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In a Remarkable Coincidence

Misery Index up 62% since Obama's Inauguration

Return Of The Dreaded Misery Index

Investors Business Daily

Economy: As if the picture weren't bleak enough, here's one more data point to worry about -- the Misery Index is on the rise.

Conceived by economist Arthur Okun in the early 1970s, the Misery Index simply adds together the inflation and unemployment rates to create an effective indicator of real-world suffering.

It gained notoriety under President Carter, whose growth-choking, easy-money policies pushed the index to its post-World War II high. Now, under President Obama's equally disastrous economic policies, the Misery Index is making its return.

The annual inflation rate for May climbed to 3.6% as price spikes spread beyond oil and food. At the same time, May's unemployment rate edged up to 9.1%, yielding a Misery Index of 12.7.

That marks the fourth straight monthly increase in the index, which is now 62% higher than it was when Obama took office, and 57% higher than it was when the recession officially ended.

While Nancy Pelosi's net worth increased 62% over the last year

Pelosi's wealth grows by 62 percent

By Kevin Bogardus The Hill

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year, cementing her status as one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Pelosi was worth at least $35.2 million in the 2010 calendar year, according to a financial disclosure report released Wednesday. She reported a minimum of $43.4 million in assets and about $8.2 milion in liabilities.

For 2009, Pelosi reported a minimum net worth of $21.7 million.

Anyone care to claim that Nancy et al "...feel our pain..."?
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Comments (18)

Guess this is why they thin... (Below threshold)

Guess this is why they think that all their economic buggery is good for the economy overall.

Hey, Pelosi's happy - why isn't EVERYBODY happy!

George Soros also has been ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

George Soros also has been doing quite well under Obama. Yet another amazing 'coincidence' of course.

P.S. - If you use the real unemployment rate (which is about 15.5%) instead of the watered-down version they've been reporting since Clinton's first term then the Misery Index would be much higher today than it was even during the worst of the worst days of Carter's disastrous presidency.

Question for you:D... (Below threshold)

Question for you:

Does Nancy blame Bush?

I want to vomit. ... (Below threshold)

I want to vomit.

obama's from Chicago. That... (Below threshold)
jim m:

obama's from Chicago. That means that he views politics as a spoils system. Winning means you and your friends get rich. Policy and protecting America and improving the lives of its people are not remotely a priority.

I would just like to say, i... (Below threshold)

I would just like to say, in defense of Nancy Pelosi, that no matter how much money she has, when she looks in the mirror she still sees Nancy Pelosi.

Wrap your heads around THAT...and ask yourself if there is ANY amount of money that would compensate for that??

Nuff said!

Ceasar Agustus writes:... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Ceasar Agustus writes:

If you use the real unemployment rate (which is about 15.5%) instead of the watered-down version they've been reporting since Clinton's first term then the Misery Index would be much higher today than it was even during the worst of the worst days of Carter's disastrous presidency.


James Earl "Dhimmy" Carter held the previous Misery Index record at 21.98. The current Miserey Index (using the same measurements as used in the Carter [mis]Administration, as noted here) is 25.5.

Regarding Pelosis investmen... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Regarding Pelosis investment earnings:

Congress is immune from insider-trading laws; federal regulators have never brought an insider-trading case against either congressional members of their staffs. Unlike many executive branch employees, lawmakers and aides don't have restrictions on their stock holdings and ownership interests in companies they oversee.

Wall Street Journal

I think its high time they do and would support an investigation that included Nancy Pelosi's portfolio.

Good! Maybe she can afford ... (Below threshold)

Good! Maybe she can afford a face transplant now.

Sep14,A face trans... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:


A face transplant won't do the trick, for while beauty may be only skin deep, ugly goes all the way to the bone.

Rodney,True enough... (Below threshold)


True enough but it would be a good start and vast improvement.

A Drudge link gave me an id... (Below threshold)

A Drudge link gave me an idea we could use to lift ourselves out of this misery.

We have a world-wide lottery - whoever wins gets Mr. Obama and his family for life. Since he is so popular outside of this country, we'd stand to make quite a few dollars in ticket sales, and then after the drawing...

