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Did Barbara Walters compare Weiner to Sarah Palin?

Yes... she did... completely removing any doubt that she's a complete idiot... oh... and Joy Behar loves the Weiner... from her lips to your ears:


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By the time Barbara read th... (Below threshold)

By the time Barbara read the warning label on the Botox bottle it was too late. Her brain would never be the same.

Wow...even for Walters THAT... (Below threshold)

Wow...even for Walters THAT was pathetic!

If Palin can ride in a bus, then Weiner can be a Congressman?

Dear God that woman is the other side of stooopid!

Wait ... was that Joy Behar... (Below threshold)

Wait ... was that Joy Behar defending Sarah Palin????

Ole Beelzebub has gone into the Sno-Cone business

Baba Wawa also said that We... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Baba Wawa also said that Weiner's pics were perhaps a "present for his beautiful wife."

You cannot honestly make me... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You cannot honestly make me believe that anyone takes her seriously anymore. How long did she keep Rosie O'Donnell on The View with her Trootherisms?

If anything she is a good barometer of the left. You can be assured that the nuttiest things she says or allows on that show, the mainstream left believes in.

Nothing like having the Koo... (Below threshold)

Nothing like having the Kool Aid crowd on view every day.

Who are the advertisers tha... (Below threshold)

Who are the advertisers that pay for this show? Should we send them a letter or two?

She's just pandering to the... (Below threshold)

She's just pandering to the demographic that watches that show.
Perhaps also she's sending up DNC talking points to test how well they are received.

Personally, she's always been a vapid blabbermouth who sensationalizes stories to get traction in the LSM.

Perhaps also she's sendi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Perhaps also she's sending up DNC talking points to test how well they are received.

You mean that it was a present for his "beautiful" wife? Yikes! She's got more teeth than most sharks.

Cast some slop before some ... (Below threshold)

Cast some slop before some swine and see who is queen of the sows.

Barbara, its you.

Well, if Baba Wawa can boas... (Below threshold)

Well, if Baba Wawa can boast of schtupping a married Senator, then to her a lowly Congressman sending mere pictures of his schlong to young women he's never even touched must be pretty small potatoes.

Watching Breitbart... (Below threshold)
Watching Breitbart crush Weiner beneath his heel like an insignificant weiner, it occurs to me that Breitbart’s genius – and he really is an information genius – consists almost entirely of two pieces of knowledge: one, leftists will lie knowing the media will back them and two, the media will back them.

Doesn't this video perfectly encapulate the genius of Breitbart now that we have the benefit of hindsight? Liberals like Weiner will outright lie, and journalists will tie themselves into knots to rationalize the lies.

Was Barbara Walters being an objective journalist? No, Barbara Walters comes up with a ludicrous explanation for the Weiner pics. Why? Because she like most journalists are not objective. They sympathize with anyone on the Left and instead of being objective, they will go to extremes to cover up or rationalize that behavior.

Democrats like Weiner know that the media will provide cover for them, and take advantage of it, even if it means making the media look foolish.

This story is a lesson for the media. But, will they learn from it?






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