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Obama Then, Obama Now

Old & busted: if I can’t do it in three years, then I’m out

New hotness busted: ya see, what happened was…ATMs….see….

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I can see his point, back in 2009. When the country was waking up from an economic hangover, there was a decision to be made: cold turkey (stop spending) or Wild Turkey (spend, spend like the wind!). Seems the president chose poorly (shoulda gone with Thunderbird).

And, I see his point about today. Companies are making profits. I’m not sure how ‘record’ they are, but I sure know the quickest way to kill them off: hire people. Especially when you know that they’ll cost you even more as soon as some of this Obamacare stuff hits.

Still, this is his problem. He built it, he owns it. There’s a reason every Republican is racing to be the first one to tell you about who got us into this economic mess was. And that’s why every Republican has a similar plan to get us out: undo the crap that Obama did.


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Still, this is his... (Below threshold)
Art W:
Still, this is his problem. He built it, he owns it. There’s a reason every Republican is racing to be the first one to tell you about who got us into this economic mess was. And that’s why every Republican has a similar plan to get us out: undo the crap that Obama did.

And that's why Republican candidates are self-destructing and dropping out left and right... because they all have similar plans that are meaningless, worthless and nothing but bloated hot air rhetoric.

Really? You're talking abou... (Below threshold)

Really? You're talking about meaningless rhetoric? You've just accurately described Obama.

The choice was clear: do what worked with Reagan, Gingrich, and Bush 2, or do what failed in Russia, China, everywhere it's tried...

Obama chose Wild Turkey. He failed.

And self-destructing dropouts? Who is that?

From his lips to G-ds ears... (Below threshold)

From his lips to G-ds ears. Rush was right. "I hope he fails" my how prophetic he was. Rush says this is all purposeful, again prophetic. We need the sunshine of a new President with an R after his/her name.

I can sum up what President... (Below threshold)

I can sum up what President Obama is saying:

Blame everyone but me, I've done all I can!

Art W states:"And th... (Below threshold)

Art W states:
"And that's why Republican candidates are self-destructing and dropping out left and right... because they all have similar plans that are meaningless, worthless and nothing but bloated hot air rhetoric."
How can you even claim similar plans when nobody in this country has seen B.O.'s plan?
Who on the Republican side has been dropping out, left and right?
It is nice to see that you recognize B.O.'s plans (if he has any) as being "meaningless, worthless and nothing but bloated hot air rhetoric."
That's in your own words too!

In olden times Obama would ... (Below threshold)

In olden times Obama would be led to a gallows. I'll settle for seeing his worthless ass voted out of office.

Go AWAY you useless putz!!!!!!!!!

"And self-destructing dr... (Below threshold)
Art W:

"And self-destructing dropouts? Who is that?"

I remember some guy named Trump who made a total ass of himself. He quit after becoming a laughingstock.

VEERRRY impressive.

And let's see, there was a guy named Newt who lasted all of three weeks. He hasn't officially dropped out yet -- he's too busy stuffing his pockets with cash right now.

VEERRRY impressive.

And the frontrunner in the GOP race, Mitt Romney, is hated by half of the nation's republicans who declare they'd never vote for him. He's not Christian enough for them.

VEERRRY impressive.

And #2 won't declare because then she'd have to answer tough, GOTCHA questions like "Hi Governor Palin - how are you today?

VEERRRY impressive.

Go ahead, take cheap shots at Obama. The Republicans are just too amazingly bad to talk about, so talk about the other side instead.

VEERRRY impressive.

When Jimmy Carter is made t... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

When Jimmy Carter is made to look good by comparison then you've hit a historical bottom point.

I still think affirmative a... (Below threshold)

I still think affirmative action and the Koch brothers are to blame for this?


The repubs did not program Barry's prompter. Nor did they prod him to bow before the seeds of Mecca. What Barry does he is compelled to do. Just like we will do what November compels us to do.

Now try some optic orange kool aid tonight, the cherry is too strong.

Shorter, "I blame bush!"</p... (Below threshold)

Shorter, "I blame bush!"

Darby - I can sum... (Below threshold)

Darby - I can sum up what President Obama is saying:

Blame everyone but me, I've done all I can!

BINGO! The moron is reduced to blaming ATM machines and airport ticket kiosks for unemployment. That breaks new ground in finger pointing.

Captain Bullsh*t's relection strategy:

1. Claim that things are looking up, what with millions of jobs created or saved. Pay no attention to that unemployment number thingy. Seriously: prosperity is right around the corner!

