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"Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands"

Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands

An opinion piece goes horribly, horrible wrong.

When Kim shouted this out on the Twitters this morning, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong. My old blogging skeelz are still a bit rusty, and I didn’t get the ‘wingnut’ thing at first.

It reads “goofy” now, but don’t expect this sort of thing to never happen again.

Because it will.


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Wow.This just in: ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:


This just in: junkies demand more heroin.

I have a modest proposal: let's propose to lower the debt ceiling, and then demand to close the Department of Education as our price for grudgingly agreeing to leave the ceiling alone.

CNN: Fairly unbalanced left... (Below threshold)

CNN: Fairly unbalanced leftist fodder

Yeah because when you are b... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yeah because when you are bankrupt the craziest thing you could do is stop spending beyond your means. WTF are these people thinking about? Even Joe Biden said that we have to spend our way out of debt.

let's propose t... (Below threshold)
let's propose to lower the debt ceiling, and then demand to close the Department of Education as our price for grudgingly agreeing to leave the ceiling alone.
Damn but I wish there were a way I could click that little green "plus" button ten or twenty times.
Thanks CNN, because there's... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Thanks CNN, because there's no risk in continuing to spend without limit. Just because people are starting to say that even Greece is in a better economic position than the US and Bernanke is saying that the US is facing a downgrading of its debt and China has unloaded over 90% of its US debt holdings...There's nothing to worry about. Let's keep spending because the idiots at CNN know that when no one will buy our debt we can always just print money. That won't have any negative effect will it?

God, those guys piss me off.

I'm sure Tina S will be alo... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Tina S will be along shortly to tell us that she watches CNN all the time and finds that CNN reports fairly and even-handedly on the news. They're just the best source for unbiased TV coverage!

I can predict their defense... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I can predict their defense, and tell you why it will humiliate them even more.

Ever seen a newspaper headline (or paragraph) in Latin? Or a series of random letters grouped into "words" of varying length? These were the stock placeholders in publishing - anyone in the biz sees that and knows it is supposed to be something else that wasn't available when the mock-up was due.

CNN will claim this is such a placeholder, put there as a whimsical gesture by an unidentified copy boy who has since been dismissed and returned to his country of origin, and the editor who was supposed to write the header simply missed it. So sorry, we'll all have a big laugh over cocktails, end of story.

BUT the excuse shows them to be even worse than publishing the headline would make them. At least putting it out there would be honest, the reader would have a good idea of their ideological bent and bias. That they would hide it in internal drafts shows they know they would expose themselves. That their editor missed it shows the bias is not only there, but so ingrained such childish internet taunts don't draw attention from their editors.

Well, wingnuts, if the shoe... (Below threshold)

Well, wingnuts, if the shoe fits....

"Well, wingnuts, if the ... (Below threshold)
Art W:

"Well, wingnuts, if the shoe fits...."


Or better yet, if the tin-foil hat fits....






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