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Stan Freberg was a genius ...

A sad sign of our times from central Pennsylvania, courtesy of Yahoo! News:

The Carlisle Area School District says it can save up to $15,000 a year by turning over some landscaping chores to sheep.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reports the district is using the sheep to keep the grass near its solar panels neatly trimmed. The sheep nibble grass in the morning and take refuge in the shade of the panels in the afternoon.

With the food already on hand, the district need only supply the sheep with water.

A middle school assistant principal is providing the sheep. Eric Sands says he's still trying to figure out exactly how many sheep he needs to use to keep the area clear.

And so, without further ado ...

Written and produced by Stan Freberg ca. 1970.  Apparently he was prescient enough to understand what we all might be facing, some forty years later. 


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No word on how much they'll... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

No word on how much they'll have to spend cleaning up the sheep shit.

And I hope those are union ... (Below threshold)

And I hope those are union sheep, or else Trumka, Stern, et. al. will make sure there is hell to pay.

Stan Freeberg. Last guy wit... (Below threshold)

Stan Freeberg. Last guy with a network radio comedy show. One of the first if not the first to make comedy records. His satirical skewering of the pretentious fools on "Meet the Press" called "Face the Funnies" was over the top funny. And "Incident at Las Varoces" about the battle between two mob run Vegas clubs got him kicked out of Vegas. The line "Everybody Who Thought He Was Anybody Was There That Night" Letter perfect. Don't know if any of his stuff is still available but if you can find it.....

Doesn't sound like a ba-a-a... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Doesn't sound like a ba-a-a-ah-d idea.

Except, of course if they start registering the sheep to vote on the grounds that the vast bulk of democrats are sheep.

There is a huge difference ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

There is a huge difference between just "being funny" and "doing comedy." Standing on stage and using short words of anglo-saxon derivation to describe bodily functions can be funny, but it's not comedy.

Freberg knew the difference between just being funny and doing comedy. To me a large segment of today's "comedians" don't even know there is a difference between something that's funny and comedy.

Sheep will destroy a lawn! ... (Below threshold)
Michael K.:

Sheep will destroy a lawn! When a cow eats grass, it only eats the leaves similar to a lawnmower cutting the grass. However, a sheep has lips that pull the grass up, root and all. In a bit of time, they'll save even more money by not having a lawn!

Google was doing this a cou... (Below threshold)
"Gruena baby, Ya did a nice... (Below threshold)

"Gruena baby, Ya did a nice job tampering with Miss Chadwicks hot nourishing broth."

"Thanks Sam"

"Now rub a little more o that suntan erul between my shoulderblades"

Michael K. is correct - the... (Below threshold)

Michael K. is correct - they would be much better advised to use goats.

The Army has done this to keep the grass down in ammunition depots, and found that goats have three major advantages over lawnmowers:

They provide some additional security;

they don't produce sparks or flame;

and they can make more goats!

(Lawnmowers may never learn that last one...)

Mis Jupiter (1957): "If you... (Below threshold)

Mis Jupiter (1957): "If you're gonna run a Miss World contest, run a Miss World contest. If you're gonna run a Miss Universe Contest, shape up! Let's be tolerant of all planets!"

@glenn All 15 episodes of "The Stan Freberg Show" from 1957, are available on archive (dot) org, just search "Stan Freberg" and it shoud be the first option.






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