2. Claim that things are bad because the GOP blocked everything he wanted to do

3. Claim that the situation when he was inaugurated was EVEN WORSE than he thought, so naturally it's taking longer than expected to climb out of the hole

4. Racist!

5. Republicans want to poison the air we breath and the water we drink, and the want to kill Grandma, i.e. the same strategy dems have been using for decades

The seven faces of Doctor M... (Below threshold)

The seven faces of Doctor Mao

Art W you need to give the ... (Below threshold)

Art W you need to give the wishful thinking a rest and put things in perspective.

There are joke candidates with publicity stunt psudeo-campaigns in every election who don't plan to run. Trump/Palin do nothing to negate the challenge to Obama from serious candidates.

Gingrich is still in the race, but even if his campaign does implode, there are always serious campaigns that implode for personal reasons. Remember John Edwards from 2008? Again, this in no way negates the challenge to the incumbent from other candidates.

Intra-party divisions are common in primaries. Paul/Pawlenty/Romney may all appear to have entrenched camps opposed to other Republicans, but that doesn't mean they'd vote for Obama if their pick doesn't get nominated. Remember Hillary vs Obama in 2008? Many thought the Democratic Party would drown in the rift between them, yet Obama still beat McCain.

While everything you've cited is true, it is STANDARD and taking history as evidence, it in no way indicates the incubent is safe or the party it is happening to isn't capable of winning. What IS somewhat unusual about this election is that liberals are more frustrated with Obama than conservatives. Kucinich is leading the Libya lawsuit, pro-Israel lobbies are irate over that 1967 borders crack, unions hate him for not getting involved in Wisconsin and minority orgs for caving on the birth certificate. At this rate his only supporter by 2012 will be the dog he bought for his children in 2008. And a broken base is murderous to an unpopular incumbent; all it takes is a semi-serious 3rd party run taking 4-5% of the popular vote, and he's toast even with a 50/50 swing vote split. Remember what Perot did to Bush Sr. in 1992? Remember what Nader did to Gore in 2000?

I understand you WANT what you said to make Obama safe and solid, but reality isn't on your side.

"He built it, he owns it."<... (Below threshold)

"He built it, he owns it."

The closer we get to election day, you can bet that "It's all Bush's fault!" will be played again.

Wow, it's the ATMs' and air... (Below threshold)

Wow, it's the ATMs' and airport Kiosks' fault? That sounds like something you'd hear on an episode of South Park, not from the US President. Obama seems stuck in a pre-suppositional mindset that completely misses the boat on economics. People are driven by self-interest - there ARE exceptions but not remotely enough of them to base policy on ignoring this general rule. So, if mandated unions and wage regulations drive up labor costs, employers will switch to machinery (and outsourcing) rather than lose revenue. Similarly, stimulus and government investments geared toward the public good will invariably be abused by self-interested bureaucracies charged with managing them and self-interested recipients who want to rescue themselves. Given the size and complexity of the Federal government, the idea that any regulation intended to curb self-interest and stop abuses can succeed sounds like something out of a fairy-tale. If government wants to fix the economy, it needs to butt out of it. Let employers and employees sort out amongs themselves their pay/benefits/union rights, let corporations that can't get their act together fail, and stop supporting foreign dictators who suppress their constituents that want to organize labor against US corporations. Outsourcing will stop when the labor costs abroad are comparable to those in the US, machinery replacement when people can be hired for cheaper, and corporations who want to pay slave wages won't make it a day in an economy with no welfare state; the unions and hungry consumers will light them up Tahrir Square style. It only failed in the 1880s because the Federal government PROTECTED the corporations - the same thing Obama is doing now.

The "record profits" and th... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The "record profits" and the high Dow Jones are merely products of Obama's drastic devaluation of the dollar, which he has turned into an unreliable currency in order to mask his failures.

As usual, and especially wi... (Below threshold)

As usual, and especially with respect to the private sector business community, Obama has no idea what he's talking about. Just like his "shovel ready" projects, he'll say anything, sound good bloviating, and impress yet again, the clueless liberal morons in the media and the electorate.

Side note: Could the MSM be any easier on this buffoon?

Actually the DNC Chair said... (Below threshold)

Actually the DNC Chair said "Obama owns the economy". Can't get away from it now.

Art W said candidates are dropping out left and right but in his examples, no candidates dropped out. What an idiot. Can't even snipe correctly. ww






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