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The Inherent Danger in Fence Straddling

Is that should you slip, the impact on the organs of propagation can be painful.

James Taranto helps things along.

I'm really quite disappointed in myself in that I did not catch this.  By the same token, this highlight's the Left's (and the LSM, but I repeat myself) ability to define the terms of debate, and the Dextrosphere's penchant for catching the Left straddling both sides of a position when it suits their political needs of the moment.

So what is this?

Can Heterosexuality Be Cured?

"Congressman Weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment."

By JAMES TARANTO The Wall Street Journal | Best of the Web Today

Unlike homosexuality, heterosexuality is amenable to therapeutic remedies--or so Anthony Weiner and his fellow House Democrats would like us to believe. "Congressman Weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person," Weiner flack Risa Heller told the New York Times Saturday. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi publicly called on Weiner to resign:

In addition to her concerns about the political distraction Mr. Weiner had become, Ms. Pelosi concluded that his behavior required medical intervention.
"When you are this self-destructive, there is obviously something deeper going on with you," said a Pelosi adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being seen as betraying her confidence.

At least the Times didn't write ". . . for fear of betraying her confidence."

Heh. Slap in passing aside, the meat of the issue is thus:

But the idea that Weiner has a medical problem is ludicrous. Indisputably, his behavior was sleazy and foolish. It turned out to be self-destructive too, but only because it was publicly exposed. Had he been more technically savvy, it's quite possible that he could have covered his tracks and never put his career in jeopardy.

On what basis does one posit that there is "something deeper going on"? To explain what motivated his actions, it is sufficient to observe that he seems to have a healthy male libido--indeed, perhaps a bit too healthy. Of course, "I'm sick" is just the latest in a string of Weiner excuses: "I was hacked," "I take full responsibility," etc. But it is also an example of his feminist hypocrisy. It is as if a family-values conservative were caught in gay sex chats and announced that he was entering therapy to overcome his "sick" homosexual impulses.

Aye, there's the rub.

For if Homosexuality is not a choice and not subject to curative treatment, then on what logical basis is Heterosexuality remediable?

Perhaps the whole pathetic drama of A. Weiner has served a purpose after all, as it just kicked the soap box of accreted propaganda on these issues back into the sunlight.  On a personal level, I obviously need to spend some time away from the Bay Area sometime soon, lest the leftist propaganda make other inroads.


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Comments (11)

Sorry, Rodney, but the argu... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Sorry, Rodney, but the argument that you have latched onto here doesn't really fly. Weiner's problem isn't "heterosexuality"; it's the fact that he is married and was out making moves on other women (via the internet). He messed around, and then lied about it, and then kept lying. THAT is the problem. Let's try to keep the issue somewhat clear, if possible.

Trying to say that *heterosexuality* is the problem, and then making a half-baked attempt to relate this to debates about homosexuality, well, that's a pretty lame argument.

I know you're trying to expand this and turn it into a bigger right vs left issue here, but the basic gist of the story here is that Weiner is a dishonest asshole, and that's about it. His latest attempt to say that he somehow needs treatment for his "sickness" is just more of the same BS. Anyone who buys into that argument--Pelosi or otherwise--is a fool. The guy is only apologizing because he got caught, and because he's worried about his precious political career.

Sorry ryan the point still ... (Below threshold)
Jim m:

Sorry ryan the point still stands. Gays claim that their lifestyle is something they have no choice over, so frequenting bath houses and having promiscuous sex with sometimes hundreds of partners per year is off limits to discussion.

Yet heterosexual issues are all remediated through therapy. The double standard is obvious to anyone who bothers to look at it.

ryan a,While I agr... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

ryan a,

While I agree that the chief problem of A. Weiner is horrid judgment (and worse technical skills), his current chosen form of evasion (Rehabilitation), and Madam former (thank God) Speaker Pelosi's explicit point of the problem being medical in nature does indeed run against the Democrat's position as regards Sexuality in general, and Homosexuality in particular.

Granted this is a side light to the whole pathetic graphic novel of A. Weiner.

However, it does inform as to what the Democrats demonstrably believe in: Whatever it takes to advance their party. They have and will advance their party at the expense of all else, including their own constituents (who are being treated here as chattel residents of the plantation which is identity politics).

jim m,"Yet heteros... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

jim m,

"Yet heterosexual issues are all remediated through therapy. The double standard is obvious to anyone who bothers to look at it."

Sorry jim, you're making the same logical mistake. The point absolutely does not stand. You, like Rodney, are confusing the issue.

