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Are we being sucked in by Weiner's mea culpa?

I've seen parts of his public confession, I've heard his apologies, I've seen a piece of the video where he breaks down as he mentions his wife and it's all pretty convincing, all seemingly genuine.

And then I find this over at HotAir and I'm reminded of how slick the wicked can be, how seductive, how manipulative.  You listen to this entire thing aired yesterday by ABC but taped well before Weiner's press conference and you tell me, given what is said, whether it affects your reception of Wiener's mea culpa that came later:


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Comments (23)

What a piece of crap. He i... (Below threshold)

What a piece of crap. He is so self centered, that he will fight to stay in his position and will not resign.

Oh, I absolutely believe hi... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Oh, I absolutely believe his sorrow is genuine. He's hugely sorry... that he was caught. He could not regret it more (being caught). He'll do everything in his power to prevent that from ever happening again - getting caught, that is.

What an ***hole.Wi... (Below threshold)

What an ***hole.

With any luck, his political career is over because the only person Weiner ever served was himself.

His mea culpa is all part o... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

His mea culpa is all part of the calculation. I don't believe the supposed contriteness of a person should have any bearing on the consequences for their actions. Such a sliding scale requires divination abilities that we don't have.

Not sorry - worst punishment
Somewhat sorry - less punishment
Truly sorry - A little mercy
Really sorry - More mercy
Really really sorry - Absolution

How stupid is that? Yet it seems to the prevailing public attitude. Many people apparently believe they can rightly judge where a person falls on the scale. It makes justice dependent not on facts, but on the perp's acting ability.

Malignant narcissist.... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

Malignant narcissist.

Sorrow, for forgiveness, sh... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

Sorrow, for forgiveness, should be matched by action, not merely words.

I think the best commment I... (Below threshold)

I think the best commment I've seen on this was over on The Atlantic -

If you're a politician of *any* stripe and you have to give a press conference that includes something to the effect of: "...to the best of my knowledge, all the women to whom I showed my penis were adults," the next statement out of your mouth should be "I respectfully tender my resignation."

Just sayin'... Anyone else go "WTF?" with a following 'Creeeepyyyy'?

I understand that Tony has ... (Below threshold)

I understand that Tony has accepted responsibility for his actions, what that means is ...... I guess nothing. If I sat in my office and did what he did, I'd be looking for a job today.

"Vanity! It is my favorite ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Vanity! It is my favorite sin" - the devil in the movie "The Devil's Advocate"

He's damaged goods, no one ... (Below threshold)

He's damaged goods, no one in their right mind wants to be associated with the pervert. In the little time in office he has left it will be impressed on him that he's persona non grata.

No we aren't being sucked i... (Below threshold)
jim m:

No we aren't being sucked in, but the media has been. The media will tell us that it's time to move on. After not reporting the story, except to take the line of BS that Weiner was offering, the media will say that now that he has fessed up there is nothing more to report.

As for Weiner being a slick liar: It's easy to lie when you have no reason to fear punishment if you get caught. The dems know that the media will always have their backs. They do not fear malfeasance in office because the media will protect them.

I can say with 100% CERTITU... (Below threshold)

I can say with 100% CERTITUDE, that Pee Wee Wiener is the Biggest Lying Pervert/Predator Douchbag in Congress Today.

I thought he was sincere bu... (Below threshold)

I thought he was sincere but if it wasn't for his own behavior with the media he would have let Breitbart swing in the wind. This guy is sorry he got caught...as a people we deserve better. If he really is sincere he will get out of town and seek help, keep a low profile and do whatever he can to fix his marriage. I don't know bout the rest of you guys but most women I know would be really pissed. I mean for life pissed, but then again he is married to a liberal...to them do morals really count.

King Solomon: All is vanity... (Below threshold)

King Solomon: All is vanity.

This guy is a putz of the nth degree. His chance for Mayor is done. He should resign and heal his marraige but that is not what they are about. ww

I'm not certain how to take... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm not certain how to take this:

Yes, it's sarcasm. Is the left developing a sense of humor about their ability to be so easily duped? Or is it just a lame attempt to throw Weiner under the bus?

"I can say with 100% CERTIT... (Below threshold)
Barney Frank:

"I can say with 100% CERTITUDE, that Pee Wee Wiener is the Biggest Lying Pervert/Predator Douchbag in Congress Today.
12. Posted by TexBob | June 7, 2011 8:45 AM "

Hey- what am I here -chopped wiener?

Inescapably caught,'wi... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Inescapably caught,'with his pants down', he has the audacity to hope that he can lecture with a lie about judgementalism. Funnily enough the same audacity is the present foundation of the many progressives in journalism and the media.Birds of a feather!

"I can say with 100% CER... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"I can say with 100% CERTITUDE, that Pee Wee Wiener is the Biggest Lying Pervert/Predator Douchbag in Congress Today."

I can't come close to saying that. There is way too much competition.

The only thing Weiner is so... (Below threshold)

The only thing Weiner is sorry about is being caught.

Edwards/Weiner 2012!... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Edwards/Weiner 2012!

Wiener should resign. ... (Below threshold)

Wiener should resign.

There are Wiener's and ther... (Below threshold)

There are Wiener's and there are losers!

It is necessary to remember... (Below threshold)

It is necessary to remember that leftists are utterly SHAMELESS!! When a Weiner type "apologizes" for something, it is always with an ulterior motive in mind. And his--the fact that he wants the media and others to DROP the investigation of his perverse arrogance as too much "snooping" could lead to the hidden truth. His "wife" is Hillary's "girlfriend" and Weiner married her simply to provide cover for the relationship of two dykes.






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