schools czar". It would seem that Weiner has the prerequisite experience.

I also second kudos to Jim ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I also second kudos to Jim X for his intellectual honesty.

I would also like to add that some reflection on the left's conduct here is in order. Note that leftists rejected the simple, obvious, and now known correct explanation, and instead promulgated convoluted, far-fetched conspiracy theories involving conservatives.

Something to bear in mind next time ...

I particularly like the fam... (Below threshold)

I particularly like the family photos in the background. What a tool.

I don't think Breitbart has... (Below threshold)

I don't think Breitbart has turned up his hole card, yet. From past experience, you just have to believe he's still holding something we haven't seen, yet. Which is why I love the guy; he really knows how to play the left. He draws them out, and draws them out... and draws them out some more... and then... WHAM! the beartrap snaps shut.

More popcorn, please.

Breitbart claimed to have a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Breitbart claimed to have a more explicit pic of Weiner but said that if Weiner apologized to him that he would not release it. He got his apology, I expect that he will keep the pic to himself. Now, that doesn't mean the someone else won't come forward with it but I really don't see the MSM pursuing this any further. They will be pushing the 'time to move on' meme.

Some respect for jim x f... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Some respect for jim x for his comment at #18, meant to give it a plus and accidentally hit the minus.

I thumbed up Jim to make up for it, John Irving. He did have the guts to admit he was wrong, and I give him credit for it.

Good on you Jim X. The man-... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Good on you Jim X. The man-of-the-hour, the guy with egg all over his face, didn't man-up the way you just did.

If you guys haven't read Br... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

If you guys haven't read Breitbart's book yet, I highly recommend it. He talks at length about the tactics he uses, and this is a primary one... let your opponent think he's got the full story. Release a photo/video, let the opponent lie and spin to cover it up, and hit them with another that shows the lie. Repeat as necessary. This is exactly what he did with ACORN. He posted a couple videos, let the progressives come up with a cover story and can a few low-level employees, and then he hit them again. The lie revealed, he let them stew for a few days, come up with a NEW story, and then he hit them again, revealing just how horrible ACORN truly was.

And he destroyed them.

Lefties, you can bitch about Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck all you like... the one you really should fear is Andrew Breitbart. This guy is scary good at this.

Exactly Evil, In fact I was... (Below threshold)

Exactly Evil, In fact I was reading the very part where he discusses this last night. Acorn et al. Great stuff, you could see it coming with this one too.

Great stuff, you could s... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Great stuff, you could see it coming with this one too.

Yeah, I was kind of chuckling as the inevitable "it's shopped" arguments and accusations were going on last week. Breitbart doesn't release anything unless he's got the goods, and the first release is often not the most damning. It's like "the forgotten arm" in boxing... get in close, keep using the same arm to hit with, draw your opponents' attention to it, and then WHAM in comes the other arm for the real damage.

Seriously, how could anyone... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Seriously, how could anyone over the age of six failed to have divined the truth of this story and believed Weiner's risible story?

Leftists constantly disparage the intelligence of those who disagree with them, but surely an incident such as this must make them reassess their relative intellectual gifts and/or judgment.

Or so one would think, anyway.

IN that picture Weiner look... (Below threshold)
retired military:

IN that picture Weiner looks liek the emporer with no clothes (no matter how the MSM says "He really looks nice in that suit"

The Court of Public Opinion... (Below threshold)

The Court of Public Opinion does not recognize the canard "Innocent until proven guilty."

Seems Weiner really was a serial pervert and cheater, now it remains to be seen if he can win re-election with a history like that.

Grats Jim x for having better judgment than Weiner and admitting when you were wrong.

Just to be on topic, Charle... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just to be on topic, Charles Johnson has already acknowledged Weiner's confession but says that he will not apologize to Breitbart. Johnson's explanation is along the lines of: "I don't wanna and I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue because Andrew Breitbart is a meanie."

I won't link or even go to LGF on principle but I will give a link to Legal Insurrection, which has the scoop:

Kudos to Jim X, as others h... (Below threshold)

Kudos to Jim X, as others have already said.

Now, don't let all this approbation turn your head and make you start agreeing with us or something. ;-)

The Time pictures make fres... (Below threshold)

The Time pictures make fresh the memory of what American and allied servicemen sacrificed in order for us to live in freedom and prosperity. The fact that someone like Wiener and other self serving politicians have been elected to positions of power in The United States is disgusting. Only men and women of integrity who love America should ever hold office. We owe this to those who gave so much.
Elections have consequences and failing to uphold the oath of office with integrity should too.