It's not a "heterosexuality" issue, but an issue of honesty, commitment, and character. The issue here is not that Weiner likes women, but that he screwed around on his wife and then lied about it repeatedly. The object of his desire is beside the point.

Rodney,"Madam form... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


"Madam former (thank God) Speaker Pelosi's explicit point of the problem being medical in nature does indeed run against the Democrat's position as regards Sexuality in general, and Homosexuality in particular."

Oh, I definitely agree with you that Pelosi and others are latching onto this "medical" argument for political reasons--no doubt about that. I'm not really surprised. Again, anyone who is willing to let Wiener off the hook with this whole "sickness" argument is a fool. It's a complete cop-out.

ryan a,We're not r... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

ryan a,

We're not really talking about A. Weiner at this point.

One of the leaders of the Democtratic Party (the house Minority [thank God] Leader) stated that A. Weiner's problem:

Ms. Pelosi concluded that his behavior required medical intervention.

We're discussing the ramifications of that position.

Hmm. Depends on the "thera... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Hmm. Depends on the "therapy" method, I guess. I could support a 12-step program, for example:

1. Mr. Weiner admits he has a problem

2. Mr. Weiner signs power of attorney to a clinic rep as he enters the clinic program

3. Using that power of attorney, on Weiner's behalf the clinic resigns Mr. Weiner's office as a Congressman

4. Using that power of attorney, all of Mr. Weiner's possessions are signed over to his wife

5. Mr. Weiner's roommate is Charlie Sheen

6. Mr. Weiner's clinic uniform is designed and delivered by Richard Simmons

7. Entertainment at the clinic: Bible Study and Amish karaoke

8. Meals at the clinic: Franks n beans every day

9. Evaluations by Dr Laura, with corporal punishment for failure

10. The clinic will be in Utah or Alaska

11. Release from the clinic by approval of Mrs. Weiner only

12. Following return to society, Weiner may hold no job with access to children, women, or computers

That could work, both for Anthony Weiner and as an object lesson.

Rodney,"We're disc... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


"We're discussing the ramifications of that position."

Ok. But identifying the problem as "homosexuality" is completely off base. That's my point. All that does is confuse the issue at hand. The problem has little to do with what sex Wiener finds attractive--the problem is that he messed around, and then lied about it to his constituents AND his wife. THAT is the problem, and the attempt to shift this to a debate about identity politics is pretty weak.

Answer me this: if Wiener was going after men would the whole issue be a "homosexuality" problem, or would it still be about commitment, cheating, and lying? I argue that it would still, clearly, be about the latter. Again, the sex of his object of desire is completely beside the point.

ryan,It's no longe... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


It's no longer about A. Weiner.

It's about the ramifications of Pelosi et. al. position contradicting their longstanding positions about sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular.

Look Rodney, I get the argu... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Look Rodney, I get the argument you are trying to make, and I think you're making a pretty muddled claim here. You're trying to connect this to other debates about genetics, behavior, and homosexuality, and specifically Pelosi et al's willingness to do whatever it takes to keep their party afloat. I get that.

But Wiener's problem isn't a "heterosexuality" problem. It's about honesty, character, and taking responsibility. Therefore, your attempt to connect Wiener's ordeal with Pelosi's positions on homosexuality is terribly weak. Do you see my point? The thread you're trying to weave here isn't really connecting.

I get your point about Pelosi's politicking, and I don't disagree with you that she is willing to shift her position when it's politically convenient. Not really a shocker to me, but then, I tend to have pretty cynical views about many politicians. But the example you are using to raise this issue isn't really working, IMO. Again, that's just my opinion, take it or leave it.

Ryan,My point is t... (Below threshold)
jim m:


My point is that homosexuals themselves conflate their behavior with their sexual identity. You cannot criticize their behavior or say that because their behavior is harmful to themselves and to others that they should get therapy. Anyone doing so would be called a bigot.

On the other hand we can find self destructive behavior on the part of hetersexuals and that is perfectly remediable with therapy. No raised eyebrows at that.

That is the whole point. It goes so far as homosexuals were denied the right to donate blood because their behavior put them at high risk for HIV. They did then and still do now claim that such a practice is discriminatory.

So the left wants to say that we cannot criticize gays but we can criticize straights. Abberant straight behavior is treatable as an illness but abberrant gay behavior is not. Perhaps the problem with that tis that homosexuals include all sexual behavior as "normal" gay behavior thus defining deviancy down in such a way that nothing is considered abberrant to the gay community.






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