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Washington [com]Post catches up with Wizbang

As Romney doubles down on AGW

As noted here on Wizbang, former Governor and Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney cemented his trifecta of Big Government last week by renewing his support for the thoroughly debunked assertion of AGW.

Romney draws early fire from conservatives over views on climate change

By Philip Rucker and Peter Wallsten, The Washington Post, Published: June 8


Instead, the former Massachusetts governor stuck to the position he has held for many years -- that he believes the world is getting warmer and that humans are contributing to that pattern.

Romney's answer to the question about climate change last Friday during his first town hall meeting since announcing his second presidential campaign allowed him to demonstrate what he hopes voters will see as a new and improved candidate -- an authentic leader with core convictions.

But the exchange in New Hampshire also served as a fresh indicator of Romney's great quandary. He must shed the flip-flopper reputation that haunted his last presidential campaign while also appealing to conservative voters wary of his past support for near-universal health care, abortion rights, same-sex marriage and other positions befitting a politician elected in liberal Massachusetts.

Not precisely my objection, but headed in the right direction.  My specific objection is that Romney continues to support three of the pillars of Big Government: Government Healthcare (Romneycare), Government Subsidies (ethanol), and AGW (Government Regulations).

Government is our primary economic problem, and more of it will not turn our economy around.

Mitt thinks otherwise, and is sticking to his positions:

Mitt Romney: No apologies on climate change stance

Mitt Romney won't be doing any apology tours on climate change.

The early GOP presidential front-runner has broken with his party's conservative ranks to declare global warming a real threat to the planet that merits some sort of action to curb heat-trapping emissions.


"He realizes it's an issue. It's an issue that's real," said Jeff Holmstead, a former Bush EPA air pollution official and Romney supporter who doesn't have an official role in the campaign. "But I think he's not convinced that the ideas that the environmental community are putting forward is a sensible way of dealing with it."

Nope.  That leaves entirely too much room for a Big Government politician to find a Big Government solution to this non-problem further down the line.

Just as well that he disqualify himself from serious consideration by the base now and thus focus the remaining candidates on small government dedicated to dealing with real issues and getting the hell out of the way of the economy.
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Comments (15)

Stuck on stupid need not ap... (Below threshold)

Stuck on stupid need not apply, but it does.

Sep14,When all you... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. When all you have is Big Government, every issue demands its own program and bureaucracy.

He's acting like he already... (Below threshold)

He's acting like he already has the nomination wrapped up and needs to tack to the center...of a 2008 campaign....

Unfortunately, with the Republican party's history of going with the "next in line" he might not be that far off.

Meiji-man,It's a l... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


It's a long way to the convention, and Romney is already bleeding (unlike Gingrich, political corpses don't bleed after all).

Big Government conservative... (Below threshold)

Big Government conservative? Sorry Romulan, there is no such thing.

The shameful media are certainly already trying to pick him for the GOP.

What kind of name is 'Mitt'? Swiss?

I've been waiting for a glo... (Below threshold)

I've been waiting for a global warming post, but this isn't what I was expecting. You guys are so quick to cite every winter snowstorm as debunking global warming. But in the midst of a multi-record-breaking heat wave, I'm sure you'll now post how this supports it.


john,Unseasonably ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


Unseasonably cool and wet (rain in the Bay Area, snow at Lake Tahoe, in June) along the Pacific Coast, while the East swelters. Both due to current location of the Jet Stream.

Damn that AGW, is there NOTHING it can't do?

#6It was still sno... (Below threshold)


It was still snowing here in May this year. Minnesota.

Perhaps you should lay off the cherry and try some raspberry today.

Hey Mitts...what happens in... (Below threshold)

Hey Mitts...what happens inbetween Ice Ages?
1) SUVs are invented
2) Ogloos melt in Florida
3) Polar bears leave Ohio & move uo north
4) Global warming

You just once again demonst... (Below threshold)

You just once again demonstrate that you'll jump on reports of cool weather as hard evidence, but you won't even mention hot weather. That's why it's hard to take you seriously.

And Sep14 shows that his grasp of global climate assessment is limited to the weather he sees outside his window.

And by the way, one theory of global warming impact is that it shifts the jet stream.

The jet stream has always s... (Below threshold)

The jet stream has always shifted north to south. Its called an environmental weather factor.

I sure hope you don't vote this time around. You have a very small understanding on how the creation works.

John,It is hard to... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


It is hard to take anyone seriously who thinks that weather fluctuations in our lifetime are significant at all. That's kind of the point. When we bring it up, it is tongue in cheek -- not a scientific analysis. Speaking for myself anyway.

Regarding Romney, I'm glad ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Regarding Romney, I'm glad he's doubling down and sticking to his guns. Politicians usually change positions to meet the political winds, then do what they want anyway. At least Romney is honest enough to state his beliefs and stick it out.

The media and GOP establishment seem to be trying to saddle us with Romney. I fear they may be successful. Hope not.

10. Posted by j... (Below threshold)
10. Posted by john | June 9, 2011 5:10 PM
Once again illustrating that the difference between weather and climate, as understood by AGW cultists, is that it it's cooler than expected it's just weather -- but if it's warmer than expected OMG THE ICE CAPZ IZ MELTING TEH POLAR BEARZ IS DROWNDING AN WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Maybe <a href="http://solar... (Below threshold)

Maybe this has something to do with the record heat in the east. Ya think?






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