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Kill your baby, get a free pap smear

What a deal eh?

papcoupon.jpgThe All Women's Health Center of Orlando, an abortion business, is taking couponing to a new, sick level by offering two coupons related to purchasing abortions.

One coupon has the Orlando clinic, one of a chain of abortion centers All Women's operates throughout Florida, giving women a "Free Pap Smear" with the purchase of an abortion at both the Orlando and Tampa, Florida locations.

The offer is "not valid without web coupon being presented to receptionist at time of abortion" and each abortion patient may only use one coupon -- meaning the approximately 40 percent of women obtaining repeat abortions may not receive a second free pap smear.

So maybe an abortion clinic down the street will get into the competitive spirit and offer up... oh... I dunno... maybe discounted breast exams or maybe a free chlamydia test or hell, how about an HPV vaccine in exchange for a paid up abortion.

I mean, it's all about women's health don't you know.


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Comments (11)

This is how they claim that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is how they claim that they are providing "health care services" and not just being abortion mills.


Nothing says love like an a... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Nothing says love like an abortion!!! GAG!!!

To complete the trifecta fr... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

To complete the trifecta from a leftist's twisted vantage point it would be necessary for taxpayer dollars to be subsidizing those clinics. Because nothing says 'fiscal responsibility' as much as spending public money to terminate pregnancies.

Aw.And the blurb fea... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

And the blurb features lovely violet and blue pastel shading.
Kind of like disguising the Zyklon B pits at Auschwitz as shower rooms.

Next will be a 'free' oil c... (Below threshold)

Next will be a 'free' oil change or tire rotation.

I was sure this was a hoax,... (Below threshold)

I was sure this was a hoax, but holy shit its for real:

I understand that they are ... (Below threshold)

I understand that they are also giving out free helium balloons, too.

"Kill your baby, get a free... (Below threshold)

"Kill your baby, get a free pap smear!"

Destroy your country, get some free kool aid!

And? Should they not care f... (Below threshold)

And? Should they not care for women's health?

I get that you don't think women should be able to have abortions. I don't see how offering other things that **everyone** agrees women should have, has any relation to that.

jim x @ 9 == Free broccoli ... (Below threshold)

jim x @ 9 == Free broccoli with every balloon of heroin.
We all agree that broccoli is good for you, right?

scsiwuzzy @ 10 - sure. The ... (Below threshold)

scsiwuzzy @ 10 - sure. The question is, does giving broccoli make the heroin better or worse? It doesn't do either. The broccoli is irrelevant to it.






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