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"I'm an American, not a bump in the road"

Regardless of what you think of Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate, you've got to admit that his campaign people really nailed America's current desperation in this video:

Barack Obama is very vulnerable in 2012.  Count on it.

(via El Rushbo)


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Meanwhile President Obama, ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile President Obama, at his own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in Durham, NC, said, "Shovel-ready was not as ... uh .. shovel-ready as we expected."

Glad that he could find time from his busy travel schedule and working on his golf game to make lame jokes about the economy.

Oh, I think the Obama econo... (Below threshold)
Michael Laprarie Author Profile Page:

Oh, I think the Obama economic recovery plan was plenty 'shovel ready' - it just depends on what you expect to be shoveling ...

Excellent ad. Simple, conve... (Below threshold)

Excellent ad. Simple, conveyable message that hit's home.

Should have paused a little longer on each person so their signs could be read and understood.

Good ad. ... (Below threshold)
James H:

Good ad.

Barry never met a job he co... (Below threshold)

Barry never met a job he could do, let alone create.

Whatever. obama doesn't ca... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Whatever. obama doesn't care. People aren't perceived as individuals each having value. obama is President of the world he sees himself as sitting astride great forces of history and remaking America and the world in the way he sees fit.

obama sees the dislocation of Americans, the loss of jobs and the destruction of the economy as necessary to the recreation of America in the socialist image that he believes in.

Just as Lenin anticipated that the communists would potentially have to lose 10% of the population, obama sees that millions will lose their jobs, their homes, their hopes of retirement; but it will be done for the greater good of fulfilling his dream.

Get back under the bus wher... (Below threshold)

Get back under the bus where you belong!


Ya know, you can only go on about 'hope and change' for so long before people actually start to expect 'change' - and that change needs to be for the better.

However, Obama seemed to be really clued in on the Alinsky model of governmental destruction - blow up what doesn't seem to be working in your estimation, impose regulation, and somehow magically a more efficient, more 'fair' system comes into being.

Or to put it more succinctly -

1. Destroy the system.
2. Then a miracle occurs
3. Everyone lives happily ever after with all their needs supplied.

But a lot of the happy little wreckers are finding out that taking down the system is really easy - but creating something that'll work is a lot harder. But how would Obama know that? They apparently don't teach that in academia.

JLawson, actually I've been... (Below threshold)

JLawson, actually I've been quite critical of Obama for FAILING to understand what Alinsky was about. Alinsky himself acknowledged that a bad system cannot be torn down unless you have something better, and you first convince the people that they will be better off living under a different system.

Obama failed time and time again to convince Americans at large that his policies will transform this nation into a better place. And now that his polices themselves have failed, he has no one to blame but himself.

Michael -Consideri... (Below threshold)

Michael -

Considering we haven't seen Obama's transcripts, I think he internalized the Alinsky model like he probably did most of his coursework.

He read the synopsis, got the bare-bones basics down enough to pass the course (1 point above an F is still passing, isn't it? So, that's good.) and then blew off the small details like actually needing a plan to replace the system before you destroy it.

Because that's a small, petty, dare I even say niggling and trivial detail. Not important at all - what's important is to get the support of the people and crash the system.

And he was GOOD at getting support, back when he was still the Golden Child with the Magic Teleprompter and charisma dialed up to 11. But after the charisma wears off, there needs to be something solid there. And now? It's clear that there's not much to be impressed with.

"And now that his polices themselves have failed, he has no one to blame but himself."

Ain't.Gonna.Happen. There is no self-examination in that man, no introspection, no hesitation, no (apparent) doubt. He BELIEVES in himself, in what he's doing, in the infallible rightness of what he's been taught over the years and if something doesn't work NOW, it WILL after more money is thrown at it.

There will be no sudden "Oh holy crap - what've I done?" realization, no "It's my fault things are as screwed up as they are" pronouncement, no sudden light clicking on as he looks over the economic wreckage left by policies that haven't done what he expected.

The fault will always, ALWAYS be on someone else. It'll be on Bush, or Business, or the Rich - but it'll never be on him.

At least, as far as HE is concerned.

This could end up being the... (Below threshold)

This could end up being the most effective campaign ad for 2012. Let's hope they keep using it.

In a lot of eyes, Obama himself is the bump in the road to economic recovery.

He should take a leave of absence and go into rehab himself.






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