From Glenn Reynolds at Inst... (Below threshold)

From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

“'Americans’ satisfaction with the way things are going in the country fell to 20% in early June from 26% at the start of May. Seventy-eight percent of Americans are now dissatisfied with the nation’s direction, according to a June 9-12 Gallup poll.”

Wile E. Coyote meets cliff.

The question, however, is will voters continue to blame GWB in 2012? If so, Obama's a shoo-in!

Mr. Graves,The Boo... (Below threshold)

Mr. Graves,

The Boomers run the country these days (Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Bernanke for example). Every generation reaches the point where they realize their time left in this world is limited; and thus, its now or never to make that last final push to imprint their legacy on America. Since 2008, the Boomers have been on what I call a "climax run."

I view it as a high water mark of progressive Boomer idealism. Were they successful (at least in their own minds)? No, because truth be told, spin doesn't count when judgement is rendered by history... they never did achieve a unified national consensus for the good of their progeny - and the resultant mess they created speaks for itself.

History will view the Boomers as one of the most divided generations of our national historical fabric; and because they were divided (red/blue, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, 50/50 nation... need I go on?) their problems were intractable - too difficult, too hard, and beyond their capacity to come together to resolve.

In the year 2012, however, the next generation known as the "Realist" (A moniker I made up to label them... I gave it to them cause they are always telling us Boomers to "get real" when they have had enough of our Boomer BS and spin) will have arrived on the scene. In that year the oldest cohort group of Realist will be age 50 - and they will really start beginning to assert themselves... right on time (in my estimation).

We saw a precursor of their impact during the 2010 election. From my analysis, all wave elections in our history are generational (not necessarily political), and thus, the generational change-over is not yet complete. The results of November 2012 will be stunning. The Boomers will be overwhelmed, their power broken (their agenda with its attendant BS and spin - abandoned), and only then will America begin to substantively address her deep seated national problems - both structural and social.

A new generation will take charge, and they will remake the country in their own image... and on their own terms; they will rip out by the roots what doesn't work and replace it with something that does (no matter how much the residual Boomers might squeal).

There will be a unified consensus among them, and suddenly the seemingly impossible and intractable problems of yore - will become solvable. The Boomer idealism will be replaced by the hard scrabble and pragmatic problem solving world-view of the Realist. It might not be pretty, and will actually appear ugly -from the Boomer's perspective - but then again from the Realist's perspective - they will have rejected the LaLa-land idealist BS of the previous generation, and put in its place programs and policies that actually work.

Thats what I see in America's future - and as a Boomer myself, it will be interesting times... and for the upcoming Realist generation - it is their destiny.

Semper Fidelis-

Mr Pall,The highwa... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

Mr Pall,

The highwater mark of the boomers was actually much earlier (37 years earlier): The Last Helicopter; the true legacy of the Flower Children. While I fall within that generation by birth, though certainly not attitude, I find that I must call on God to damn them all.

I hear what your saying Mr.... (Below threshold)

I hear what your saying Mr. Graves... my birth year, 1956, puts me outside the 1960 era of that first Boomer cohort wave which started the anti-establishment revolution (can't trust anyone over 30), hippy flower-power (mind bending drugs and free love), the Vietnam war protest (all we are saying is give peace a chance), and other such coming of age idealistic non-sense. But my cohort group is still part of the Boomer generation none-the-less.

Its 2011, and who would guessed (unless you lived through those times) that thats how the current crop of elders running our country started out. Heh. I even hear Boomers frequently comment that the younger generations are worthless and incapable (so its their duty to ride herd over them and hang on to the reins of power). WTF is that all about? Nothing but pure idealistic BS and spin (a signature Boomer characteristic).

The Boomer generation (1943 - 1961) has been a disaster as far as its mission to make a positive impact on the fabric of our Nation. What besides debt and intergenerational transfer of wealth (from those who are least able to say no - like the young and not yet born) to themselves have they done? They are the experts at kicking the can down the road. Pffft.

Each generation elects one of their own to the Presidency (except the Silent generation - which fits their moniker oh so well). Just look at the Presidents we have elected. We already have had eight years of Clinton, eight years of Bush (the Junior), and at least four years of Obama (and he is a Boomer, regardless of the spin otherwise). Real winners, huh? (not in my book). 20 years of Boomers leading the country is enough. The reign of Boomers is coming to an end. There will not be another Boomer President elected in this country (including the current one).