Sorry, long one.Le... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Sorry, long one.

Leftists could learn a lot from this incident. What happened? They rejected the obvious answer – that Weiner sent the photo, and lied to save his ass – in favor of various arcane conspiracy theories about right-wing hackers, Clarence Thomas, and what have you. Hillary's VRWC didn't set up Bill, either. He lied to save his ass too.


1. The simplest explanation is generally the best bet (Occam's Razor). (Here, do guys send horny emails in pathetic attempts to get laid? Uh ... yeah.)

2. Cui bono? (who benefits?) analysis applied to those asserting the various positions allows an assessment of what motivation they might have to make that assertion. The more motivation, the more skeptical you should be. (Would Weiner lie to avoid embarrassment and to save his ass? Of course.)

3. Common sense says that the more people involved, the more likely that someone will blab. This, along with Occam's Razor, militates strongly against most conspiracy theories. Only the most ideologically committed and highly disciplined groups (e.g., various national Communist Parties, al Qaeda, sometimes the Mafia) have any chance of conspiring without blabbermouths hemorrhaging information. At one point, only two people knew Monica was giving BJs to Bill Clinton; yet now natives in Borneo know all about it. This should be a sobering thought for conspiracy buffs.

Now to apply the principles:

Global warming. Simplest explanation: natural variation in climate. Earth has previously had Ice Ages, and been a steamy tropical jungle. So the climate has changed on its own long before the SUV. (Who benefits from AGW hysteria? Climate researchers, and those seeking to expand government control of the economy. Who benefits from skepticism? Oil companies? Maybe, but would oil companies really mind if oil were made more expensive?)

Bush in Iraq. Simplest explanation: Bush believed – mistakenly or not – intel that we had a serious problem brewing in Iraq, and he didn't want another 9/11 (or worse) on his watch. No other motivation will wash. (What President has done well out of going to war? Lincoln? McKinley? Wilson? FDR? Truman? LBJ? GHWB?) But who benefits from alleging a conspiracy to go to war? Semi-loyal political opponents, and completely disloyal agitators trying to "mobilize the masses." (Note that they're not upset about Obama going to war with Libya. That should tell you all you need to know.)

Obama's transcripts. Simplest explanation: his grades were embarrassingly bad. Motivation to keep them secret: to keep his supporters from realizing he's not very bright, and thereby to protect his carefully constructed shtick. Motivation to want them released: the suspicion that they suck, and will embarrass Obama.

Barry's supporters are not ... (Below threshold)

Barry's supporters are not bright enough to realize he is not that bright. Otherwise spot on.

Kudos to Jim X for... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:
Kudos to Jim X for a display of intellectual honesty.

22. Posted by jim m | June 6, 2011 5:27 PM

You guys must have different definitions of both "kudos" and "intellectual honesty."

He admitted he was wrong only after Weiner confessed. What was he going to do, continue to smear Brietbart and proclaim Weiner's innocence?

When you are caught red-handed, confession isn't some heroic or "honest" act - it's a belated attempt to redeem yourself for your iniquity. There is nothing "intellectual" about it, either.

Weiner knew he was caught and more was coming out before he confessed. jim-x is not one whit better.

If Monica Lewinsky hadn't kept the blue dress, Clinton supporters would have kept calling her a deranged lying slut, as they had been until they knew about the DNA, and the ilk of jim_x would have been right there with them.

Kudos is praise for an extraordinary achievement. Getting caught lying and then sheepishly admitting the obvious doesn't deserve them.

Eh, we'll take what we can ... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Eh, we'll take what we can get, Jim.

Just a note:Boy, y... (Below threshold)

Just a note:

Boy, ya gotta give it to liberals, they are a shameless lot. Barbara Walters says the crotch shot was a gift for his wife.

In yesterdays NY Post, Cindy Adams, gossip columnist suggested: Weiner should have just said that it was a picture for his wife...

ff to B Walters... now she says that weiner should have said it was a picture of his wife..

Adams and Walters are friends...

I think I just saw weiner face palm himself.. muttering .. I shoulda thought of that....


see ya
cathy : )






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