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First Photos Of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords


Given the tragic point-blank shooting, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords looks great in these first photos posted to her Facebook page this morning. The photos are from late May.



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My heart goes out to this p... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

My heart goes out to this poor lady and I hope she continues to recover. I am hearing that people in the party leadership of Arizona are salivating over getting her to run in the 2012 Senate race for Kyle's seat.

It's nice to see she recove... (Below threshold)

It's nice to see she recovered so well and rapidly from such a brutal attack. Hopefully she will continue to make strides toward a full recovery, and both she and her Family can put as much behind them as possible. God Bless, Mrs Giffords--you're a tough cookie!

You're looking good there, too! :D

Rep. Giffords you are proof... (Below threshold)

Rep. Giffords you are proof that miricals do happen. God bless......I would not be suprised if her MD's are telling her NOT to go back to work at least not in the forseeable future. A bullit is alot of stress to those little brain cells. Seriously, they can't rule any kind of stress can start a spont. bleed (stroke). That is just logical thought: to treat the patient conservitivly. That is what screws up liberals...they are ownly interested in what have to gain. She is still young and at any time within the next ten yrs. she can decide to run people will remember. For now if I were her husband I would thank God for this chance and be the most dutiful husband you could ever see. I would want nothing raising her blood pressure and that alone is not an easy thing.

I would also like to know if she is entitled to somekind of pension since this was work related. If she gets one that is even more reason to stay home and write a book. She is bound to do better then the witch with the gavel

As a member of the H.o R. s... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

As a member of the H.o R. she is entitled to excellent on going health care for life. The rest of us are looking at the curse of Obamalala-care.

Thank you RLD but I was won... (Below threshold)

Thank you RLD but I was wondering if she will get some sort of momitary compensation.

Things like this make me wo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Things like this make me wonder about the nature of luck. One could never call getting shot in the head lucky and surviving such an injury usually means terrible impairment. But taking a point blank shot to the head and surviving with what looks will be a substantial recovery is near miraculous.

What happened to her was tragically unfortunate, but I cannot escape the conclusion that she remains a very lucky woman.

Thank God for her recovery ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Thank God for her recovery so far and my prayers for her to continue to get better.

Rehab from such a catastrophic injury is often painstakingly slow. The last I heard, she still can't speak, and hasn't been told she was shot or that others died in the attack. Given that, and the nature of the stress reduction Gladius mentions above, the idea of her running for Senate is ludicrous.

It just goes to show the moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party that they get as excited as Anthony Weiner about nominating a candidate who could not campaign and probably could not serve, just because she might win on a sympathy vote.

I could see the Dems gettin... (Below threshold)

I could see the Dems getting her husband to run but if it was me I would not want to leave her side. Time will tell but so far her recovery has been nothing short of amazing but if her handlers are not careful it could all end. I mean guys, if she so much as trips she could end up back in the hospital with some real bad complictions.

I am so very happy she is r... (Below threshold)

I am so very happy she is recovering.

I am also very proud of the fact she is in our world famous medical center getting the treatment she needs. ww

Man, it's good to see her u... (Below threshold)

Man, it's good to see her up and around...






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