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100K, Baby!

A while ago, I said that I was nearing 100,000 comments on my articles here at Wizbang (excluding my own, spam, duplicates, and entries into contests I ran). Well, just the other day, I finally hit that mark.

And who, of all people, scored that magical six-digit number?

Oyster, who I'd singled out for teasing just last week.

Thanks, Oyster, and all the rest who formed the pyramid for her to stand on.

Let's see... five years for 100K... I wonder how long it'll take to reach 200K?

Back to the salt mines...


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Comments (16)

Is that us or you in the sa... (Below threshold)

Is that us or you in the salt mines, toiling away? Hmmmmm?

So does Oyster get a prize?... (Below threshold)

So does Oyster get a prize? Perhaps a pearl?

Dang, I must've been 99,999... (Below threshold)

Dang, I must've been 99,999 and I didn't even know I was close.

Yeah, I think you'd have fu... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I think you'd have fun in this salt mine: Berchtesgaden


Really, it would be a fun trip, and you could see the Eagle's Nest and probe the depths of a Salt Mine lake on the same day with plenty of time to sample local Pils in between.

You even gone a few months ... (Below threshold)

You even gone a few months on another blogging gig.

Congratulations to both Jay... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to both Jay and Oyster.

Kind of ironic though.

Heh, I should have started ... (Below threshold)

Heh, I should have started a betting pool...

Grats on the 200k mark, grats Oyster.
I think a pearl pendant would be fitting.

Congratulations Jay. I enjo... (Below threshold)

Congratulations Jay. I enjoy reading you, the site and esp. the comments. Oyster the only thing I ever won was to company commander at OCS. The only thing I ever won was to be Co at OCS. No kidding they picked my name out of a hat. Me, 9 guys and 40 women.

How long? Post about Palin... (Below threshold)

How long? Post about Palin as often as Outside the Beltway and you'll be there by fall.

I wonder how long... (Below threshold)
James H:
I wonder how long it'll take to reach 200K?

A steady diet of cheesburgers and cookies will get you there more quickly.

Congrats Jay. I hope your ... (Below threshold)

Congrats Jay. I hope your computer lasts as long as it takes for your next 100K.

100,000? Wow! I've been vi... (Below threshold)

100,000? Wow! I've been visiting here 8 years and it took that long. Just think, Barry has lost that many jobs a month on average.

Scary stuff!

Congrats Jay, unless your n... (Below threshold)
Don L :

Congrats Jay, unless your numbers came from the Obama administration's job counters....

"I wonder how long it'll ta... (Below threshold)
Don L :

"I wonder how long it'll take to reach 200K?"

Go to work for the Obama administration - one day -200K, plus that marvelous perk, no-challenge on none-payment of taxes. You could bewcome O's blogging czar.

Good for you, Jay. I wonder... (Below threshold)

Good for you, Jay. I wonder how long it takes Charles Johnson to get that many comments?

Oh, and KOOL AID!!1!

Hmm, I think this is rigged... (Below threshold)

Hmm, I think this is rigged. First the little tweak, then the tweet, and now the big Kahuna.

Gladius: I got to be Exec. Best lotto ever. No final authority, but all kinds of responsibilities I got to delegate, and filter all upwards requests. It was never my fault but always my choice. Its been downhill ever since.






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