Gotta call it like I see it. FWIW

Semper Fidelis-

Mr. Graves,interes... (Below threshold)

Mr. Graves,

interesting thoughts on your link @ 15. We did go straight from a very long string of GI (Government Issue) generational presidents, the last being Bush (the elder), straight to the Boomer presidents (the first being Clinton), bypassing the Silent Generations choices (who all lost their bids to the highest office in the land to the almighty GIs). First time since Washington that that has happened in the generational fabric of our country BTW.

The Silent generation did make their mark in the arena of civil rights in our country, which they can justly be proud of. The Boomers (notice I have completely dropped the Baby preamble because we are not so young any more), have morphed into nothing more that the establishment status quo... continuing on with the policies bequeathed to them by their GI parents, which we now idolized as the so-called "Greatest Generation."

Sure they had their run (over came the Depression, won WW II, and got us to the moon), but every generation can only do so much, and the rest of their legacy (like holding the reins of power way past their time, and setting up intergenerational transfer from young to old) is not the lessons the following generations should emulate or continue.

In my humble opinion the "Greatest Generation" is the current Millennial Generation (who started coming of age in the year 2000)... they are the ones fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq right now... they are our future hope (in my humble opinion) and we should be finding a way to encourage and include them - instead of exclude them like we are doing now (with our jobless economic policies and discouragement of family formation).

Anyways, I'm even less impressed by the Arabs referenced in your link. Think the USA has problems today? Hah, them Arabs have no legacy of a free people or competent governance (or anything remotely like our Constitution) on which to build upon, and no indications whatsoever of ever being able to grow out of their stone age religious strait jacket that they have wrapped themselves in. It'll be another 400 years before they can over come that (even if they had a reformation which started today with an Arab Spring)... so I doubt history will ever be kind to them.

Semper Fidelis-

Mr. Graves,Time gr... (Below threshold)

Mr. Graves,

Time grows late... so final thoughts. Ever generation has it achievements and its weaknesses. The GIs booked at lot of dissent (especially from her off spring); they tolerated it, as long as everybody else left them essentially in charge. Which was organizationally really self centered. That put a real dent in the leadership aspirations of the Silent. The Boomer's supported their parents with this rear-view mirror looking scheme, and gladly took up the mantel of self-centeredness when the baton was passed directly to them by the fading GIs. Thus, the Boomers are now the status quo establishment, and desire to exclude the children of the Silent generation (the Realist) from attaining their place in the integrated scheme of making the rules and setting the future direction of our country... think not? Just look at the vitriol and disparagement directed at Palin (the only non-Boomer running on a national ticket during the last Presidential election). Hummm.

This shouldn't be about us (the Boomers)... and we have failed for two decades to make a viable change in the trajectory of our country since we have taken control as the ruling elders.

Thats why we saw a wave election in 2010, and why the 2012 election will be even more profound. The rear-view mirror and status quo mentality needs to go... and that means the Boomer's idealism has to go.

This has all happened before... back in the 1840s (where more than a handful of states went bankrupt). The elder generation that took over, had to make serious sacrifices in order to reset the scales (which had gotten way out of balance). Half of the two-party governance system failed completely (the Whigs), out of the ashes arose the Republican party, and then it all culminated in a civil war... a horrific time for our nation.

I foresee something similar in our future...the Realist will have a very hard time of it, because of the legacy problems, unresolved by us Boomers, which we will have bequeathed to them. But, they have the character and temperament to be forward looking, and will make the sacrifices necessary, in about a decade or so, to bequeath a much better world to the Boomer's children (the Millennial generation).

Exactly how that will be...and what events will exactly transpire...I do not know. But I'm sure there will be heart palpitating moments where America will think the entire issue of our country will be in doubt, and just when we think things can't get any worse... it will.

But I believe in my heart, that America is exceptional, and if our ancestors can come together and pull through extremely grim and tough times, then so can we... and hopefully, I will live long enough to see it all transpire.

SF - Brucepall






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