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New Hampshire Republican Debate

With the complete and total lack of the NFL, I’m forced to come up with something else to obsess over. While the presidency isn’t as important as finding out if the Falcons can finally make somebody punt in the playoffs, I’m sure some of ya’ll are interested in this thing.

Here’s to hoping something interesting happens.

For those interested, the GOP debate drinking game.

Post mortem analysis:

Everybody on the stage is better the current president. Then again, a ham sandwich can do a better job than the current president. I’d vote for a ham sandwich over that guy. Let’s face it, a ham sandwich probably couldn’t do a worse job.

The Sharia law litmus test will be in the first paragraph of your newspaper articles tomorrow. Nothing else was even close to bulletin board material for the Democrats.

And now, a poll…

Update: Tim Pawlenty disappeared as a selection when I first put up this poll. I had all seven in the poll, and his name just disappeared. I blame Michele Bachmann. Or Mitt Romney. Or…one of them other guys. It is fixed now.


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Comments (14)

meh. I didn't get to see th... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

meh. I didn't get to see the whole thing so I'm not gonna vote. From the portion I saw no one really distinguished themselves. I hate this format. I don't even consider the controlled interview a real debate.

I did notice one thing. Several times I heard people defer to Herman Cain. "Like Herman said...", etc. I'm not saying that means Cain won, but it's interesting.

NYTs so-called <a href="htt... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

NYTs so-called "fact check" hatchet job. They couldn't wait to post an apologetic for Obama and the Democrat party.

Where's Tim Pawlenty?... (Below threshold)

Where's Tim Pawlenty?

They all looked so American... (Below threshold)

They all looked so American compared to the President..

I should add something abou... (Below threshold)

I should add something about CNN futzing with my poll. I was fine when I first put it in there.

The winner was President Ob... (Below threshold)

The winner was President Obama. Seriously, these are the GOP candidates?

Hate to kiss and tell, but ... (Below threshold)

Hate to kiss and tell, but I liked Michelle.

Thank goodness Barry's kind of days are almost over.

Yeah F'n right. If Michell... (Below threshold)

Yeah F'n right. If Michelle Bachmann wins, the President takes 45 states. Your best bet, Romney, might do as well as John McCain did in 2008. Why did every credible GOP candidate bow out? They all knew they couldn't beat the President, and I'm not saying he wouldn't be beat-able. Christie could've done it, maybe Giuliani still could. But none of these fools tonight have any shot. I'll put $1000 on it.

I had a hard time watching ... (Below threshold)

I had a hard time watching much of it. The stupid Coke or Pepsi, thin or deep dish questions. Give me a break. Most of the candidates came off all right. Newt was a it odd at times. Unfortunately they didn’t get much chance to talk. The moderator was too busy interrupting so they can make a statement or get the next question in. Mostly a lead on statement questions at that.

As we have seen before in b... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

As we have seen before in both parties, these "debates" with more than four candidates are a joke. The answers have to be short, so the event is structured to encourage sound bites and talking points before it begins. Add in a panel of halfwit questioners - there are no more working "journalists" in the traditional sense - looking to enhance their own credentials, and you have a guaranteed waste of time.

But, if there must be a "winner," it was probably Romney, since he was the frontrunner at least in perception and wasn't damaged. That has exactly ZERO meaning for the campaign, though. This is one in a long series of non-event events.

Once everyone who is going to get in is in, and those can't find any support leave early, the debates may have a smaller field and begin to take on some meaning. I don't expect that until after the first of the year, and maybe not then.

Many people are saying Bach... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Many people are saying Bachman won. I missed the first 40 min. where she apparently did best.

Pawlenty was really onto something with "ObamneyCare" but then he backed off, only making himself look weak. Sad.

I watched abour three-quart... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I watched abour three-quarters of the debate, but didn't see any debate..not even with maverick Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, the slick or too slick candidate. The only real debate that took place was the one John King was having with himself, with the different premises of his long -winded introductions.

For example, all seven candidates had the identical, word for word responses on repealing "don't ask don't tell"...completely on the wrong side of history, still.. which does not give the modern American public confidence that they may be credible on other more serious matters.

The GOP better stick to the economy, where the Democrats' record is weak. On the economy, the candidates, at least, showed some outside the box thinking.

I didn't even bother.... (Below threshold)

I didn't even bother.

Look, I know everyone's jockying for position right now. But it's a bit less than 17 MONTHS until the election, and I'm already sick and tired of all the posturing and preening.

As Jim said - "This is one in a long series of non-event events."

Let's see what the field looks like around March or so.

Michele Bachmann stood out ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Michele Bachmann stood out because she was the new face and she is a dynamo. She got her feet wet last night and I expect her to do well. To me Santorum is the real conservative warrior who has no real flubs or issues to apologize for. Newt has so many bees buzzing around him to be taken seriously. Paul, well, he is who he is. Pawlenty is still cranking his kick starter. Cain is good but, politics is what it is. Romney skated through last night without skinning his knee but, it's early and myself and to many like me, want to know why he is so enamored with liberal economy killers? Note to Romney: It's 2011 not 1996.






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